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10 PC Games Like "Banished"

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City-building games like "Banished" can keep you engaged without traditional action or fighting.

City-building games like "Banished" can keep you engaged without traditional action or fighting.

What Are 10 of the Best Games Like Banished on the Market?

When it comes to video games, some of the best aren’t the ones that need you to take action all the time. Sometimes, the best games are the ones that allow you to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

For example, city builder and town management games like Banished often fall into this category. While you are going to be busy trying to make the city work as you had intended and focus on keeping your subjects safe from poverty, illness, and invasion, you mostly just get to sit back and admire your work.

When you do want to take part in some action, it’s mostly some well-thought-out plan that you have in your mind that you want to carry out.

It’s safe to say that Banished is a brilliant title. It’s a very enjoyable builder game where you are often juggling your time against your morals. You might need to complete X, but to do that, you are going to need to force more out of Y. Just like being in charge of a real town, it’s a constant juggling act. Over time, you can start to find that even Banished becomes a little bit overwhelming. When that happens, you might enjoy trying out an alternative.

If that is the case, then fear not. I’ve put together a fun list of 10 games like Banished. These are some very satisfying games that manage to capture the heart and energy of the game whilst also improving and adding on some parts of Banished. If you are looking for a Banished-like experience but aren’t sure where to begin that search, then I recommend that you take a look at any of the following games.

1. Cities: Skylines

If you were ever a fan of Sim City, then you will love Cities: Skylines. It’s got some outstanding city-building components and might just be the finest city builder ever put together. It has a fun range of things to contend with and handle as the game goes on, including things like dealing with electricity, sanitation, safety, healthcare, and the environment.

If you are looking for something that has limitless potential, start here. While it’s light on any kind of disaster management and the like, you will find that Cities: Skylines can be a great challenge when it comes to planning out the perfect city. Can you build something better than your hometown?

2. Forest Village

If you are looking for a game that feels very much like Banished, start here. Forest Village is fun, offering you an enjoyable, if somewhat small, town-building simulator. You need to be smart with every resource and every building placement, ensuring that you can build the best possible location for your little refugees to settle down and find a new kind of lifestyle.

They’ll need to hunt for food, go scavenging, raise animals, and manage their crops. You’ll get to enjoy so many enjoyable features, as well as new challenges. From disasters and disease to seasonal challenges, Forest Village offers some fine strategy gaming and city building in one package.

3. Folk Tale

Similar to the above, the excellent-looking Folk Tale could be one of the best long-term releases in the industry. It's similar to Banished in that you start off with a small group of people to build something worthwhile. Folk Tale also has some great RPG elements. It’s going to have some very impressive features, though many of them are just ideas at this moment in time due to the early access nature of the game.

It looks to have some very interesting features that, in time, could become a staple of the wider genre and gaming market. For now, though, just enjoy what is presently available. This has so much more still to be added to it in the future. Just have some patience; this has been in EA for a while and is nowhere near full completion.

4. Planetbase

Planetbase is a fun game if you are into a more sci-fi-specific setting. You will be taking over a group of space settlers who have managed to land on a planet and need to build a shelter or some kind to survive. It’s actually a bit like the game that we have also suggested below, Rimworld.

However, it’s always going to need you to be ready for the next challenge. As soon as you accomplish something, a new objective will arise. It’s a good city builder and simulation management game for those who don’t like just idly watching as things happen!

5. Rimworld

Enjoy the idea of starting out with next to nothing? Then you will love Rimworld. The premise is simple: you land on a planet of unknown origin, and you need to essentially survive as best you can. It’s always going to be a challenge, and you will need to essentially build a shipwrecked base to live in with the survivors that you begin with.

That is going to be all about mood management, handling their health, and giving them jobs to do around the place. You scrap and salvage everything that you can, and you also need to build no shortage of equipment to defend yourself with. From pirates to irate pigs, you’ll find yourself dealing with and handling just about everything nature—and more—can throw at you!

6. Anno 2205

While the later Anno games have become a bit more specific in their city management, Anno 2205 is a happy mixture. You have populations on both Earth and the Moon, and thus you need to spend a lot of time going back and forth among them all. It’s very in-depth, and it does have a pretty solid story mode for you to follow along with, should you so choose.

It’s a fun and enjoyable game, but veteran strategy gamers might manage to go through most of the content quicker than others. Once you get used to the levers and systems, Anno 2205 is quite easy. However, that’s not to say it’s not enjoyable. It’s great fun!

7. Northgard

While some might say that Northgard is more RTS than a city builder, it’s a brilliant little sim game. You take on a clan of Viking warriors who are sent out to build a new settlement, competing with other clans on a new piece of land. It’s going to be all about dealing with the weather, the materials you have, the people you have as part of your settlement, and the vast armies of mythological beasts from Norse stories.

This game offers great fun and is full of a happy mix of town-building, strategy planning, and combat. It's very much a favourite of those who want a good bit of RTS planning and also a happy amount of city building to enjoy as they play.

8. Kingdoms and Castles

If you want a properly enjoyable voxel-style game that is going to really capture your heart, go for Kingdoms and Castles. Few games of this genre are quite so adorable. You’ll essentially build a castle and then build a town around it, with the town fortifying the general surrounding area. As time progresses, you’ll need to have defences to handle the raids that come your way.

Citizen management is just as important as city management in this, too, which is always a lot of fun. You will spend a lot of time going back and forth, sure, but you’ll get to build your own fantasy settlement that runs about as smoothly as one could expect from a modern sim game.

9. Judgement: Apocalypse Survival

While a fair bit more macabre than any of our other mentions so far, Judgement: Apocalypse Survival is a lot of fun, indeed. It’s got some really interesting strategy levels, and you will need to try and build a base prior to setting up in it to survive. You need to build it up, add to it, craft new hardware, improve your defences, and combat all manner of horrific demons that will come your way.

With the gates of hell more or less bringing the world to an end, you need to simply survive as best you can from the numerous beasts that you will come up against using whatever you can craft and find!

10. Dawn of Discovery

While this is part of the Anno series, Anno 1404, it’s a very enjoyable little city-building game that should really push your ability to get things right. It’s going to be all about harbour management and making sure your ships can get out onto the seas, so you need to have a clear idea of what you are dealing with when it comes to DoD.

It’s got some solid combat features too, which allied to its exciting range of city building & management features ensure you are left with something truly enjoyable to take on. This is definitely a must-try if you are a fan of Banished; different but by no means worse.

Which of these population management games will you look to try out first, then?

Hopefully, the above list has given you an idea of what games like Banished you can play next. If you have any suggestions of your own for games that are similar but haven't made the list, please let me know in the comments below. I could very well add it to the list.

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