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How to Get Your Singing Sunflower Pet

I struggled with acquiring my singing sunflower pet and I want to share with you how to make it easier!

What It Looks Like

What It Looks Like

Origin Of The Sunflower Pet

For those of you not familiar of the origins of this pet and why Blizzard would place something seemly random into their game, this will help.

Originally this little lovable pet was planted as means of harvesting solar power or resources to fuel tower based defense units (plants) in order to protect your house (and your brain) against a marauding horde of unique zombies in the insanely addictive Pop Cap game Plants Vs Zombies (TM).

Blizzard and Pop Cap have been on working terms since Pop Cap have produced a couple of WoW versions of their mini games as mods (Peggle and Bejewelled for instance) and in turn Pop Cap was rumoured to have helped Blizzard make an official WoW version for your questing enjoyment.

Since this is not your usual run-of-the-mill mini game in WoW it does require patience, thought, time, the willingness to execute strategy, learn from mistakes and always think a few steps ahead.

For those of you wondering, yes! The pet actually sings and hums the line "there's a zombie on your lawn" line from the song at random. Now on to how to add this ray of sunshine into your pet collection.

Location of the Sunflower Pet

The questline Lawn of the Dead offers a Singing Sunflower pet upon completion. If you are Alliance then you are at a disadvatage from the get go as this is now Horde territory (much ganking). Basically you can get here by running from Arathi Highlands the east to Hillsbrad or from Western Plaguelands, Chillwind camp and then run south to Hillsbrad. It is located in Hillsbrad, Eastern Kingdoms near Sludgeguard Tower, south of the Dalaran Crater.

The NPC that gives this questline is picked up from (and ends with) Brazie the Botanist with a level requirement of 20 and is not sharable.

Questline Strategies

If you manage to accept the quest "You enter a "vehicle" (to eject look for the red eject arrow) when you start the quest, and you are phased at that point" (source Irnzul from Wowhead quest comments) thus are not vulnerable to attack while 'in' the minigame (phew!).

Like most strategy games you require a resource in order to build units, in this case, Solar Power. These look like balls of Sun and fall from the sky at random. In order to increase the amount of Solar Power you have you need to plant Sunflowers which will increase the number and rate of which Solar Power falls. This is absolutely key to victory.

Note: The mini-game consists of 5 lanes, something you should be thinking of the entire questline to get into the habit. That said the first two quests do not utilize all 5 lanes. That is, there are five possible lanes the zombies can use and thus use to enter your house and eat your brains resulting in a failed quest attempt. Timing defensive strategies based on zombie location, speed and volume is key to victory.

As a rule, try to make a row of Sunflowers in the front of your house, that way they are the farthest away from harm.

Note: This quest-line is a bit buggy still and sometimes will not complete even though you have successfully defended your house.

The Questline

The Questline

Basic Botany

This is the first quest and tutorial to get your feet wet and get used to the feel of the mini-game. It's very easy, just follow the instructions as they are given to you and you should survive this first 'massive wave' of zombies-er `Undead`. They only come down the middle lane on this quest.

The first thing is to focus on gathering resources or Solar Power. The bright orbs of light that can land at random at any location on the field and through planting Sunflowers. (Planting Sunflowers will increase the rate in which Sun Power can be harvested. That is, the amount of Solar Power orbs that fall and can be harvested, each ball equal to 5% of total Solar Power. Each Sunflower costs 10% of your Solar Power pool but is more than worth the initial investment as they pay huge dividends quickly in the form of more orb goodness.) To harvest an orb, right-click it.

Focus on planting Sunflowers on the row closest to your house as they will be the farthest from possible harm. Plant at least 2-3, since the zombies in this quest are slow-moving, then a Spitter Plant or two in the middle row which the Undead are approaching on (costs 15% Solar Power). You will only get Zombies (the least harmful enemy unit) on this quest, they are slow moving and are downed quickly, no need to panic :)

If you do not get this the first time, do not panic, you can always try as many times as it takes until you are victorious!

Flower Power

Flower Power

Flower Power

This is much like the first quest except this time the Undead will come down the centre three rows, do not waste your Solar Power and plant Spitter Plants on the outside rows. Feel free to plant Sunflowers on the outside and do this early on as the Zombie Unit is slow moving and easy to down. Time is on your side at the beginning, use it to plant a few Sunflowers.

Another difference is that a new Undead unit called a Ghoul will be introduced. These guys move faster, can take more damage and give more damage, take care. Where ever there are Ghouls try to plant a Freezer Plant in that row, these will slow down any enemy unit giving you more time to down it.

Whenever you feel you have Solar Power to burn, plant a Sunflower. Getting into this habit now will increase your chances of success later.

Ghouls are Grain Haters

Ghouls are Grain Haters

Ghouls Hate My Grains

Now that you`ve completed your warm up quests get ready for 5 lanes of fun :) The additional 2 lanes requires a lot more awareness and self discipline then one would think.

Sunflowers, Sunflowers, Sunflowers. Get these bright rays of sunshine going before anything else, planting at least 2-3 before placing a Spitter or Rocknut (new `plant` that can take a beating and halts the undead in their tracks buying you more time. Even if Zombies (the unit) appear, do not panic, resist the urge to plant a Rocknut or a Spitter and get them Sun sucking Sunflowers planted!

