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"Game of Thrones Ascent" Tips and Tricks

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Game of Thrones Ascent is a graphical, text-based role-playing game based on the fantasy TV series. The game is aimed at seasoned RPG gamers and has fun social elements infused into it. Its quest-based gameplay, an alignment system and several other elements are on a par with leading text-based fantasy RPG games.

Most of the quests are choice-based a la choose your adventure games. Besides quests, you will embark on adventures, where you can battle, trade, negotiate and spy on your enemies. The game also has a nice Player vs. Player system that lets you assist your Facebook friends in adventure quests or fight them in PvP missions. Follow this guide and you will find some helpful tips and hints to get coins, complete adventure missions and make the most of sworn swords.

Tips on Gameplay

Your goal is to emerge as a ruling lord of Westeros. Construct new buildings, gather resources, complete quests, embark on risky adventures and make every effort to rank above your Facebook rivals in the online leaderboard.

  • The game’s deep storyline unfolds chapter by chapter, like a novel, as gamers complete quests. Quests contain dialogues that take place between the main character and other characters.
  • Each time a dialogue takes place, you will be given three choices. The choices you make will decide the outcome of a quest chapter.
  • Making the right choice earns you rewards as well as reputation - an alignment system that shows how cunning, truthful, modern or orthodox you are in dealing with circumstances presented in a dialogue-based quest. An alignment system is an interesting aspect of advanced role-playing games and developers at Ascent have done an excellent job reintroducing this gameplay element to this text-based adventure.
  • The alignment system shows your alignment towards a value/quality via the profile menu, which is located at the top-left corner of the screen. Click on the profile icon and select the character tab to view your alignment stats.
  • Adventure quests are fun to play. They let you fight, conduct trade operations and spying operations on rivals and enemies. You will need to recruit “sworn swords” (warriors) by spending in-game coins and send them to quests involving different actions like Battle, Trade and Intrigue.

Guide to Buildings

  • Buildings such as Counting House, Smithy and Village Center play a key role in this game. Counting House lets you collect Silver as tax every hour. Smithy lets you create weapons like swords, daggers, axe and other tools of war. Village Center lets you produce crafting items and resources that can be used in upgrading buildings.
  • Collect Silver from the Counting House building. Silver helps you to recruit new sworn swords, craft items, buy new buildings and weapons. Click on the Buildings icon > Counting House and click on the Collect button. You don’t have to wait for an hour, you can collect silver anytime.
  • Upgrade buildings, especially the Counting House building, to get bonus coins/resources. Upgrading it increases the storage capacity of silver. The first upgrade increases the storage capacity to 300 from 100. You will need to spend silver + stone to upgrade certain buildings. Stone can be produced in the village center. Other items produced in the village center include wood, cloth, horse, fish, grains, ore, fur and small folk.
  • All building upgrades also improve your action skills for your adventuring quests.
  • Make sure you produce/collect the required resources/items before crafting a weapon at the Smithy. Resources can be produced at the Village Center. Completing quests and adventures also earns you important resources like ore, wood and iron.
  • Upgrading the Smithy has its own perks. Along with improved results when producing battle weapons, upgrades grant faster production time and faster battle attacks.
Quest Example

Quest Example

Questing Tips

  • Dialogue-based quests between the main character and other characters contain multiple choices. Choose the right dialogue.
  • Do remember that the choices you make affect the reputation/alignment system. A more progressive and unorthodox decision tilts the alignment slider to new ways whereas a clever choice selection shows how “cunning” you are.
  • Choosing the right option also earns you more rewards. In a dialogue-based quest, choosing an action that’s aligned to New ways earns you more silver than an Old Ways-aligned action.
  • When a dialogue-based quest with multiple choices appears, always click on “More information” beside each choice. This will reveal the reward(s) associated as well as the entire dialogue exchanged between the main character and NPC.
  • Selecting an action/dialogue also earns you a random item. Completing a quest chapter containing mini-quests bestows special rewards.

Guide to Sworn Swords

“Sworn Swords” (warriors) form your army and can be hired by paying silver. These brave warriors assist you in battles and spy missions. A sworn sword performs battle, trade and intrigue actions in an adventure mission. The actions depend on the nature of the adventure quest. Some quests are rescue operations and may involve spying whereas others are out and out battle quests. This guide provides some tips to make the most of Sworn Swords:

  • You can have more than one sworn sword for adventure quests. Make sure you buy the best warrior from the list of recruits. Each warrior will be available for purchase only for a few hours or minutes, so recruit the best ones before it is made available to another online player. Click on the Add Sworn Sword button to your right and then click the refresh button to get a list of new entrants. All sworn swords cost silver.
  • You can then send your recruited sworn sword to individual adventure quests or PvP battles. Player vs. Player battles unlock when you reach level 5. PvP missions also allow you to help your friends. So add more friends to get additional benefits.
  • You will need to equip your warrior with weapons, armor and a companion. Next, click on the adventure button to start adventuring. Weapons crafted at the Smithy and other items collected from quests show up in a list after clicking on the first “Equip” button.
  • Choose your weapon wisely. Some of the weapons boost battle (fight), trade and intrigue actions. For example, a shortsword adds 1 percent to battle actions during a fight, increasing your chances of winning a battle. Weapons can be crafted at the Smithy.
  • Before sending a sworn sword, check the Challenge level in an adventure quest. A single sworn sword can easily defeat enemies in Easy challenges, but you may need to choose more than one sworn sword for challenging battles. Make sure the blue bar below the Challenge (difficulty) dominates the orange bar.
  • Train your sworn swords to level-up their stats. This will prove very useful against advanced enemies. You will occasionally get a chance to train your warriors by clicking on the Train button. Training takes a few minutes to complete. After that, you can start accepting adventures.
  • Choose only that action that you think fits the adventure scenario. Selecting the right action under Battle, Trade and Intrigue sections increases your winning chances. If you think the Fight action is a tad more challenging, try actions under Intrigue.
  • In many occasions, the game automatically chooses the best action for you. The chosen action is based on the adventure scenario. You are free to choose another action, but going with the game’s recommendation increases your winning chances, at least in the initial phases of the game.


Bonus Tips and Tricks

  • You can speedup production and building construction using special items like ale, full flagon, dornish red, hippocras, gold and strongwine. Besides gold, most of the special items can be earned free. Gold will require you to spend real money. Completing quests, sending your sworn sword for more adventure quests and leveling up may earn you a rare special item.
  • In Game of Thrones Ascent, “Power” determines your character’s rank in the online leaderboard. Complete more quests, adventures and level-up to get more power points. You can check your rank by clicking on the Power icon at the top-right corner of the screen. You can also visit your Facebook buddies via the “Friends” icon to earn power points.
  • Clicking on the “Add Boon” button during a battle will give you a temporary boost to your fight, intrigue and trade stats. This will up your winning chances, even if the fight is challenging.
  • Make sure you choose a fealty that gives the maximum benefits. You will be allowed to join one during the prologue chapter missions.
  • Collect daily rewards. Along with coins, you also get a chance to collect special items used for speeding up construction, sworn sword recovery and other tasks that take minutes/hours to complete.


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