How to be a Top Player in Castle Clash (Mobile Empire-building/Strategy Game) Clash of Clans 2

Updated on January 20, 2017


By time I don't mean sitting around and waiting for buildings to upgrade like Clash of Clans. I mean Time spent in the game improving your account. Castle Clash has created so many game modes it is unreal. This is one of the reasons I enjoy Castle Clash so much because you can play for hours and still have something to do. Thus I like to call this game Clash of Clans 2 because it is the better game ;). In order to become and maintain a top account you need to follow all of them. This includes HBM, Hero Trials, Raiding, Dungeons, quest board, Lost realm, Lost battlefield, Arena, Hero expeditions, Storm Mesa, Wretched Gorge, Torch Battles, Boss fights, and even Building upgrades. You need to put certain times aside throughout your day where you can use up your tries and complete certain in game tasks. Doing these things can quickly make you a top player because not everybody can complete all of these tasks.

Boss 3, Mesa 4, and Some Crest bags!

Rolling for heroes

Nobody can make it to the top of the Castle Clash leaderboards without spending money. Lets be honest, IGG makes us spend loads of money to stay at the top. Rolling for heroes is extremely important because almost all legendary heroes serve their purpose, making all of them necessary. I'll tell you why this is. Currently every Castle Clash account needs to have a Pumpkin Duke in order for their account to be successful. Why? Because Pumpkin Duke is so overpowered that without him you didn't stand a chance against other players. This is proving to be less and less true because IGG continues to reach more over-powered heroes, which in a way is rebalancing the game. For example many people can solo HBM J with just Vlad Dracula, and in arena Harpy Queen can slow down the enemies Pumpkin Duke so much that you win before the enemies Pumpkin Duke can even Proc! Castle Clash is releasing all these new heroes so that one hero will not be the downfall of your account. If you think about the most recent heroes released you will find truth in what I am saying. Santa Boom, Vlad Dracula, Harpy Queen, Warlock, Treantaur, and Skull Knight! all of these heroes are extremely over-powered. This is why you need to roll for heroes because all the new heroes being released by IGG are essential!

Talents are just as important for your heroes even though they cost twice the gems. Having great talents can make or break your hero. If you are trying to grow in Player v. Player game modes like arena then revitalize is your talent. 5/5 revitalize is essential on Cupid and Aries in the arena. If you want to grow in other game modes then the Wargods, bulwarks, and berzerks become important.

A list of heroes and what I Believe to be their best talent.

Pumpkin Duke: 5/5 revitalize, or 5/5 Berzerk

Cupid: 5/5 Revitalize

Vlad Dracula: 5/5 Wargod or 5/5 Bulwark

Santa Boom: 5/5 Wargod or 5/5 Bulwark

Aries: 5/5 revitalize

Harpy Queen: 5/5 Scatter

Warlock: 5/5 revitalize

Minotaur: 5/5 revitalize or 5/5 wargod

Druid: 5/5 Berzerk or 5/5 Revive

Skull Knight: 5/5 Revitalize or 5/5 Life Drain

If you want to know what it feels like to be a big spender, but don't actually want to spend the money then check out the video below to find a hero rolling simulator!

Castle Clash Simroll - Get Unlimited Gems!!!

Join a Top Guild

Being in a top level guild is extremely important in Castle Clash for 4 main reasons: Torch Battles, Boss Fight, High level Mesa, and camaraderie.

A high level guild can almost guarantee 800 shards and 10,000 Honor Badges twice a week in Torch Battles. Top guilds hardly, if not ever, do not get max rewards. Top guilds usually challenge the level 3 boss. Being able to kill Boss 3 daily can grant up to 14,300 honor badges which is amazing, especially at the early stages of your account. Storm Mesa is vital in your account progression, plus Doing Storm Mesa with your guild is a lot more reliable than with random people. It will allow you to get your turns out of the way quicker, and at a much higher success rate. All top guilds can easily run Mesa 4 100 % of the time. So if you can join a guild that is doing Mesa, then prepare to reap the rewards. The average mesa 4 chest ranges from 70 - 350 shards per chest! Lastly, I find camaraderie to be the most important. Rising to the top of the game would not be any fun as a lone wolf. Having the camaraderie of a guild of players all trying to reach the same goals is incredible. It makes Castle Clash feel like it is more than just a game, but a group of friends having fun. Not only can you find friendships through the game, but they can also help you reach your goal. They provide you with tips, base setups, and so much more. An app called Line Chat can really bring a guild together too. It allows everybody to communicate more easily. If you would like to add me on Line Chat for anything my ID is: Brilliantkiller24

If you need a new base setup watch the video below for any base setup from town hall 8 - 15.

Town Hall setups for levels 8 - 15

My Credibility

Windows Server
Windows Server | Source


A lot of people say to keep your might low and let it grow as your heroes progress. However, I believe you should boost your might as soon as possible! The photos above are my account in the Windows Castle Clash server. That account was only made 50 days ago, and look at those rankings! I did that by raising might right away! Raising your might has so many positive results such as Better daily rewards, more honor badges and merits earned in hero expeditions, more experience books earned from the quest board, and a hero boost in arena! The only con of boosting your might is the increased difficulty in raiding. However, you won't have to deal with it for long because your heroes will grow so much faster with your higher might! So raise your might so you can reap your rewards! The three main ways to raise might: Fill your heroes altar with legends, level up your legendaries, and INSCRIPTIONS.

Lost Realm

Castle Clash's Lost Realm is one of the most important game modes in the whole game. Why? Because of second talents. Anybody can spend all their money to get the best talents in the game, but you can't buy second talents. This is where the dedicated prevail. Keeping track of your lost realm proves its worth. Getting high level secondary talents proves to be a pain in Castle Clash. The low levels are easy, but the high ones are nearly impossible to reach. You need to obtain 4 level 1 crests to combine to make a level 2 crest. Then, you need 4 level 2 crests to make a level 3 crest, thus meaning you need 16 level 1 crests to make a level 3 crest, and so on. You can see why the lost realm can be such a grind.

Some Tips to having a successful Lost Realm:

  • Level your crystal mines as high as possible
  • Always have your gold vaults full when doing your lost realm.
  • Spend gems on the level 2 crests in the merchant.
  • Refresh you Lost Realm at least once or twice a day
  • Have high level friends on your friends list for Here Be Demons
  • Check back every 12 hours to use your stamina.

Opening over 100 Crest bags, and 30 mesa 4 chests!

Castle Clash by IGG

5 stars for Castle Clash by IGG

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