Guide to Understanding Leagues in “Poker Heat”

Updated on April 23, 2020
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Eric loves to play "Poker Heat." He has a lot of advice to share from his experience playing the game. He loves to share poker strategy.

A "Poker Heat" league leaderboard.
A "Poker Heat" league leaderboard. | Source

Time to Compete in Poker Heat Leagues

Leagues are a very important part of Poker Heat. In this guide, I will explain what leagues and how you can earn free things from playing in them.

The Current Poker Heat Leagues

The Current Leagues

Each League has three divisions. You start each league at division three and work your way up to division one. You need to move up in divisions to move up to the next league.

There are currently eight leagues. The top three leagues have special nameplates, and people will see you are in them when at poker tables.

  • Amateur
  • Semi-Pro
  • Pro
  • Expert
  • World Class
  • Master
  • Legend
  • Playoffs

The current "Poker Heat" leagues.
The current "Poker Heat" leagues. | Source

About the Playoffs

The Playoffs are a league above the Legend league.

They are not always available, though, and they are somewhat seasonal. You can find out the schedule in the game, and it tells you a lot when they are active.

Playoffs have a prize pool like normal leagues, but it is quite higher.

In addition to winning more chips, you get to show up on a global leaderboard. Every player sees this one, unlike the smaller normal leaderboards.

The about the Playoffs screen.
The about the Playoffs screen. | Source
The Playoffs leaderboard.
The Playoffs leaderboard. | Source

What Is the Highest League You Have Reached?

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How Poker Heat Leagues Work

You Do Not Compete With All Players

Leagues do not include all Poker Heat players! Only a random selection of about 50 players complete in each league.

Leagues also start and stop randomly. Except for the playoffs and I will describe that in more detail later.

Leagues Are Three Days Long

Most leagues last about three days, but some of the early leagues are faster. You want to move up the league leaderboard as much as possible.

There Are Three Sections to League Leaderboards

Most leagues have leaderboards with three sections. Green, Yellow, and Red.

The game calls these the Promotion, Safe, and Relegation Zones. But for simplicity, I will refer to these zones by their colors.

  • Green Zone: Promotion
  • Yellow Zone: No change
  • Red Zone: Demotion

Leagues Become Harder as You Move Up

Leagues become harder as you move up in leagues and divisions. The yellow section will get smaller, and eventually, there will not be a yellow section at all! You either move up in league/divisions or drop.

How to Move up and Down in Leagues

You move up and down in leagues based on the number of chips you win playing hands.

Note this is your total chips won. So if you win chips and lose chips, only the chips you won matter towards league performance.

Other players will be trying to win chips along with you, and the league dance will begin!

People will move up and down league spots frequently during the league timespan.

What Is Jump Now?

Jump Now is a special feature added to leagues. Jump Now exists so that people who can win a lot of chips do not have to stay in a league for the whole time.

If you win enough chips in a league, Jump Now will appear. Then if you can win enough chips to fill the Jump now bar, you will instantly jump up to the next league. The league will start right away.

You will also receive the prize for coming in first for the league you left.

League Rewards

Ego Boost

First of all, doing good in leagues is an ego boost! Not many players are in Legend. I have seen few players at the playoffs.

You have to win a lot of chips to stay in Legend. People who see you are in the top leagues (should) know that means you are a top player and mean business.

Also, every time you finish in the top three league positions, the game records these stats in the legacy section of your profile.

Crowns and Free Chips

The league you are in determines the number of chips you get from wheel spins, friend gifts, and collecting chips with the free chip button.

The league you are in determines The number of chips you get from wheel spins, friend gifts, and collecting chips from the free chip button.

You also get chips for each league finish. You get more chips for playing in higher leagues and finishing in higher positions!

You also get crowns in the same way. You get crowns at the end of leagues, and you get more for being in higher leagues and finishing in higher positions at the end.

League Rewards Are Top Heavy

As you move up in leagues, they become “top heavy” What does this mean? It means leagues tend to reward the top three players the most, and the rest get a pretty small reward overall.

You only get the good stuff when you finish in the top three or so players. So to profit from leagues, you need to be highly competitive.

My legacy stats.
My legacy stats. | Source
The league benefits.
The league benefits. | Source

How to Move up in Leagues Consistently

To consistently do well in leagues, you will need to win a lot of chips. You will need to play poker as often as you can during leagues.

You can't always count on winning big hands, unfortunately. But by playing often, you give yourself a higher chance of doing so.

You may want to consider playing in higher stakes. But be careful! You won't be able to complete in any leagues if you lose your entire chip bankroll!

A wise player would play cautiously as often as they can. You want to make the best of your current situation.

You might not be able to get into higher leagues right now. But you still want to compete the best you can.

© 2020 Eric Farmer


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