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"Forest Siege" Walkthrough

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.


Two armies, meeting on the battlefield. Who will be victorious? You'll be forced to find out in Forest Siege, a strategy game of medieval proportions. Each battle pits your side against the bad guys in a straight-up chop-fest, and in order to emerge victorious you must deploy your forces wisely, level them up between battles, and cast all manner of destructive spells. This article will help you do all three.


Forest Siege hinges on the successful deployment of up to four squads of soldiers at a time. These soldiers will automatically engage the enemy lines and, with luck, training and proper training, will break through to the enemy's crystal on the far side. You can only choose four different kinds of soldiers for each battle, so knowing how they all work is critical to your success.

  • Swordsmen. The basic melee fighters, Swordsmen will comprise your front lines in most battles. They hit hard, especially against Spearmen, but they fall easily to Knights.
  • Hurlers. Medium-ranged fighters. Hurlers can attack from the second row, and their high attack strength makes them a staple of most squads. Don't let hurlers take the front row or they'll die too easily. Always put them behind melee combatants.
  • Archers. Long-ranged fighters. Archers regularly comprise the back lines of your armies. They don't hit that hard, but they're fast and reliable. Never let Archers make it to the front of your lines or they'll die really fast.
  • Priests. The healers. Priests dedicate their lives to keeping your troops healthy. They are invariably the first to die, as their defenses are horrible and they can't attack. Priests also won't heal themselves, so don't attempt to use a single line of them as a stall tactic. It won't work.
  • Spearmen. Another front line fighter. Spearmen don't hit as hard against Swordsmen, but they're much more effective against Knights. Have a look at the enemy layout of the level and switch your fighters out accordingly. You won't have a ton of use for an army that consists of two different kinds of melee units.
  • Knights. Yet another front line fighter. Somewhat middle-of-the-road, Knights are most effective against Swordsmen. The usual melee rules apply.

In addition to your normal units you'll occasionally receive optional aid from Heroes. Though they come in smaller numbers, Heroes are typically a great deal better than normal units and should always be inducted into your army during a battle (though they will replace one of your existing units, and will appear at the same level of said unit). Their numbers include:

  • Gladiators. The pinacle of melee fighters. Gladiators are better than your other brawlers, and deserve a place in your front ranks.
  • Cavaliers. Probably the best of the Heroes, Cavaliers can serve on the front lines and in the secondary line, replacing Hurlers. The latter option is generally wiser.
  • Sorceresses. Magic users who buff your troops. Sorceresses are okay, and more durable than most rear-guard troops, but they're nevertheless the worst of the Heroes.
"Forest Siege" created by MiniClip. Images used for educational purposes only.

"Forest Siege" created by MiniClip. Images used for educational purposes only.


As you proceed through Forest Siege you'll gain three spells, each growing in potency as you complete more Normal Mode missions. These include:

  • Lightning. A concentrated spell of destruction, Lightning is amazing for wiping away front lines of foes who may not match up with your current melee troops.
  • Heal. Essentially the same as the potions you'll find periodically in the game, Heal will restore the health of damaged troops. It will also restore the numbers of squads that have lost soldiers back to full. Heal is a fantastic spell for holding the line while you wait for more destructive powers to recharge.
  • Blizzard. Less powerful but with a greater range, Blizzard is fantastic for hitting the back rows of enemies before they have a chance to move up. To make the most of Blizzard, call in two armies' worth of enemies at a time and blast the middle of their ranks.

Spells use up food, so they are not infinite, and they take time to recharge. You can expend Gems to instantly recharge a spell in a pinch, but given the scarcity of Gems, this isn't often a great idea.


Normal Mode

Stage 1

Send your Swordsmen in. Three waves should do the trick quite nicely. You'll unlock the Hurler class after completing this level. Spend your experience on the Swordsmen and send in your Hurlers on a second play-through to easily claim three stars.

Stage 2

At the beginning of this stage you'll have the option to substitute in Cavaliers over one of your other units. Replace the Swordsmen with the much-stronger Cavaliers, and back them up with Hurlers for an easy three-star victory. Completing this level will unlock Horse Racing and the Lightning Lv 1 spell.

Stage 3

Getting tougher. Send in four squads of Swordsmen and Hurlers, preferably with the Swordsmen upgraded to level 9 or 10. Save your Lightning spell for groups of four so you can break through the wall created by enemy Swordsmen and Priests. Don't be surprised if you can't three-star this level without more experience pumped into your troops. Completing this level will unlock the Archer class; sending in Archers behind your Hurlers is a great way to max out your stars.

Stage 4

The ranged presence gets a boost in this level, making your job a bit tougher than before. Nevertheless, your approach shouldn't change too much: Swordsmen, Hurlers, and two ranks of Archers. Save Lightning for the Spearmen that show up in the end. Completing this level will increase your supply capacity to 1,100.

Stage 5

High-level Swordsmen are a necessity for staving off the five waves of enemies in this level, as is the wise use of spells. Though it seems foolish, it's not a bad idea to summon up two waves of enemies at once and using Lightning. You'll wipe out far more baddies this way. Try to save it for moments when Spearmen are out front. Completing this stage will unlock the Healing Lv 1 spell. If you have trouble getting three stars, wait until you can Heal.

Stage 6

This area is pretty straightforward until you reach the end, at which point a mass number of Priests will show up to support a small contingent of Hunters. Save Lightning for these encounters to significantly cut down on the number of Priests. Completing this area will unlock Tactic Mode and the Priest class.

Stage 7

The biggest problem here by far are the Archers, which show up in huge numbers and will drop your numbers like crazy if given a chance. Save Lightning for the massive fields of Archers and keep your Priests in the back so they're safe from enemy fire. Completing this level will unlock the Blizzard Lv 1 spell, which makes wiping out the Archers in this stage a whooooole lot easier.

