Dragons of Atlantis Water Outpost Guide

Updated on March 13, 2012

In Dragons of Atlantis, you can build an Outpost to increase your capacity for troops and resource gathering.  An Outpost also gives you a second Great Dragon to utilize in battle (once you train him up of course).  This guide will show you how to strategically set up your first Outpost, the Water Dragon Outpost.

Water Dragon Egg

The first thing that you will need to build your outpost is a Water Dragon Egg.  These can be farmed from level 7 and higher Lakes.  Refer to the below guide on the best way to obtain a Water Dragon Egg if you do not currently have one.

Conquer a Plain

After you find a Water Dragon Egg, the next step is to conquer and control a Plain. If you want to gain the most benefit from your Water Dragon Outpost, I highly recommend waiting until you can conquer a level 10 wilderness. When you create an outpost, you gain the ability to control additional wildernesses which allow you to gain great bonuses in resource gathering. The number of wildernesses you are able to control depends on the level of the Plain that you build your outpost on.

Build Your Outpost

Once you control a plain and have a Water Dragon Egg, you can start your first Outpost.  Dragons of Atlantis will take you through a short tutorial on how your Outpost works and the different types of buildings you can create. 


Silos are a new building type that can only be built in your Outpost.  When you gather resources in your Outpost, they do not go directly to your inventory; they are stored in Silos.  You can collect these resources at any time, but you have to visit your Outpost and open one of the Silos before the resources are added to your inventory. 

You can have a total of 11 Silos and I recommend using 11 of your building slots in your Outpost for Silos.  The number of Silos that you can build corresponds with the level of your Dragon's Keep, so you may have a few empty spaces while you construct your city and level up your Dragon's Keep.

Training Camps

Just like your city, you can train new soldiers and dragons in your Outpost.  I suggest using between 10 and 12 of your building slots in your Outpost for Training Camps.  Once you build these up, you can train troops both in your Outpost and in your City, meaning you are doubling the amount of troops that are being trained.  Each Training Camp lowers training times, so keep leveling these up.


Fill in your remaining slots with Homes.  These will allow you to increase your population, which increases your gold revenue and allows you to train more troops and also staff your resource gathering units.  These level up very quickly so go when you will be at your computer for an extended period of time, get these up to a high level.  You should have about 5-7 building slots left for homes.

This is what my current Water Dragon Outpost looks like.  11 Silos, 10 Training Camps, 7 Homes.
This is what my current Water Dragon Outpost looks like. 11 Silos, 10 Training Camps, 7 Homes.


Once you get your Dragon's Keep to level 10, you will have a total of 29 resource gathering units.  The layout of your field is totally based on personal preference.  Since food gathering is very important to keep troops happy, I went heavy on my Farms.  I like being able to collect some of the other resources as well so I don't have to wait for my armies to bring back loot, so I do have some Lumber Mills, Quarries, and Mines as well.  Here is my breakdown...

  1. 15 Farms
  2. 4 Mines
  3. 6 Quarries
  4. 4 Lumber Mills

This seems to give me a good balance of resources.  The resource gathering is basically a nice bonus, as it is very easy for me to go farm some Anthropus Camps or find a close abandoned city that has a lot of resources.

Water Dragon Armor

Your Outpost is protected by a Great Water Dragon. Like your city's Great Dragon, you can find Water Dragon Armor and use your Water Dragon in attacks. Check out my guide to find out how to obtain your Water Dragon Armor.

Thank you for reading and please check out my other Dragons of Atlantis guides.

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      • profile image

        4 years ago

        i cant start my water outpost and i have the egg and the plains what do i do?

      • profile image

        Nemesis 4 years ago

        You absolutely doesn´t have a clue about what are you doing, never build a farms, not a single one.

      • profile image

        merv man 5 years ago

        building more traing camps has not raised my idle pop but building more houses did

      • profile image

        dude 5 years ago

        you have to level your garrisons to the appropriate level for the troops to be trained.

      • profile image

        Lisa 5 years ago

        It wont allow me to train any troops in my level five water outpost training camps. I'm frustrated and don't understand. Are there only certain troops you are allowed to train at each outpost? Like should I be able to train LBM?

      • profile image

        Athang 5 years ago

        There is a much better use for your first outpost. Rather than using it to make lots of food to negate upkeep, don't make ANY food there, and instead send all your troops there. That way, they take upkeep from the outpost, not your main city. Careful though, cause you could loose all your troops if you get attacked.

      • profile image

        FHz 5 years ago

        @Brice lol. Me too.

