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"Dragons of Atlantis": Fire Dragon Outpost Guide

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This is my current Fire Dragon outpost.

This is my current Fire Dragon outpost.

Why Are Outposts Important?

In Dragons of Atlantis, you can expand your empire and build outposts to train more troops, collect more resources, and train an additional Elemental Dragon. The Fire Dragon outpost is the third outpost that you can build, which expands your empire to four locations. This guide will help you set up your outpost and get you on your way to dominating your realm.

1. Get the Fire Dragon Egg

The first thing that you need to do before starting your Fire Dragon outpost is to obtain a Fire Dragon Egg.

Fire Dragon Eggs can be found by defeating level 7 or higher mountains.

2. Conquer a Plain

After you find a Fire Dragon Egg, the next step is to conquer and control a Plain. If you want to gain the most benefit from your Fire Dragon outpost, I highly recommend waiting until you can conquer a level 10 wilderness.

When you create an outpost, you gain the ability to control additional wildernesses, which allows you to gain great bonuses in resource gathering.

The number of wildernesses you are able to control depends on the level of the Plain that you build your outpost on.

3. Build Your Outpost

Once you find a Fire Dragon Egg and control a plain (and are level 12 or higher), you can create your Fire Dragon outpost.

All you have to do is go to the "Empire" tab, find the Fire Dragon outpost, and click "Create."

Once you find a Fire Dragon Egg and control a plain (and are level 12 or higher), you can create your Fire Dragon outpost.

Once you find a Fire Dragon Egg and control a plain (and are level 12 or higher), you can create your Fire Dragon outpost.

Next, the Expand Your Empire screen will pop up. If you control more than one Plain, you can choose which location to put your Fire Dragon outpost.

The only reason to control more than one Plain, however, is if you plan on creating an additional outpost soon after. Otherwise, control a wilderness and get the boost to your resource production.

 Expand Your Empire screen

Expand Your Empire screen

Skip the Tutorial

At this point, you should have already set up your Water Dragon outpost and your Stone Dragon outpost, so you probably won't have to go through the tutorial.

If you want a refresher, go ahead, but it doesn't tell you anything new.


The Quest reward is pretty good; you get a cool 35,000 power to go along with some gold and resources.

Also, the Nano Collectors are one of my favorite items in Dragons of Atlantis. They make it so that you don't have to go to your outpost for a full day (or week) to collect your resources. When these are active, you can spend your time building rather than collecting.

The Quest reward is pretty good.

The Quest reward is pretty good.

Fire Dragon Outpost Setup

There are a few different schools of thought on how to best set up your outposts. I prefer to log into the game two or three times per day. When I don't have Nano Collectors running, this means that I'm collecting my resources at least twice a day. For someone like me, I would suggest the following setup.

  • 7 silos
  • 8 homes
  • 13 training camps

This setup gives me fast training, an adequate population to train and work as laborers in the resource field, and enough space to allow me to only have to log in every 12 hours or so to collect before my Silos are full. For someone who only logs in once a day, I would suggest the following setup.

  • 11 Silos
  • 8 homes
  • 9 training camps

This gives you a little more time to collect resources before your Silos are full. Feel free to experiment with your outposts and find what works for you. Active players can get away with fewer Silos (if you're always on collecting) and more training camps, which allows you to train faster.

"Dragons of Atlantis"

"Dragons of Atlantis"

Field Setup

I've tried several different setups for my outpost fields. In my Water Dragon outpost Guide, I suggest having 15 farms set up as Food is one of the main resources that you run out of during later stages of the game.

What I've done with my outposts is balanced them out. If I have one Food outpost, I'll make a different one, a Metals outpost, and have more Mines than any other resource. The only resource that I do not produce a lot of is Stone. I will usually only have four or five Quarries in each field. The current setup that I have for my Fire Dragon outpost is:

  • 7 lumber mills
  • 8 farms
  • 8 mines
  • 5 quarries

I went with a more balanced approach with this one. The more active I am in the game, the less I rely on resource production, and the more I rely on farming other players and Anthropus Camps for my resources.

"Dragons of Atlantis"

"Dragons of Atlantis"

Fire Dragon Armor

Like your City, your Fire Dragon outpost is protected by a dragon that you can level up. Once your Fire Dragon is level 8 and you have researched Aerial Combat, you can farm for Fire Dragon Armor and then use your Fire Dragon in attacks.


doa on March 21, 2012:

got my water,stone,fire and wind eggs

bi on February 23, 2012:

I agree with soloman, i went from no LBM to 10k LBM in a day from 2 outposts just training camps.

soloman!! on January 22, 2012:

Wow sorry to say this guild isn't very help full......the idea behind outposts is to build an army build an army fast you need Training camps LOTs...

here is my set up right now

Main City....every building you can only build once

3 gars

16 homes lvl 9

In my Water op

ALL SLOTS ARE TRAINING CAMPS.....i can train 500 BD's in about 3 hours.(That was when i had one lvl 9 tc and 22 lvl 1) Now that my training camps are higher lvl i can train the same 500 BD's in about 2

You want as many homes in main city as possible so you have a high idle pop. Allows you to train more troops at once.....

As far as putting ANYTHING in your outpost fields is crazy for 2 reasons....

1) you have to collect them

2) they eat your idle pop.

Just my way of doing guys do it how you want but i can tell you this in about 3 days time i went from about 5k lbm (and no BD's) to 40k lbm and 12k bd's (but i also have the stone and fire outpost set up same way)

u4ia74 on December 08, 2011:

You argument for farms applies to all types of farms. You might even argue that you may not want to put any farms in your field to maximize idle population, and resources can be easily collected from other sources in far greater quantities, far faster than your fields could ever produce.

doa player on November 25, 2011:

I think that your strategy for people that are not so much active and can only play once in a while is good.

You say:

Field Set Up

Dragon Outpost is:

•7 Lumber mills

•8 Farms

•8 Mines

•5 Quarries

The farms are useless. because later you will have the food production to be millions negative, so you will never get a positive food production later in game.

and... by the time you get the negative food production you will have enough army to fight anthropus camps and farm for food.

IMHO farms in outposts are useless.

and IMHO the rest of the guide is good just for people who can play once in a while, and it makes that really good!