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"GoT: Conquest" and Healing After an Attack Without Spending Money

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Look At All My Wounded!

A screenshot of my Medic Tent after an attack. Recovering takes a great deal of time and resources.

A screenshot of my Medic Tent after an attack. Recovering takes a great deal of time and resources.


If you have been playing Conquest for a while, then you know the feeling of dread when you are out and about, enjoying a nice drive with your loved one or some time outdoors; suddenly, you look at your phone and remember: you forgot to put up your peace shield. Gasp!

If you are new to the game, you might feel reluctant to spend gold on peace shields. If you have some gold, it is totally worth it to spend on a shield. Every time you get attacked, that means resources you have to put toward healing your troops instead of building or researching. If you can put some gold toward a shield, then you will free up your resources from being attacked all the time to grow in the game. (I have heard that keeping your open resource counts below 1M can deter people from attacking you, but evidently, this is not true in every kingdom. Feel free to try it and see what happens, or ask your liege lord if that rule is a thing for your server.)

In this article, we will look at some ways to recover from an attack without spending any of your hard-earned money on growth packs. If you have gold to spend, use it for a shield, never for resources.

Losing your troops hurts, but your wallet doesn't have to!


Occasionally, there are events in the game where you get materials for recipes related to the event. For instance, during the month of April, the Dragons of the Past event is awarding Melted Battle Remnants. These can be used in recipes, when you combine them with Meereenese Honors or Volantene Honors, to get resources for crafting Dragonkeeper Armor and various other items.

When the event is over, you have the option to convert any un-used event material into Trader's Scrip. You then have recipes with the Trader's Scrip you can use to make food, wood, stone, and iron. If you save up enough un-used event recipe material to convert to Trader's Scrip, you can make quite a lot of resources for healing when you need them.

To do this, click on your inventory (the chest icon) and go to the third tab, "Recipes," and scroll down to "Basic Recipes." You will see various icons of past event materials on top of a piece of Trader's Scrip. Clicking any one of these will give you the option to choose how much past event material you wish to convert to scrip. The icon in the center of the conversion screen (screenshot included in the thumbnail images in the above photo capsule) will show how much scrip you are getting in return for your material, the quantity of which you select by hitting the blue numeric buttons toward the bottom and selecting "Combine."

If you want to convert as much of the past material as possible, hit the "Max" button. You will be unable to select the "Max" and "Combine" buttons if you do not have enough material to convert.

At the time of writing this article, a crate of 100k food costs 200 gold. This can add up for the high cost of healing your troops. The longer you play, the more event material you can accumulate to convert to scrip.

The Shrine

This is what the Shrine looks like when you open it, with the options at the bottom to pray for a resource of your choosing.

This is what the Shrine looks like when you open it, with the options at the bottom to pray for a resource of your choosing.


Prayers at your Shrine yield your choice of food, wood, stone, iron, or steel. You will have a daily allotted number of prayers, but you can also accumulate prayers from the daily quests. If you are unfamiliar with daily quests, you can click the icon at the bottom center of the screen (it looks like a piece of paper) to view them.

Completing certain tasks a number of times throughout the day will earn you points, which gives you the ability to collect quest rewards. The rewards can be resources, dragon lore, prayers, and other items. If you log in every day and complete at least a few of the quests, you will likely get additional prayers you can use at your Shrine.

I use my quest prayers sparingly and have over 600 saved in my Inventory at the moment. The higher the level of your Shrine, the more resources you get each time you pray. This can also help you get the resources you need to recover from an attack.

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To use prayers from your inventory, click the chest icon, scroll down to Growth Items, and select the prayer candle. Use the plus or minus icons to select how many prayers you wish to use, then hit "Use." You will then be prompted to go directly to the Shrine to use the prayers right away for the resources of your choosing.

Gifts From Friends

Some packs you buy in-game come with personal gifts containing gold. I just bought the Easter pack, which came with a bonus of a 25,000 gold gift that I can give to any player of my choosing. If you are nice to your allegiance, you may just find someone willing to help you in your time of need. I am not encouraging you to make friends with ulterior motives in mind, only saying that being a kind person never hurts!

If your friends do not have gold to gift you, there are also events that provide tokens that will convert to food and wood when opened by the recipient. One example is the prayer event. While that goes on, each time you pray, the event tokens will fall from the Shrine. You can gift those to your friends. To give a gift, bring up a player's profile by clicking their personal banner to the left after you click their screen name. When their profile appears, go down to the gift icon toward the bottom right of the screen. Gifts you can give will then appear and you can choose the quantity to send.

If you let your allegiance know you have been attacked when one of the gifting events comes around, they can make it a point to send you tokens to help you recover.

Longer Shadows

The event screen for "Longer Shadows." The text tells you how to earn points in the event. The top left corner displays the time remaining until the event.

The event screen for "Longer Shadows." The text tells you how to earn points in the event. The top left corner displays the time remaining until the event.

Healing Troops During Healing Events

As I type this, the "Longer Shadows" healing event is about to start in one hour. That means any troops I heal from an attack last night (during PvP, no less, the worst time to forget your shield) will earn points toward certain prizes. I haven't seen the rewards per tier yet, but I am hoping they will encompass more resources for further healing. As a boost, it will help me level up and earn points for my allegiance. The more I heal, the higher I go in the rankings.

I have usually seen healing events in tandem with PvP events, so make sure to watch out for those. The buttons on the left side of your screen will keep you in the loop with which events are coming up and when. The PvP events seem to happen every other week or so. The good part about forgetting your shield during a PvP is that it boosts you in the rankings of the event, which means better rewards for you and your allegiance.


If there is one thing I hope I have communicated with this article, it is this: participate in the events! Save event materials! Check out the recipes! Don't spend your money or gold to heal your troops!

Some of the holidays inspire WB to release high-value packs you can buy. People become frustrated when they pour money into the game, so I wouldn't advise that. When you keep your spending under control and wait for the best packs, it is better for you and your credit card.

I have been playing Conquest for over a year now, and while I'm no expert and don't spend inordinate amounts of time on the game, I hope this has been helpful. Try not to get discouraged by an attack. Forgetting the shield happens to the best of us. Try setting a timer each day to go off about ten minutes before your next shield is due.

If you have found other ways, without gold or money, to get the resources needed to heal troops, feel free to list them in the comments.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Kyler J Falk from California on April 17, 2020:

Warner Brothers is one of those companies I wish I had included in my article about the secrets of the gaming industry. Due to my inclinations and poor self-control as it concerns microtransactions I can't play games like this. I used to get great joy from these types of games however, running massive clans and raiding every day. Coming in the top three for world events was always enjoyable, but then those timers really started to wear thin on my self-control.

Pretty cool that you have the patience for these types of game, and self-control to avoid addiction. I'll always be a "whale" and thus need to avoid them for my health.

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