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Winning Castle Wars 2 Multiplayer: Tips, Hints, Decks, and Strategy

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Castle Wars 2

Castle Wars 2 is an exciting and intriguing online multiplayer card-based strategy game (boy, talk about a mouthful). It is available in a number of different places, but the best website to play this free online game is at Ninja Kiwi. Multiplayer is only available there, so it is the best option. Just recently released and already very popular, Castle Wars 2 requires quite a bit of strategy to win. Here are a few Castle Wars 2 tips to beat the competition.

The goal is to either destroy your opponent's castle or be the first to reach a 100-story castle of your own. To do this you use a number of different cards to build protective walls, attack, and add stories to your castle.

Rearrange Your Starting Deck

One of the most important Castle Wars 2 hints is to rearrange your deck. In multiplayer, you can find the deck setup menu in the lobby, under profile. You will want to increase your resource cards (mages, builders, and recruits) so that they are all at a maximum of five. These cards are very important to use early on, as they increase the number of resources you create per turn. The earlier you play them, the more effect you will have overall.

Also consider removing some of the less helpful cards, like Add Crystals. The fewer cards in your deck, the higher probability you will have of getting the ones you want.

Other useful cards include Thief (for crippling the opponent's economy) Ambush (to bypass walls) and Wain (a cheap card that steals castle levels from your opponent).

Increase your production cards to give you a boost early on.

Increase your production cards to give you a boost early on.

Discard Late Game Cards Early

The cards in your starting hand are randomly chosen from your deck. Often, these cards will include extremely high-value cards like School, Quake, or Cannon which require more resources than you will have for some time. A good Castle Wars 2 strategy is to remove all of these cards during the beginning, in the hopes of replacing them with cheaper cards, or cards which will increase your resource production.

You can discard up to three cards at once. It is usually best to wait until you have to discard at least two cards before using this ability.

Cripple the Opponent

Use skills like Remove Bricks/Weapons/Crystals and Thief early on to ensure that the opponent's economy never has a chance to grow. Although it will cost you a few turns, it is a gamble that can pay off big later on with a little bit of luck. They will be struggling to earn enough to get their resources flowing while you've already upgraded yourself several times.

Don't go overboard, though: this is significantly less useful during a mid-to-late game, especially if they have already managed to upgrade their resource generation.

Weak items such as arrows counter magic defence in Castle Wars 2

Weak items such as arrows counter magic defence in Castle Wars 2

Intelligent Use of Magic Defense

One of the most important Castle Wars 2 hints is to pay attention to your opponent and use the Magical Defense card wisely. This powerful card only costs ten crystals but can block all damage. A good time to use this is when you see your enemy building up large amounts of weapons of crystals (such as when they are using add resources cards).

The best use of this card, however, is when you see an opponent play Magic Weapons. By using your Defence card, you will negate their attack bonus in addition to whatever attack card they eventually play.

To counter Magical Defence, always keep a very cheap attack card on hand. Arrow is best suited to this purpose, as it costs only one attack point. It will completely waste the resources used on Magical Defence.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like any game, whether it be poker or Castle Wars 2, practice makes perfect. The number one Castle Wars 2 hint is to just keep at it. Eventually, you will learn the ropes and get a feeling for the patterns other players find themselves dropping into.

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