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Heat Royale "Poker Heat" Guide

Poker is my favorite hobby, only matched by my love for video games. I have ten+ years of poker experience to share in my poker game guides!


Learn About Heat Royale!

Heat Royale is one of the event game modes found in Poker Heat. This game mode is on rotation and appears alongside other alternative ways to play Texas hold 'em.

In this guide, I am going to teach you how to win the most chips and how to avoid making common mistakes.

You Only Play With Broadway Cards

In Heat Royale, you play with a deck of cards that has many of the cards removed. You only play with Broadway cards. This means you are only playing with T, J, Q, K, and A.

These are the broadway cards in Texas hold 'em.

These are the broadway cards in Texas hold 'em.

My Preflop Strategy

I Play Most Hands Preflop

I call most hands preflop. I still fold most of my small blind hands, though. Playing out of position is hard, and I try to avoid it when I can.

I will fold everything, except QQ+ and AK, when I am the small blind.

I Call Some Bets Preflop

I will call some bets and raises preflop. Sometimes players will not let go of these hands postflop even if they are no longer the best.

This is why I feel confident in calling bets preflop. Even if they have pocket aces, I still can win anyway.

I Will Fold If People Start to Bet or Raise Huge

Once bets and raises start getting big, I will fold. I am confident in my post-flop game. Risking many chips preflop is wasting skill.

If people start betting bigger than ten blinds, I will often fold.

If I have pocket aces or kings, I may call and play very cautious, depending on what cards are on the flop.

I Will Fold to All-Ins

I almost will never go all-in or call an all-in preflop.

If this was a normal deck of cards, I would call 100% with a hand like pocket aces. But this is Heat Royale. There is a much higher chance for a worse hand to win.

I know I can play postflop better than a lot of players. So why throw this ability away by going all-in preflop?

I Don’t Raise Preflop

I never bet or raise in Heat Royale. It doesn't seem worth doing in this game mode. People rarely respect preflop raises. You will have to bet very big to make any impact.

Raising puts more pressure on me if I don’t make a big hand. Raising strong hands means nothing if the flop doesn't go your way.

Postflop Matters the Most

You make the most important decisions playing Texas hold 'em during postflop. You need to be even more careful in Heat Royale.

You will need to get used to folding way more often than normal.

Hands like two pair and trips are great hands in normal Texas hold ‘em, but these hands are folds in Heat Royale. I rarely call a bet post-flop without a full house or better.

Unless I am in the process of making a full house, four of a kind, or a straight flush, I will fold to any bet.

Straights lose far too often.

Straights lose far too often.

How to Play Straights

The biggest mistake I see people make in Heat Royale is betting and calling big bets with straights. A straight is a losing hand in Heat Royale.

This may seem strange for some of you. Afterall a straight is normally a very good hand to go in with. I am going to explain why this is wrong to do in Heat Royale.

A straight cannot improve to a better hand. Pair, two pair, or trips, can improve to trips, a full house, or four of a kind.

If the board is exactly TJQKA, call any bet even if people go all-in. You will chop the hand and bets here are pointless and just for show.

Now, if there is a chance of a Royal Flush, you need to be careful. I might still call a small bet, but I won’t be too quick to go all-in anymore.

This i s a straight flush draw.

This i s a straight flush draw.

How to Play Straight Flush Draws

Any draw is never going to be as good as in normal Texas hold ‘em.

Remember, we are only playing with Broadway cards. That means you will make a straight flush or nothing at all.

If one player has one of the cards you need to make a straight flush, you will never make it.

While the idea of making a royal flush might be tempting, never call a huge bet with a flush draw. I normally wouldn't call more than a half pot sized bet.

This is a good two pair poker hand.

This is a good two pair poker hand.

How to Play Two Pair

Two pair is a hand that looks promising. But be careful not to go too far with it.

A two pair hand will improve to a full house or lose most of the time. This is why I mostly only play top two pair as it tends to win more often than any other two pair hands.

Call small bets. This is bets of around one to three blinds. I am not sure why people bet like this because there zero reason to fold to such a tiny bet.

Now, if they raise big like over a bot sized bet or go all-in for a substantial amount of chips, you need to fold. The odds of improving are not big enough to risk huge chips here.

If you call a bet on the flop and still only have two pair on the turn or river play it out the same way as the flop.

Keep in mind though, if somebody bet on the flop, the pot is going to be bigger. They will bet more chips on the turn or river.

This is a example of poker trips.

This is a example of poker trips.

How to Play Trips

You have to be more careful with trips compared to sets. These hands look deceptively strong.

But keep in mind every time the board pairs somebody could have just made a full house!

If I have three of a kind aces, I can be more confident I won't lose to a stronger full house by the river.

This is an example of a poker set.

This is an example of a poker set.

How to Play Sets

In these situations, I am more likely to call bets. I might even consider making a half pot bet if the table seems like they are playing too tight.

