"Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II" - Main Strategy Guide Index

Updated on February 19, 2019
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"Returned from being lost in the warp for an eon to help you get better at games to impress your Emperor."

"Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II" Main Guide Index

Here you will find a primary index of all the sub-guides I have written for the PC game, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II, collected and organized here for ease of use and so you can have one place to check back in on as development continues.

As of right now, most of the sub guides focus on the 12 factions and their ships and stats, but as time goes on, this will be expanded upon and more advanced guides, including those that cover special abilities and skills along with advanced strategies, campaign walkthroughs and more. Expect to see this article change to reflect these additions as they are published.

What Is Currently Being Worked On?

Here you will find various notes of the progress I am making and what is next up as far as new guides or changes and planned updates to already published ones. Planned updates and additions are listed in order from whats being worked on to what is going to come after and so forth.

Order numbers and priorities are subject to change.

Currently Working On (New Guides):

  1. Drukhari (In progress)
  2. Orks
  3. Tau (Both)
  4. Tyranids

Currently In-Progress Updates:

  1. Sub-faction ship images for Adeptus Mechanicus (In progress; 1/5 done)

Future Plans:
*Not scheduled yet, but hope to get around too

  • Beta Patch 2 Changes (High Priority, waiting for close to main branch release)
  • Advanced ship dps/crit tables showing accuracy affects at range.
  • faction ship overview pages
  • advanced ship strategies by faction
  • faction comparisons
  • faction vs faction strategies/advantages & disadvantages
  • faction skills and abilities guides
  • Request: "Could you add Points paid per DPS and points cost per average Critical per Minute?"

Imperial Navy Ship Guides

Imperial Navy
Imperial Navy | Source

The ships of the Imperial Navy which focus on things ling powerful ramming spurs, heavy frontal armor, powerful broadside weaponry, devastating torpedo salvos, slower engines and tough hulls. The Imperial Navy is the most numerous force in the galaxy, hindered by the need to safeguard the wide reaches of mankind's empire and thier diminished technology.

Imperial Navy Guide Navigation

  • Escorts
    Cobra - Cobra Widowmaker - Firestorm - Sword - Falchion
  • Light Cruisers
    Dauntless - Dauntless Mk.II - Endeavor - Endurance - Defiant
  • Cruisers
    Dictator - Gothic - Dominator - Tyrant - Lunar
  • Battle Cruiser
    Overlord - Mars - Armageddon
  • Grand Cruiser
    Vengeance - Avenger - Exorcist
  • Battleship
    Retribution - Emperor - Apocalypse - Oberon

Adeptus Astartes Ship Guides

Adeptus Astartes
Adeptus Astartes | Source

The Adeptus Astartes, otherwise known as the Space Marines, are mostly a ground fighting force, but they posses some potently strong vessels to take them to the places they need to go, making a mess of enemy fleets while they do. Typically weak on hull points, they make up for this with powerful armor and some of the best boarding actions and supplemental stats regarding assault actions in the game. Space Marine fleets are all about getting close and personal and turning your enemy's ships into drifting hulks quick.

Adeptus Astartes Guide Navigation

  • Escorts
    Hunter - Gladius - Nova
  • Light Cruisers
    Vanguard Mk.I - Vanguard Mk.II - Vanguard Mk.III
  • Cruisers
    Strike Cruiser Mk.I - Strike Cruiser Mk.II - Strike Cruiser Mk.III
  • Battleships
    Battle Barge Mk.I - Battle Barge Mk.II

Adeptus Mechanicus Ship Guides

Adeptus Mechanicus
Adeptus Mechanicus | Source

The Adeptus Mechanicus of Mars are the safeguarders of mankind's limited, slowly deprecating technology. Basically the carriers of the holy grail(s) as the Imperium's reliance on technology they can no longer or have limited reproduction capabilities of is their greatest weakness, besides susceptibility to chaos of course, as it currently stands. Most of their ships are copied version of Astartes or Imperial Navy ships with visual changes, stat reductions in terms of assault action efficiency and defense, but later in the ship classes, carry Nova Cannons and some enhanced weaponry by default.

