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How to Cheat Gold in "Crusader Kings 2" and "Crusader Kings 3" Ironman Mode Using Cheat Engine

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Cheat Gold in "Crusader Kings 2"

Cheat Gold in "Crusader Kings 2"

Can I Cheat in Ironman Mode?

Update: This trick works in the new Crusader Kings 3 as well. Just follow the same steps while running the new game.

Crusader Kings 2 does not let you cheat in Ironman mode. However, using third-party software, you can scan for the game's memory and edit the values that correspond to the resource you want to get. So YES! You can cheat in Crusader Kings 2 Ironman mode.

Cheat Engine is an example of a software that can scan for the game's memory values and edit it. It is downloadable for free on their website.

CK2 Screenshot

CK2 Screenshot

At the start of the game, life can be difficult for your character in CK2, especially if you start as a lowly count. Gold is one of the most important resources in CK2. The main source of gold in the game is taxes from holdings. Gold is used for building and upgrading your holdings as well as hiring and maintaining mercenaries and armies that can be very useful in wars, especially in the early game. However, you will start the game with a very small amount of gold and a small monthly income from taxes.

So how do we add gold according to the amount we desire using Cheat Engine?

1. Run Cheat Engine

  • While your game is running, open the Cheat Engine software.
  • Click the Select Process icon [1] to open the Process List window.
  • Navigate to the CK2game.exe [2] and click Open [3].
Cheat Engine Software Screenshot

Cheat Engine Software Screenshot

2. Scan for the Gold Value

  • Change the Scan Type to "Value between..." as seen in the screenshot below.
  • Value Type should be at 4 Bytes.
Scan for the Gold Value

Scan for the Gold Value

  • Note the amount of gold [1] you currently have.
  • Type following in the value boxes [2]:

gold*(2^15) and (gold+1)*(2^15)

whereas, gold refers to the current amount of gold you have.

Note: Disregard the decimal values.

In the screenshot below, the amount of gold I have is 44. So, in the the value boxes, I typed 44*(2^15) and (44+1)*(2^15) respectively.

  • Click First Scan [3].
Scan for the (Changed) Value

Scan for the (Changed) Value

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3. Scan for the Changed Value

You will notice that the scan resulted in a lot of addresses. We need a change in the gold value to pinpoint the exact address. To do this, you can either spend your gold or add gold to your wealth. The easiest way is to add gold. You can add gold by Borrowing from the Jewish Merchants through the Intrigue menu in the game. In the screenshot below, I now have 344 gold [1] after borrowing from the merchants.

  • In the value boxes, type the amount of gold [2] you now have in place of the previous amount you had.
  • Click Next Scan [3].
Follow the numbers!

Follow the numbers!

After the second scan, there should be 2 or 3 addresses remaining on the left pane.

  • Double click the results to bring them down to the table as shown in the screenshot below.
Compute the Value

Compute the Value

4. Compute the Value for the Desired Gold

  • Open your computer's calculator and change it to Scientific format.
  • To compute for the memory value of the amount of gold you want, type the following in your calculator:

desired amount x (2^15)

In the screenshot below, I wanted 10000 gold so put the following in the scientific calculator: 1000 x (2^15)

  • Press Enter in your calculator.

5. Replace the Gold Value in Cheat Engine

Next, take the result from the calculator and replace the gold value.

  • Double click the Value [1] of one of the addresses.
  • Input the result from the calculator [2].

In the screenshot below, the Value for 10k gold is 327680000.

  • Click Okay [3] and notice your gold in the game if it was affected. If it changed to the desired amount, you are successful. If it did not, try changing the value of the other address result.
Replace the Gold Value

Replace the Gold Value

Gold Memory Values

For quick reference, here are some of the memory values for the following amounts of gold.

Amount of GoldValue











How about the cheat for Prestige and Piety?

For prestige and piety, follow the same steps above using the following formula for scanning:

  • prestige*1000
  • piety*1000

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Sherly on September 07, 2020:

Good stuff Red works just the same in the new game.

Red Fernan (author) from Philippines on September 01, 2020:

Haven’t downloaded CK3 yet. If it works, that’s very good news. Thanks.

Lukah on September 01, 2020:

Working in CkIII !

Samtroulfion on May 29, 2020:

What should i do when i have a negative quantity of gold? I cannot find the address even when activating "Show value as if they are signed".

What about for threat on January 01, 2020:

What about for threat?

Anon on December 19, 2019:

gold * (2^15)

piety * 1000

prestige * 1000

Avatta on December 05, 2019:

Hello, thank you for the brilliant article! I would also like to know the formula for piety? I can understand not providing for prestige as that directly affects the score but piety is an important currency for title creation. Thanks!

Aranwen1 on November 21, 2019:

would you happen to know how to change prestige and piety?

this formula didnt work when i tried it for them

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