How to Do Well in "Zynga Poker" Leagues

Updated on April 18, 2020
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Eric loves to play "Zynga Poker". He has a lot of advice to share from his experience playing the game. He loves to share poker strategy.

This is the "Zynga Poker"leagues information screen.
This is the "Zynga Poker"leagues information screen. | Source

Learn More About Leagues in Zynga Poker

Leagues are a somewhat important park of Zynga Poker. What are the leagues? How do you move in Leagues faster? Read this post to learn the answers to both questions.

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What Are Zynga Poker Leagues?

Leagues are a way to rank players. At the time of this post, there were 20 leagues. This has been the case for a long time, and I don't think this will change.

My "Zynga Poker" League history. You can see the league badges.
My "Zynga Poker" League history. You can see the league badges. | Source

How Poker Leagues in Zynga Poker Work

The League Tiers

  1. Beginner has leagues 1 – 6.
  2. Intermediate has leagues 7 – 12.
  3. Pro has leagues 13 – 17.
  4. Master has leagues 18 – 20.

The League Zones

Each league has three zones. There are the Red, Yellow, and green zones.

  • While in the Red zone, you will drop to the league below your current if you don’t get into the yellow zone.
  • In the Yellow zone, you will stay in your current league if you remain in it at the end of the week.
  • You need to get into the green zone to move up in league.

The size of each zone changes as you move up in leagues. The Yellow and Green zones are smaller in higher league tiers! This forces more competition among the players to stay in these spots.

How You Move up and Down in League Positions

You move up and down in leagues after about a week or so. You need to win chips to move up in league position. So players can do well in leagues even though they lose a lot of chips afterward.

There Is a Fast Advancement Option

Each league also has fast tract advancement. If you win a certain number of chips, the game will instantly move you up into a new league. You will not have to wait a whole week to advance.

It is nice there is the option to catch up if you have not played in a long time. When I came back to the game after a long break, I was in league 1. I was in league 12 before the end of the poker session.

This is easier to do in the Beginner and Intermediate leagues. It is very hard to do in the higher leagues because you need to win many chips.

You can see all three "Zynga Poker" League zones.
You can see all three "Zynga Poker" League zones. | Source
This is the green zone.
This is the green zone. | Source

Why Do Poker Leagues Matter?

Being in High Leagues Is a Sign of Being a Good Poker Player

Leagues are a nice way to rank players on skill and bankroll size.

Master League players tend to be more aggressive players and tend to try to actually win more often. I have to think about how I play against these players.

Being in Leagues Is a Fun Way to Show Off

I like being able to show off how good of a poker player I am. To me, poker is a lot about appeasing my own ego, and leagues are a great way to do this.

You Get a Lot Tickets and Chips From Playing in Leagues

So maybe that means nothing to you. Well, you still should care about leagues. You get more rewards from being in higher leagues. You can use these tickets to get gold and free chips.

Having a bad poker session is not so bad when I know I will get some tickets and gold at the end of each league.

You can see my league 20 badge in this picture.
You can see my league 20 badge in this picture. | Source
The "Zynga Poker" Reward Center.
The "Zynga Poker" Reward Center. | Source

How to Get Into Higher Leagues More Often?

You Need to Play Poker to Build a Solid Bankroll

So how do you win so many chips consistently? You need to work on building up your bankroll.

People Take on Too Much Risk for Small Gains

I see people play in higher leagues risk everything they have to keep those positions. Sometimes they lose every chip they have to stay in leagues.

This is a huge mistake because you can not do this long term. Sure they will keep their shiny badges for now. But once then go bust, they will struggle to stay in any league at all.

I Use Smart Bankroll Management to Minimize My Risks

I play with a smart bankroll management system. I only play at stakes I have 20 buy-ins. I was stuck playing lower leagues for quite a while. I was in league 16 twenty-four times and league 17 forty-seven times!

I played poker on Zynga Poker for years to build up my bankroll.

People Rather Play Fast and Take Big Risks

People at higher leagues tend to be very small stacked. It is quite a paradox. How they did get to a high league if they have so few chips?

My guess is they gamble with their bankroll often. They got their short term gains by going up in league. But now these players will struggle to stay at that league.

What "Zynga Poker" League Group Are You Currently In?

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