How to Get Free Chips Playing “WSOP”

Updated on May 29, 2020
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Eric loves to play "WSOP". He has a lot of advice to share from his experience playing the game. He loves to share poker strategy.

A pile of chips from "WSOP".
A pile of chips from "WSOP". | Source

How to Get Free WSOP Chips

I am going to show all the ways I know to get free chips in the WSOP game. If you want to play poker often, you will want the most chips you can.

Free Chips from Outside the Game

Free Chips from Codes

You can find codes for free chips on the game's Facebook page and group. You type these codes by finding the option in the game's store.

Playtika does not give codes often, but they are a nice way to get extra chips.

Free Chips from Facebook Feeds

If you visit the activity feeds of people who play the game, you can click on certain Facebook posts for free chips. You can see these posts if the person lets the game post things on their feed, and their feed is public.

These posts expire. So if you want free chips from this method, you need to click on the links fast.

Get Free Chips From Facebook Notifications

If you click on notifications from WSOP, these often will give small amounts of chips.

Free Chips From Facebook Messenger

If you allow WSOP chat to you on Facebook Messenger, you will get free in-game rewards.

You sometimes can get free chips.

The "WSOP" Faecbook page.
The "WSOP" Faecbook page. | Source
This is how you enter promotion codes in "WSOP".
This is how you enter promotion codes in "WSOP". | Source

How to Collect Free Chips from Inside the Game

Use the Collect Chips Button

On the main screen, there is a collect chips button in the lower center area. After collecting free chips five times in WSOP, you get to spin the Mega Bonus Wheel.

You get a decent amount of extra chips if the spin lands on the golden wedge.

Play Daily Blitz Every Day

Every day you can play Daily Blitz. You earn chips for each correct answer. If you want to get the most chips from Daily Blitz, play every day and don't miss any days!

Watch Video Ads

You have to play the app to see these videos.

You can watch short video ads for chips. I received about one hundred thousand free chips for each video I watched. You can watch multiple videos as long they still are available.

Level Up

If you have a higher account level, you get more chips from gifts. When you level up in the game, you get a small bonus amount of chips as well.

Play Poker and Track Your Club Progress

If you maintain your current club or advance to the next club, you will get chips.

Collect Rings

You also get extra chips for every ring you win by playing sit and go tournaments. If you like tournaments playing them often and winning gets you extra chips.

Collect Bracelets

If you enjoy playing ring games, you can get extra chips by getting bracelet chips and collecting poker bracelets.

While getting chips this way takes a long time. When you finally do get a chip towards a bracelet, the free chips are a nice bonus.

Earn Circuit Point Trophies

You earn chips for each Earn Circuit Point Trophy you collect. This is a great way to get extra chips if you love to play sit and go games often.

Use Free Slot Machine Spins

You get free spins at slot machines in the game about once a day. While you don't get too many chips from this, it is another way to get free chips.

Completing certain missions earns you free slot machine spins.

Collect Chip Gifts From Friends

Other players can send you small chips gifts daily. These gifts do not give a lot of chips, but overall, they add up to a being a nice bonus.

Complete Missions

You collect chips from completing certain missions. The game has events where you get chips from getting certain amounts of bracelet points in a day.

Collect Gold Cards

As you play poker, you will notice gold cards appear on the flop, turn, and river. If you win a hand with a gold card in it, you get extra chips.

You can collect free chips often.
You can collect free chips often. | Source
You can watch video ads for extra chips.
You can watch video ads for extra chips. | Source
You get free chips when you make progress towards collecting bracelets.
You get free chips when you make progress towards collecting bracelets. | Source
You can collect chip gifts from friends.
You can collect chip gifts from friends. | Source

More Ways to Earn Chips Playing WSOP

Play Poker Recall

In Poker Recall, you get card packs by playing the game during events or buying them.

You make a deck of cards, and then the game shuffles the deck. You choose five cards to make a poker hand, and you get free chips depending on the hand you make.

Play Poker During Powerhand Events

During Power Hand Events, you get free chips for making certain hands.

While to get a good amount of free chips, you need to make strong hands, there is no downside to this event, and I like it.

Play During Other Events

There are many types of events in WSOP. Some will give free chips from. You will need to keep up with the game to know which events give chips.

You get chips from playing Poker Recall.
You get chips from playing Poker Recall. | Source
You get chips when you win Powerhand Jackpot hands.
You get chips when you win Powerhand Jackpot hands. | Source

How to Boost the Number of Free Chips

Get Boosts From Watching Videos

You can watch one video ad a day for a special effect. There is the Mega Mayhem effect for better bonus wheel spins and the boosted friends gift effect.

Which effect to choose? It depends on how many friends you have. If you have many friends who send you gifts often, I would pick the boosted gifts effect.

You have to play the app to see these videos. Note these ads are not available for everybody, and no. I can't help you if you don't have them.

Have Turbo Time

If you get the turbo time special effect, you can collect the chips even faster. Sometimes the game gives this effect during events. You can also get turbo time from completing missions.

Get Other Useful Effects

There are a few other useful special effects that get you more free chips.

There are special effects that add extra golden wedges to mega bonus wheel. There is a special effect that changes golden wedges to give more chips.

A popup explaining Turbo Time.
A popup explaining Turbo Time. | Source

Article Disclaimer

Forgive me if this is a bit rude or too blunt, but I have found I need to be like this.

I will not give you any WSOP chips. I will not give any player any free chips. Do not beg for chips. Do not ask me for free chips!

If you ask for chips, your comment will be deleted. I will ignore whatever you write and I will not respond.

If you email me for chips, I will delete the email. I will not respond.

Instead, try some of the things I wrote in this guide! If that is not enough free chips for you, then you have some options. Either get good at poker or maybe open up your wallet and buy some chips.

Even if I could friend you and find you in the game, I would not give you any free chips. Doing this is called collusion. Colluding is cheating and, I do not cheat while playing poker. Win your own chips like any other good player.

Also, I do not work for Playtika. I can't make them give you chips. I have no power over WSOP.

I am just a player who plays the game a lot, and I share my experiences.

If you have issues with the game, you will need to contact Playtika directly.

One more time for the stubborn. I will not give you any free chips. Do not ask me for free chips.

I am sure some of you will ask anyway.

© 2020 Eric Farmer


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