Castle Clash Tips and Strategy Guide

Updated on August 7, 2014
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Army Camps, Castle Clash
Army Camps, Castle Clash

Castle Clash is an immersive real-time strategy game like Clash of Clans. The game lets you build a base, attack enemy dungeons, and battle online opponents via the Arena. Its “click to deploy” mechanic during real-time combat allows players to tactically attack enemies.

Base-building includes resource-generating buildings, defensive structures, and traps. Having a strong base is important as it can fend off an enemy raid. You will need to build watchtowers and Army Camps, and lay down traps to surprise enemies. The game also lets you lock horns with online human opponents in a battle arena.

Like any good strategy title, this game offers plenty of increasingly challenging dungeon maps. It’s not easy to win a battle in Castle Clash. This guide aims to help you build a strong army, create a tough base, and have a tactical edge over your opponents in arena and dungeon levels.

1. Know Your Troops' Strengths and Weaknesses

Troops attack enemies and defend your camp. Make sure you regularly hire additional troops so that they are available for base defense. Build more Army Camps to recruit extra troops.

When you send your troops to dungeon raids, any surviving soldiers will return to your camp. Dead troops will not return, and you may have to replace them by hiring new ones at the Army Camp. Make sure you upgrade your Army Camp to free up more space for additional military units. Every level-up adds two more slots for recruits.


Evolution I (Upgrade Each Class to Level 5)
Evolution II (Upgrade Evolution I troops to Level 5)
Hammer Dwarf
Savage Ogre
Shotgun Dwarf
Fairy Dragon
Mecha Man

Class Abilities and Strengths

  • Guardians, Hammer Dwarves, and Savage Ogres are basically melee units that target enemies on the ground. They are swift-footed and can destroy buildings in seconds if they are in groups.
  • Hunters, Centaurs, and Shotgun Dwarves are ranged units. They are more effective than melee units in taking out enemy buildings. Since they shoot from a distance, ranged units can easily bring down buildings in seconds without alerting enemies.
  • Pyromancers, Griffins, and Fairy Dragons are magical units. They are swift and can unleash magical attacks on enemy units. They can be quite effective against melee units as well as Heroes. Their spells have the ability to wreak damage on units without needing to destroy a wall.
  • Treants, Mecha Men, and Ornithoptors are highly destructive heavy-armored units that inflict damage to both ground and air units. They can take down big buildings, walls and enemy defenses.

You can train your troops by clicking on the Training Center. Initial troop training will unlock additional classes – Warrior, Archer, Mage, and a heavy-armored Treant. Once you have unlocked these classes, you can evolve them to create even more powerful units.

Class Evolution
Class Evolution

2. Good Strategy is Key to Winning Dungeon and Bounty Raids

In both Dungeon and random raids, the objective is to destroy more buildings to defeat enemies. A minimum 50% destruction rate is required to win a raid. In Dungeon levels, completing a level will earn you coins, Mana, Honor and Hero Shards, with which you can buy additional heroes.

While raiding a random online player's base, destroying at least 50 percent of the buildings in a map will earn you major loot (coins, Mana and Honor). Winning a dungeon level is not easy if you don’t have a good troop combination or a good strategy. Check out this strategy guide to get a destruction rate over 50 percent:

1. Before entering a dungeon or map, make sure you have enough troops to defeat enemies, destroy buildings, and defend your base. Create at least three Army Camps and place them in all three or four corners of your base. Each Army Camp has a 20 troop cap, which can be increased to +2 after each upgrade. So make sure you add more camps and level them up at regular intervals to increase the maximum troop limit.

2. Have a mixed bag of troops consisting of Hunters, Treants and Pyromancers. Personally, I find Guardians useless, unless you upgrade them to powerful units. A combination of Archers, heavy-armored and high-destructive Treants, and Mages can be a good blend for destroying common and defensive structures. There’s also your Hero, who can really be useful in defeating enemy heroes. Mages can be extremely effective in taking out enemy Guardians and Heroes.

3. Before deploying troops, study the base structure and design. You get 30 seconds of spare time to chalk out tactics. Enemy Army Camps are danger zones, and your troops can easily fall prey to attacks if deployed near them. Instead of moving troops near enemy camps, click on a spot near common buildings like Gold Mines or Mana Mills to destroy them first.

4. Enemies located at a distance won’t attack your troops, so the best strategy is to deploy Archers and other military units in areas out of the line of sight of your opponent's army. Use a combination of ranged units and Treants to destroy defensive structures such as towers. You can also adopt the flank attack strategy and attack on the sides to confuse enemies. A flanking maneuver can be quite useful in this game.

5. Deploying troops at the back of an enemy camp is also a good tactic to take down a few buildings and launch a surprise attack. If the rear is guarded by Army Camps, adopt a flank attack strategy to destroy a couple of buildings before advancing toward the enemies.

