How to Get Mythic Rank in "Magic: The Gathering Arena"

Updated on April 28, 2020
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This guide exists to show you how to get the highest rank in Magic: The Gathering Arena without spending any money and only using 12 Wild Cards. It is possible and I will show you how. Please let me start with a warning about this game.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is Wizards of the Coast's newest cash cow. This game exists to bleed people dry. They sell digital packs of cards worth real-world money. You don't have any real ownership of the cards and they can not be redeemed for anything. The cash flow for this game results in some fun games of magic with a new UI system, but you end up with nothing. NO ONE should spend money on Magic the Gathering Arena!

If you are just starting Magic: The Gathering Arena, you need to play and unlock a few "wild cards" before you can make the deck that will get you to Mythic. You use wild cards to craft any card. To get these you need to play the tutorial and maybe play a few games with the intro decks to get free packs. Keep a lookout for free events that let you use theme decks for free and give you rewards. Anything to get you a few wild cards.

You need 1 Rare Wild Card, 4 Uncommon wild cards, and 7 Common Wild Cards.

Click the "Play" button and then select "Play" under "Find Match." This will get you a game in the casual games. You are more likely to win in here with a starter deck. Don't worry about playing ranked until you have enough wild cards to make a real deck. You will get rewards for completing daily quests and the season mastery ranks. If you don't have the wild cards, just keep playing free games with subpar decks until you do.

The Treasure Hunt Deck

These are the ONLY card you need to make this deck!

Once you have your wild cards you need to craft 1 Thassa's Oracle. 3 Treasure Hunt, 4 Mystic Sanctuary, and 4 Lonely Sandbar. That is it! Then fill the deck with Islands. This deck is called "Treasure Hunt." It's a combo deck.

Cards in the Deck

Here is a breakdown of every card you need and how to use each one.

You need to use Treasure Hunt to remove large portions of your deck to the graveyard. This card continues the combo by getting you the next treasure hunt or the winning card in your hand for the next turn. When you discard cards, always discard basic islands only.

Once you have deck that is only 2 cards or less, you play the Oracle. Then you win the game . . . It's the dumbest combo ever.

If you have no Treasure Hunt in your hand, you use a Mystic Sanctuary to get the Treasure Hunt back on the top of your deck.

If you have an Oracle and are close to 2 cards left in your deck, use the Lonely Sandbar to draw a few cards to win the game. Or use the Lonely Sandbar to get the Treasure Hunt from the Top of your deck immediately after using the Mystic Sanctuary!

Where to Play

This deck should be played in "Traditional Historic Ranked." NO SIDEBOARDING NEEDED. The reason for this is, you can shut someone out in the first game and they will give up on the second and you get two wins. You have more of a chance to win, because fewer people play traditional, because it cuts down on speed players game to game time. If Historic Ranked is not available (what arenas are open changes monthly / weekly sometimes) then you can choose to just select the "Play" option and you will gain experience and rewards there until "Traditional Historic" opens up again in ranked.

This Is How You Win With This Deck

  • Mulligan ANY HAND that does not contain a Treasure Hunt card. If you do not start the game with one, concede.
  • If the opponent counters any of your spells, concede the game.
  • If the opponent makes you discard the Treasure Hunt, concede the game.
  • If the opponent exiles Treasure Hunts from the graveyard when you only have an oracle in hand, concede.
  • Play Treasure hunt. If you get a treasure hunt, keep playing them until you get oracle last.
  • If you get oracle before any remaining Treasure Hunts, use a mystic sanctuary to put treasure hunt on top of the deck. Then (If you have it) cycle sandbar to draw it, all in one turn.
  • If you have an oracle in your hand and a few cards over 2 in the library, just cycle sandbars to draw a few cards to get down to 2.
  • When you discard cards, always discard basic islands only.

Example of a perfect game.

  • Turn 1. Island.
  • Turn 2. Island then Treasure hunt, get Treasure hunt
  • Turn 3. Island then Treasure hunt, get Treasure hunt.
  • Turn 4. Island then Treasure hunt, get Oracle. Play Oracle if 2 cards or less in library. Win.

Only Reasons This Could Fail

This tactic is not for everyone here are a few reasons.

  • This is a boring and repetitive deck. If you can not handle playing literally thousands of games with the same combo, and conceding hundreds of games at the start . . . don't. Play the game however you want.
  • R/B has a lot of discard, and B/U has a lot of counter. These are combo breaking. If you see this very common in the meta, do something else.
  • One of these cards could be banned or removed from historic to another type.

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