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How to Get “Poker Heat” Rings

Poker is my favorite hobby, only matched by my love for video games. I have ten+ years of poker experience to share in my poker game guides!

This is my progress towards getting the "Poker Heat" Showtime ring.

This is my progress towards getting the "Poker Heat" Showtime ring.

A Guide on How to Get Poker Heat Ring Crowns

To get the rings in Poker Heat, you need to get many Ring Crowns. I am going to explain what Crowns are and how to get them.

What Are the Rings in Poker Heat?

Poker Heat shows the rings on your avatar or personal picture when playing poker. Currently, there are five rings to collect.

  1. Heat Ring
  2. Showtime Ring
  3. Fury Ring
  4. Red Burst Ring
  5. Phoenix Ring
These are the current five "Poker Heat" rings.

These are the current five "Poker Heat" rings.

Why Collect Rings in Poker Heat?

The Rings Look Nice

The rings look neat, and I appreciate the artwork. I also like the over the top descriptions each ring has. It fits the feel and tone of the game very well.

The Rings Are Sign of Skill

The rings are a sign of skill. You need to play consistently to get enough crowns to get each ring.

I rarely see people with Red Burst rings.

I have never seen anybody with a Phoenix ring before. I would be quite impressed. I would know they are a more serious poker player.

You Get Free Chips

Collecting the rings is a way to get a free chip bonus. You get millions of chips each time you collect a ring.

This is what the ring looks like when playing poker. Other people see the ring you have.

This is what the ring looks like when playing poker. Other people see the ring you have.

The Heat ring description.

The Heat ring description.

How Do You Get Rings in Poker Heat?

You Need Ring Crowns

So now that we know what the rings are and some reasons to like them, how do we get them! You need to collect Ring Crowns to get each ring.

Crowns Required for Each Ring

I am not sure how many crowns you need to get the Phoenix ring.

  1. Heat Ring: 500 Ring Crowns
  2. Showtime Ring: 750 Ring Crowns
  3. Fury Ring: Ring Crowns
  4. Red Burst Ring: 5000 Ring Crowns
  5. Phoenix Ring: ? Ring Crowns
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There Are Two Ways to Earn Ring Crowns

There are two ways that I know of to get Ring Crowns. You need to fill the Crown bar and compete in leagues.

Fill the Ring Crown Bar

How the Ring Crown Bar Works

When you play poker, there is a bar at the top of the screen. This is the Ring Crown bar.

Every time you win a hand, it fills up a little. The bigger hands, you win the faster this bar fills up.

When you fill the bar, a neat animation plays, and you earn some crowns!

Normally you get two Crowns for filling the bar once. But I have seen this give three crowns during some events.

About the First Bar

The first bar is special in that you can fill it up at your own pace.

After filing up the bar, once future bars have a timer on them. If you don’t get the crowns you need before this timer ends, you reset back to the first bar.

The Second and Future Ring Crown Bars

Each future bar gives more crowns and requires you to fill it faster than the last. This makes getting a lot of crowns in a short period of time hard.

This is the Ring Crown bar.

This is the Ring Crown bar.

Get Ring Crowns From Poker Leagues

Earn More Crowns by Playing Better in Leagues

You get more Ring Crowns for being in higher leagues and for finishing higher in each league. You would get more crown points for being in Legend.

But you also would get more Crowns for being in World Class and finishing in fourth place instead of #30.

League Rewards Are Top Heavy

From my observations, the league rewards are very top-heavy.

People at the bottom get tiny rewards, and most of the reward pool goes to the people in the top ten positions.

This means if you want a lot of Crowns, you need to finish high in leagues and move in leagues often.

This is a "Poker Heat" league.

This is a "Poker Heat" league.

How to Get the Most Poker Heat Ring Crowns and Rings

Fill the First Crown Bar a Lot of Times

Fill that first crown bar as often as you can! If you always fill the first Ring Crown bar every time it resets, you will get crowns often.

If you want to take it to the next level, get a timer app and time each bar. So you know when to keep playing.

Do Well in Leagues

Do well in leagues. Finishing in the top three positions in leagues gives a lot of Crowns. I have seen some league spots give over 20 Crowns for finishing in first!

Most of the spots in leagues give around three to five Crowns. Play in every league, and you will get some Ring Crowns.

Play Higher Stakes

If you are desperate for Ring Crowns, you can always play higher stakes than you normally do.

I don't recommend doing this, but it is a tactic that can work. As long things go well, of course!

About the Heatcon Update!

During an event called Heatcon, Playtika drastically increased the rate players earn crowns.

Before, filling the crown bar would only earn two or three crowns. It now gives you at least ten crowns!

You can collect the rings even faster now.

Now is the time to try to get some of the harder rings if before things were going slow.

You now start by earning 15 crowns.

You now start by earning 15 crowns.

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