Flank Attack is a Good Strategic Move
Flank Attack is a Good Strategic Move

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3. Tactics to Win Arena Competitions

The Arena is a playground for batting rival players online. You can use your Heroes and challenge an opponent in a one-on-one battle to destroy each other’s crystal base. You choose three slots in which to place your Heroes, and once you are ready, your Hero and your opponent’s Hero will infiltrate each other’s bases and destroy them. The one who destroys his opponent’s base first wins the round.

The Arena gives an opportunity to rank higher and earn rewards. The most important reward is Honor, which can be used to hire additional heroes. The hourly rate of Honor increases if you win more Arena battles and rank higher.

A good strategy is to place your higher-level Hero in the right or left slot, as both paths ensure quicker entry to the opponent’s crystal. Make sure you have a higher-level Hero before hitting the "Challenge" button. Normally, a higher-level Hero wins, so make sure you carry out more dungeon raids to level-up your heroes.

If you and your opponent choose the same slot and bump into each other, then expect a brawl. Your opponent will try to kill your Hero, and if he wins, then the road is clear for a sure-shot victory. Make sure your Hero is leveled-up to win battles.

The Arena
The Arena

4. How to Get Heroes

In Castle Clash, Heroes are special classes that have the ability to inflict huge damage to structures and enemies. They are distinct in appearance and size and more powerful than common military units. They can attack, defend and unleash superpowers to destroy enemy buildings. If defeated, Heroes take some time to get revived, but they never die in battle.

You can hire Heroes with gems or Shards via the Heroes Altar. Click on the structure and click Enter to see a list of Heroes. There are three different types of Heroes: Ordinary, Elite, and Legend.

To get Heroes, collect as many Shards as possible by raiding dungeons. Dungeons marked with skulls give more Shards. Getting three badges (Bonfire icon) after each victory increases your chances of earning Shards from that level. (Achieve a victory rate of 100% to get all three badges.) You can replay those levels where you haven’t earned all badges. Who knows, that dungeon might drop a Shard or two.


Another way to get Heroes is to purchase them with gems or Honor (though you can only choose which Heroes you receive if you hire them with Shards, as discussed above). You can buy three randomly selected Heroes for 450 gems.

There are various ways to earn gems. One of the best is to unlock achievements. Completing tasks like earning a certain amount of gold, or clearing 50 dungeons, or upgrading buildings to a certain level, unlocks achievements and earns you around 15-40 gems. You can find a list of achievements by clicking on the Scroll icon just above the Battle icon.

Achievement List
Achievement List

5. Upgrade Buildings

If you have plenty of coins and Mana, start using them to upgrade buildings. Click on a building and click on the Level-Up button to upgrade it. Before upgrading buildings, make sure you have at least two Gold Mines and Mana Mills to make sure you do not fall short of gold or Mana. The guide below provides tips to upgrade structures:

Leveling-up your Town Hall unlocks additional buildings. When you upgrade your Town Hall to a certain level, the Build button will notify you of any unlocked building. Click on the build button to find out which buildings you can build. A Level 4 Town hall unlocks additional defensive structures and traps.

Upgrading an Army Camp will give additional space for recruited soldiers. Leveling up Gold Mine and Mana Mills will increase storage space and production, whereas upgrading Mana and Gold Vault will increase the overall storage space. Upgrading defensive structures will increase their attack range and defense.

Army Camp Upgrade Benefits
Army Camp Upgrade Benefits

6. More Hints and Tips

  • Try raiding only those non-dungeon levels that offer big loot. Click on the Battle icon > Dagger icon and then click on Next to find high-loot levels.
  • The easiest way to level-up heroes is by raiding dungeon and non-dungeon levels.
  • At the start of play, you will get enough gems to speed up upgrades. Take advantage of this and quickly upgrade all buildings.
  • The Relic Hall in Castle Clash is your Magic powerhouse. It provides special power-ups like Arrow Rain, Windstorm, and Meteor, and summons Guardian Angel and Ares’s Frenzy. Upgrading the Relic Hall building not only unlocks these power-ups, but also unlocks extra slots for storing multiple power-ups. You can then purchase these power-ups with coins and use them in battle.
  • Skull-marked dungeon levels drop Shards at a higher rate than normal dungeons.

Random Raids
Random Raids


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    4 years ago

    I donloaded it

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    5 years ago

    Just won thunder god in my first gem roll

  • SimilarSam profile image

    Samuel Franklin 

    5 years ago

    Castle Clash looks pretty impressive. I haven't tried too many of the Clash of Clan clones because I don't like to split my time between them but this one looks interesting.

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    6 years ago

    What's the maxed out level for army camps mine are all lvl 10?

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    6 years ago from California

    This is my new favorite game! :D


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