Adeptus Mechanicus Guide Navigation

Chaos Ship Guides

The Chaos aren't a faction in the typical sense as they are pure evil and nightmare given form. Led by the 4 Chaos gods, the factions of Chaos are normally a disorganized horde of demons, traitors, cultists and other similarly corrupted individuals, that tend to inhabit the warp when they aren't busy infiltrating hive cities or other sectors of the Imperium. Every so often a champion arises from the horde and attempts to lead the hordes to glory in the name of one of the chaos gods in return for special favors and powers granted to them should they succeed or perform satisfactorily in the eyes of their chosen god.

As it currently stands, the Imperium of man is under threat by the 13th Black Crusade, a massive invasion far beyond what typically comes forth from the warp, to the point where the entire realm of mankind is endangered by the rampage.

Chaos Guide Navigation

Corsair Ship Guides

Aeldari Corsairs (Eldar Pirates)
Aeldari Corsairs (Eldar Pirates) | Source

The Aeldari Corsairs, also known less recently as the Eldar Pirates, are a faction of the Aeldari that has decided to leave the safety of their Craftworld fleets to seek fortune and adventure out in the stars. Their incredibly advanced spacecraft tend to be on the delicate side, lacking much armor, but boasting terrifying weaponry and the best engines the galaxy has to offer.

Aeldari not under the protection of their Craftworld are considered highly vulnerable for their ever diminishing race, thus many Aeldari do not travel the Corsairs path for long, before returning to their Craftworlds. Those that do stay are some of the most vicious fighters found, as their everyday life is a constant battle to survive the many other dangers of the galaxy.

Aeldari Corsairs Guide Navigation

Asuryani Ship Guides

The Asuryani fleets of the Aeldari are all centered around massive cosmic lifeboats known as the Craftworlds, gigantic vessels that each serve as the home of a specific faction of the Eldar, preserving the few remnants of their slowly dying race and once grand empire. Unlike the other Aeldari factions, the Asuryani are tied to these craft and rarely leave the fleets that serve to escort and protect them.

While still favoring hit and run attacks with powerful weaponry and highly maneuverable craft that are rather delicate, the Asuryani possess stronger armor and overall more potent weaponry than their compatriots, being the most important, last line of defense for the Aeldari's very existence.

Craftwolrd Asuryani Guide Navigation

  • Escorts
    Shadowhunter - Shard Shadowhunter
  • Light Cruisers
    Prismatic Wraithship - Ghost Wraithship - Firestorm Wraithship - Moonray Wraithship
  • Cruisers
    Starfall Dragonship - Ghost Dragonship - Firestorm Dragonship - Moonray Dragonship
  • Battle Cruisers
    Phoenix Ship

Necron Ship Guides

Necrons | Source

The Necrons are a race of ancient beings that traded their flesh bodies for those of machines, then due to a series of events, put their entire race in a deep slumber that has lasted millennia. Suddenly arising in the recent past (relatively speaking of course) the mysterious Necrons bring advanced technology to their fights, seeking goals unbeknownst to the Imperium.

The Necrons have a limited selection of ships, being one of the more sparse factions options wise. They also carry several unique themes, first being they lack any shields. They make up or this with heavy all around armor, decent hull points and a feature that allows them to regenerate health over time at the cost of a reduction to their max hp for the course of the battle, preventing fully regenerating ships being nigh invulnerable. All of their weaponry also has lance-like 100% accuracy, very wide and convenient firing arcs, high crit chance and damage along with powerful boarding actions and troops. All of these benefits are further countered by a high per-ship points cost, meaning Necron fleets tend to be few in number, however still incredibly dangerous.

Necron Ship Guide Navigation

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Your feedback as I am working on putting together the numerous portions of this guide would be extremely helpful and appreciated! I may not be able to always respond, but I definitely take the time to read all comments left on my articles.

Completed Tasks/Changelog:

- Asuryani section is complete
- Necron ship faction images finished.
- Imperial ship faction images finished.

- Chaos section is complete
- Corsairs section is complete

- Necron section is complete.
- Adeptus Astartes ship faction images finished.

*Note: Dude to editor demands on me from the site I write on, some articles may be published for a few days before I can add their URL links into this guide. If you would like another source to see them faster, make sure to also look at the Steam version of this index. Make sure to keep this page bookmarked however, as this will be the primary source in the end.

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