      • profile image

        Brice 5 years ago

        attacked a lvl 5 lake on my first try and got it

      • profile image

        Alwayne 5 years ago

        Back again, JUST researched the first level aerial combat, took my great dragon to a level 7 lake with around 15000 lbm and on my first attack i got my water dragon egg. couldn't find a level 10 wilderness however so i used a level 9

      • profile image

        Freze 5 years ago

        You can attack level 5 and above to obtain your water dragon egg.. Just keep attacking same plave till you got it.. Same with the armor..

      • profile image

        zTrunk 5 years ago

        1 atack on a level 7 and i got it =)

      • profile image

        Senju 5 years ago

        Go to the empire tab and click on the outpost you want to go to and then click view. If you want to go to it on the map click map then the empire tab and view. Hope that helps.

      • profile image

        hovis 5 years ago

        cant find my outpost?

        help if anyone finds it ill give them 2million gold

        my relm is avocet and my city is called vajara zone

        my charater will come up as uchihas konaha

      • profile image

        Dela 5 years ago

        I got my water egg with just 6k lbm and Great Dragon at one go. Guess I was lucky.. Oh and you can attack lvl 6 lakes, that's what I did. Thanks for the guide! It helped me. :)

      • profile image

        Key 5 years ago

        Just a tiny correction you have 30 resource slots. There is one at the very top right hand corner

      • profile image

        Michael 5 years ago

        I got my water dragon egg from a lvl 5 lake after 5 tries.

      • profile image

        Bii 5 years ago

        I read that the outpost walls can't hide troops so if I get attacked, I may get wiped out... Is there a way I can move outpost troops to the capital city?

      • profile image

        Klondyke 5 years ago

        I got the water dragon egg at a level 8 lake, with 10,000 Long Bowmen on my first try.

      • profile image

        Mick 6 years ago

        my Water Outpost wont let me build anything and keeps saying "the specified queue is full". it has been going on for 4 days now. what should i do

      • PBody5205 profile image

        PBody5205 6 years ago

        I don't believe that there is one "perfect" way to set up Outposts, and mine all all set up differently based on the style of play that I am playing when I build them. For example, I do not have any farms in my Wind Outpost because after a certain point, I just started farming for food once I logged in instead of collecting it from my Outposts.

      • profile image

        Vincent 6 years ago

        I was just wondering your set ups for your Water and Stone Outposts. Why do you have the two so drastically different in terms of resource gathering and city makeup?

      • profile image

        Aeon 6 years ago

        HA! Irony, got WD egg on 4th try at Lv 8 lake, with 24000+ troops and GD, obviously. Thanks to this guide, i wouldn't have known what to do otherwise!

      • profile image

        Aeon 6 years ago

        actually, it's level 5 and up to get the WD egg, but its VERY unlikely to get it at a level 5 or 6 lake, level 7 increses chances a lot.

      • profile image

        attacker0315 6 years ago

        I got my egg from first kill on a level 10 lake...

      • PBody5205 profile image

        PBody5205 6 years ago

        Not exactly sure what you mean, but try upgrading your resource buildings (in your Field). This will give you more capacity for resources.

      • profile image

        Dirrrrrrrkusss 6 years ago

        My resources counter are stuck, so I can not build an outpost, what to do

      • profile image

        player 6 years ago

        i got mine in 2 attacks on a lvl 8 lake

      • profile image

        Dale 6 years ago

        I got my water dragon egg in my first attack with my newly armored level 9 GD on a lv 9 lake

      • profile image

        odyssey 6 years ago

        can i put the forces in the outpost on HIDE mode,and do the silos protect the resources from attack?

      • profile image

        monk 6 years ago

        now you have to send a dragon with attack? or can i get water dragons egg without my Dragon.?

      • profile image

        Janne 6 years ago

        My training camp is also still locked. What do i need to do/have to unlock it? Cheers

      • profile image

        Mike 6 years ago

        I cannot build any traning camps since they are locked.

        Do I need to do something to be able to build them, or is this a bug?

      • PBody5205 profile image

        PBody5205 6 years ago

        It really depends on your play style. You can move troops between outposts, so if you are very active and in an aggressive alliance that ends up fighting other alliances frequently, I would probably spread myself out to both give myself an advantage in shortening attack times and also make my outposts difficult to find if I'm being attacked. My play style is more laid back, so most of my outposts are close together.

      • profile image

        Zax 6 years ago

        What are your thoughts on where to place the various outposts? Should they be close to my main city? Does it matter?

      • profile image

        Monica 6 years ago

        Just a comment, i was able to obtain my water dragon on level 5 lake:-) just after about 15 attacks.

      • profile image

        shelly 6 years ago

        Just a small correction; I was able to obtain my water dragon egg from a level 6 lake.