Stage 8

The process here isn't much different from the previous level, and at the end you'll be facing a ton of Archers. Magic is great for thinning their considerable ranks. Completing this level will unlock the Spearman class.

Stage 9

Melee fighters are legion in this level, as are backup Priests. A strong line of Swordsmen will keep them off your back, though it's largely your magic and ranged fighters who will make the difference. If you get lucky, heroes can make a big difference. Completing this level will unlock Endless Mode and increase your supply capacity to 1,300.

Stage 10

Not a huge change from the norm. Send in your heavily-armoured troops and watch them clash with the baddies. Priests have a nasty habit of dying easily in his level, so consider foregoing the Archers and letting the Priests occupy the back row. Completing this level will unlock the Knight class.

Stage 11

Knights and Spearmen take turns as the front lines of this level, far outshining Swordsmen. Depending on your levels you may want to send Swordsmen out anyway, despite the danger from the Knights, or deploy Spearmen as your consistent front lines with strong ranged support. Completing this level will unlock Lightning Lv 2.

Stage 12

Archers ahoy! There are way too many of these pests here, and aside from the final waves they're largely protected by Knights. A phalanx of Spearmen accompanied by Hurlers and Archers should do the trick. Completing this level will unlock Healing Lv 2.

Stage 13

There's no unit that stands out above the rest here, though the ones that come in vary widely in level. You'll need to use magic on nearly every wave to survive. Once again, Knights head up most of the defence, though Spearmen also have their place. Adjust your ranks accordingly. Completing this level unlocks Blizzard Lv 2.

Stage 14

Horsemen! They're everywhere in this stage, and you'll face being overpowered many times. Save your magic for their appearances. Otherwise, this is a fairly straightforward battle. Completing this stage successfully will increase your supply capacity to 1,500.

Stage 15

Past this point, most levels are more a matter of getting your army up to code. There's no special organization of troops in this one. Get up to the mid 40s and early 50s and you shouldn't have too much trouble… though you may have to gain another dozen levels or so before you're strong enough to earn three stars. Completing this stage will unlock Lightning Lv 3.

Stage 16

The same rules apply here as in the fifteenth stage. Most of the baddies are standard fare, there's just a lot of them. Level up and use spells liberally. Completing this level will unlock Healing Lv 3.

Stage 17

Twenty waves? Woof, pretty steep. You'll need a lot of spells to wade through this bunch, which means one of two things: either replenishing your spells often by using gems constantly - not a great idea - or calling in two waves at a time and hitting them both with Lightning and Blizzard. Either way, keep four squads on the field at all times. Completing this stage will unlock Blizzard Lv 3.


Extra Modes

As you play through Forest Siege you'll unlock three extra modes alongside the main one. These allow you to accumulate experience and gems more quickly... though in some cases, there's only a chance of victory.

Horse Racing Mode

The gambling forum of Forest Siege, Horse Racing pits five warriors against one another in a foot race. You may bet either gems or experience against them. If the warrior you bet on comes first, you get a return on your investment based on the odds against the warrior. Though fun, Horse Racing Mode is an uneven and uncertain way to build up your reserves of experience and gems early on.

Tactic Mode

Feel your army is up to taking on baddies on its own? Tactic Mode will give them the chance. Aside from casting spells earned through collecting food, you have no control over your army. They will surge ahead and try to kill as much as they can before being taken down themselves. Tactic Mode is okay for experience, though its greatest tangible benefit comes via the amount of Gems you can pick up. The enemies get stronger with each wave in Tactic Mode, so you will, eventually, lose.

Endless Mode

The ultimate of ultimates when it comes to levelling up. Endless Mode pits your army against an unending stream of soldiers that want to destroy your crystal. Like Tactic Mode, they will get progressively stronger, gaining one level per wave. Unlike Tactic Mode, you have control over deployment - and you gain significantly more experience. Endless Mode is easily the best way to level up your army in Forest Siege. If you're having trouble getting any stars on Normal Mode, this is the place to go.

Tips and Strategies for Forest Siege

Below are a few strategies you can use to make the most of Forest Siege. With some luck you can cut down on the amount of time it takes to complete the game considerably.

  • For the most part, don't bother deploying two sets of melee fighters at a time. It's wiser to send out one with a lot of backup vis a vie Hurlers, Priests, and Archers.
  • Send your soldiers out in the proper order from the start. That way you can avoid wasting time as they reshuffle their ranks. Melee fighters first, Hurlers second, Priests third, Archers fourth.
  • Don't waste too many Gems on refreshing your magic. Yes, this can be helpful in a pinch, but Gems are precious commodities. Wait out the time instead, and, if you really want three stars, simply come back to a given stage after you've gained a handful of levels. Brute force through numbers will generally win.
  • Don't neglect to pick up items! They're all beneficial, and some of them (notably the Gems and the experience scrolls) will disappear after a while...
  • ... but not the potions. These will stick around until you use them. Consequently, you should not touch any potions that appear on the field unless you really need to use them to heal your troops. Even then, make sure you're healing incomplete squads. If a squad is plain gone, simply bring in replacements.
  • The best place to get more Gems, aside from simply completing Normal Mode stages, is to bet on the Horse Races... though you must do so with caution. It's easy to run through your entire supply of Gems with nothing to show for it. Only bet on the Hurler, and until you have a large stock of Gems, only bet one or two at a time.
  • The easiest way to rack up a ton of experience is to re-challenge levels you've already beaten... and then lose. Let the enemies rush over to your undefended crystal and rip it apart. You'll get a fair amount of experience regardless of the loss, the size depending entirely on the level. Note that this only works on levels you've already completed.