Once you have about 2 Sunflowers in the ground, Zombies will most likely have appeared, let them come. Plant at least one more sunflower, then a Rocknut in the lane that has the most zombies, then plant a Spitter to down them. As time progresses, so will the number of the Undead and a `massive wave`of zombies will appear once the progression metre has filled. Here is the first heavy challenge of your new skills. Remember to focus fire, plant a Freezer and lay down Rocknuts in lanes that have Ghouls advancing.

Try to have at least a row or two of Spitters (keeping the first two rows near the house free for future Sunflowers), a row of Freezers and two rows of 6-10 Sunflowers in front of your house as this will keep the Solar Power pouring in, something you need to get in the habit of for the next two quests. Throw in Rocknuts (15 Power each) to buy time and you should manage to survive the wave and complete the quest :) I found Tentacles to be expensive in contrast to the damage they actually do, I wouldn`t recommend planting them unless you have a lot of Solar Power to burn.

Note: The quests can glitch (will not complete) if you place any plants at the far end of the field.

Ah, the Pumpkin Bomb

Ah, the Pumpkin Bomb

Someone Set Up The Pumpkin Bomb

You start out exactly the same as the last quest, the only difference is that there are 2 massive waves which include a couple of new mega enemy units, the Aberrition and Abomination. These guys can take a beating and mow through your defense like they weren`t even there.

That said, you are given a new toy to plant with, the Pumpkin Bomb! Both the Aberrition and Abomination will take two Pumpkin Bomb explosions to down, while any other unit will get one-shotted within range.

The Pumpkin Bomb has a radius of any square that is touching where it has been planted. That is, whatever square that is connected to the square that the Pumpkin Bomb is planted. This is why having 2 full rows of Sunflowers is vital, each bomb costs 40 Solar Power.

Continue to employ the techniques you have been learning, while stocking up Solar Power for Pumpkin bombs and you should survive both waves intact.

Note: Some prefer to use tentacles only (with Rocknuts presumably), if you find this less confusing, then by all means go for it. While it might be easier to have 3 rows of Tentacles in the end, it is definitely a lot slower to get going in the beginning.

Lawn of the Dead

Lawn of the Dead

Lawn of The Dead

This is a race to get your defenses up and going before Warden Stillwater (final boss) arrives. The same strategies apply as Zombies and Ghouls will come at you as per usual until and while Warden Stillwater arrives.

By the time he arrives you should have two rows of Sunflowers, and at least a row of Freezers and Shooters (preferably 2 rows of Shooters if possible). This way you`ll have a ton of Solar Power pouring in, enough to have planted a Pumpkin Bomb whenever it is off cooldown.

The Warden will add a couple of nasty offensive moves to the enemy`s arsenal. I am not sure what they are called but one seems to be a plague spray that will land on random squares and eventually kill the plant there, replace the plant when you can. The other is a tall tombstone like object that will release more Undead into the row it is placed.

As the Warden will not actually step onto your patch it may seem like you can not touch him. But the Freezer and Spitter plants will lock onto him and slowly drain his health down. But the main weapon in your arsenal for downing him quickly is the Pumpkin Bomb. Place these as close as you can to him so that he will receive radial damage.

If you have mastered the previous four quests, this one will seem fairly lax in comparison, but very satisfying upon completion!

Your Singing Sunflower

Your Singing Sunflower


There is never one way but usually a best way to quest-line completion. I found this way to be the most balanced to complete the questline without too much hassle. Blizzard did a great job integrating this classic game into their game, I hope we see more of these types of quests!

My only wish is that this was a repeatable or a randomizable (pro grammar) questline, but alas it`s not currently.

If you remember anything remember to plant Sunflowers, try things out, but most importantly have fun!

I hope you have found this tutorial useful and conrats on your new pet!


Samuel Franklin on October 25, 2014:

I had no idea this even existed! Always great when gaming companies team up.

Gordon D Easingwood from Wakefield, United Kingdom on February 28, 2012:

Excellent hub, came across this quest purely by accident. The pet is cool but the singing gets annoying after a while.

Kortash on February 11, 2012:

thanks! Got it and only failed twice in all the quests.

thanks on January 18, 2012:

best guide ever

Mallaina on January 13, 2012:

WOW.... That was easy!!! Thank you so much for the tutorial... Read it all the way through and then went there and got it in one run take! Yay I have a singing Sunflower....

Thanks again!

R. Brady Frost from Somewhere Between a Dream and Memory on November 10, 2011:

I just got here from a google search after hearing one of these cute little guys singing in my 7.1 surround headphones. It was a little creepy since I didn't expect it, but now I think I MUST have one!

zooka on November 05, 2011:

sunflower,sunflower,sunflower.thanks this helped me out

animandeath on October 10, 2011:

the game its self is fun but on here always being in a hurry like i am its kind of crazy lol but it was fun and great tutorial

Jaegerin on May 11, 2011:

Best tutorial I have seen on this quest line. Thx a bunch