If you do not have the best set possible, consider folding. Other people may have started with a bigger pair than you and can beat you.

If you improve to a full house on the turn, we can assume with high confidence we have the best hand in most cases.

Bet huge and go all if raised. What do I mean by betting huge? At least make a pot sized bet.

Consider betting twice the size of the pot. We want the other player's chips, and if they will make bad calls, then let them.

Keep in mind the possibility that your hand might lose still! Unless you have the nut full house, you still need to consider folding to some very strong looking bets.

This is a example of a full house in poker.

This is a example of a full house in poker.

How to Play a Full House

If you ever are lucky enough to flop a full house, you want to bet big. You most likely have the best hand right now and may have the best hand on the river.

I would at least bet pot and if somebody raises consider going all-in.

This is a four of a kind hand in poker.

This is a four of a kind hand in poker.

How to Play Four of a Kind

I use a simple strategy against most people, including unknown players.

I will make a pot sized bet. I will keep on making bets like this until the river card, and I almost always go all-in the river.

If I make it on the river, I might only bet pot, though.

I have experimented with betting huge chips like three or four times the size of the pot.

I like how this looks very bluffy and very donk like. Some people hate this and will call down or even raise if you do it enough times.

I sometimes go all-in on the flop and turn. I tend to do this if I think people won’t call.

I like how it gives the impression that I am donk and might go all-in for any reason. Being overall aggressive is one of the few things people seem to pay attention to.

A smart player might fold, but most people will have a full house and go all-in.

Do you think the average player is going to fold with a full house?

If you think so, then you have more respect for the average player than I do. I know from experience they won’t fold and will call.

There are some players though who are aware enough to stop me from making multiple huge bets.

I might check a few times and maybe bet less than pot. But these players are not something I think about too much.

If somebody bets pot on the flop or turn, don’t raise! If they bet once, they probably will keep betting.

If people call and you raise, these other players probably will fold. But if you call as well, these players probably will call again on the turn or river.

This a straight flush in Texas hold 'em. Specially this is a royal flush. This is the strongest poker hand.

This a straight flush in Texas hold 'em. Specially this is a royal flush. This is the strongest poker hand.

How to Play a Straight Flush

I have found having a straight flush is a much harder situation than four of a kind.

People tend to much more vigilant when it comes to spotting these hands. I think because most players look out for flushes more often.

I still will bet, but I won’t bet to go all-in the river every hand. I tend to bet more around half to full pot with a straight flush.

This gives people more reasons to call than betting huge and going all-in.

I still will let aggressive players bet. I will then rise or bet on the river. I don’t go all-in on every river, though. I will bet something every time if nobody bets, though.

If I notice somebody is very fishy, I might still bet pot flop, turn and river, and go all-in like with four of a kind. If somebody loves to raise, I will try to raise them all-in as well.

Sometimes I will go all-in if everybody checks. I don’t expect people to call, but I sometimes like to annoy the table.

If you see a poker board like this chances are much higher somebody has four of a kind.

If you see a poker board like this chances are much higher somebody has four of a kind.

What If the Other Players Have Four of a Kind?

If a player who rarely bets shoves all-in on a paired board, I probably will fold. At least until I learn more about how they play.

While straight flushes are rare, on boards like this, you have to be more open to the possibly somebody has one.

While straight flushes are rare, on boards like this, you have to be more open to the possibly somebody has one.

What If the Other Players Have a Straight Flush?

If I have never seen a person bet before, I will fold if it looks like there is a straight flush on the board if they bet huge.

This hand is much easier to spot. If the board is two or one to a straight flush, it is (more) obvious to see compared to four of a kind hand.

Things like this will eventually happen.

Things like this will eventually happen.

Bad Beats and Coolors Will Happen Eventually

Keep in mind though coolers and bad beats will happen some of the time.

In poker, a cooler is losing a strong hand to a stronger hand. A bad beat is when a player with a much stronger hand loses to a weaker hand.

Sometimes you might go all-in on the flop with the current best hand, and the other person makes four of a kind. This happens even to good players, so don’t fret.

Don’t Play with a Weak Bankroll!

If you are playing poker with a weak bankroll, stop doing this! Only play at limits you can afford to lose some hands at. I only play at limits that I have at least 20 table buy-ins at.

I have had some arguments with other players about how they think playing very risky is best, and I disagree. But at the end of the day, do what is best for you.

Just keep in mind if you play with a small bankroll and lose, there is nobody to blame but yourself.

Don’t be quick to think the game is cheating, or the other players are cheating. If you play with a small bankroll, all it takes is a few freak hands you are broke.

Remember Poker Is About Understanding Situations!

Poker is about situations. Sometimes I play differently based on what I have seen. Against smart players, you won’t be able to use some of the simple strategies I have given.

You will have to change your play style based on who you are playing with.

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