14 Ways to Make Easy Money in Mount & Blade: Warband

Updated on October 18, 2016

Getting a Big Gold Purse in Mount & Blade: Warband (Single-Player Mode)

I've tried a lot of ways to make money in Mount & Blade and found some that work better for me than others.

In this hub, I'll share with you the ways that I've found to get cash, tell you which ones work better than others, and let you in on some tips that have helped me.

1. Looting

Earning money by looting doesn't require much thinking. You just recruit some peasants or hire mercenaries to fight. If you are well-armed, you can easily chase and hunt weak parties or trading caravans. You can get loot from two sources: servants of enemy kingdoms (i.e. armies, scouts, or caravans) or wandering bandits.

Pro Tips for Looting:

  1. Use strategy to minimize your losses and make sure the loot that you get (in money, weapons, or trading goods) is more valuable than your expenses (like group upkeep, training peasants, or recruiting new soldiers).
  2. If you do not feel strong enough to attack caravans, you can try to make them pay a toll to pass.
  3. You must remember that if you chase caravans, you will be outlawed and some lords can chase you. It's the same situation if you try to rob the peasants of another lord.

Many players think looting is the most profitable way to earn cash in Mount & Blade. What do you think?

See results
A hammer is an example of a blunt weapon.
A hammer is an example of a blunt weapon.

2. Ransoms

Another way to earn money in Mount & Blade is by ransoming. It's similar to fighting for loot (as described in the previous paragraph), but there is a major difference. If you use a blunt weapon (like hammers or morningstars) you do not kill the enemy. Instead, you take him alive as a prisoner.

Ok, we got some prisoners. What now? You can sell them to the Ransom Broker. He will pay you 50 - 150 gold coins for every prisoner. The amount of gold depends on who you captured. Peasants cannot pay as big of a ransom as a nobleman or king.

Remember that the quantity of prisoners you can catch is dependent on your “Prisoner Management” skill level. In Native (unmodified Mount & Blade), you can take five prisoners per point, but there are some modifications that can change this value.

Your typical Ransom Broker that you can meet in the tavern.
Your typical Ransom Broker that you can meet in the tavern.

3. Trading

My Mount & Blade character is a peaceful, merchant Knight, so trading is my favourite way to get money in this game. There is no deep philosophy or secret: You simply must buy cheap goods and sell them at a profit. If you want to be good tradesman, you need to know a few things. There are some important factors that influence your profits.

Trading Skill

If you (or an NPC you hired) have a high trading skill level, you will earn more money during trading. Your skill level means other tradesman and towns will pay you higher prices for your goods. How do you find out what your trading skill is? Press the "C" button and enter your character review and statistics. In the image below, I marked trade skill in red.

Trading skill is marked in red.
Trading skill is marked in red.

Relations with cities and villages are another factor that determine the prices you can get in Mount & Blade. If you have good relations with a settlement, the prices will be better. You will be able to buy lower and sell higher than usual.

For this reason, it is a good idea to complete quests for the settlements that you want to trade in. Ask the local guild master if he needs help with anything. Completing the quests will improve your relations and will give you a chance to earn some cash as well.

How to Trade

  • You must check market prices first. Checking the prices in town will help you find appreciating and depreciating goods. Go to the marketplace and click the option to "Access the Local Prices." It's marked on the screenshot you see below.
  • You will see a report about prices on the market. Your trading skill level is very helpful here since it make this process faster and more effective and you will find more offers.
  • If you notice a good offer, you should take it. Buy cheap goods, travel to a selected city, and sell the goods at a profit. Your goods and money need protection of course, since you can be robbed on the way.
  • Remember that if you are buying a lot of a single good, its price will go up! On the other hand, selling many units of a single good will cause the price to fall.

Pro Tips on Trading

  1. You can improve relations with cities and villages by completing quests.
  2. Information about your relationship with a settlement is presented when you arrive in the city.
  3. Villages are little strange. Almost at random, some goods are very expensive, and some are very inexpensive. Though not very logical, we can use it to our advantage.
  4. If your destination is very far, you can press ctrl + space to boost the game time. But remember that this will make the game very fast, and you can miss enemies! If you want to use this tip, you must be sure that you have a strong company to stay safe.

This option will help you to check prices of goods
This option will help you to check prices of goods

4. Tourney

From time to time, you will arrive in a city that is organizing a tourney. A tourney is six tiers of fighting. You can take a deal in it, and bet cash on yourself. The more cash you bet, the more cash you earn.

If you win the tourney, you can even win a few thousand gold coins! Winning tournaments gives you a chance to become more famous in the Kingdom.

Pro Tips on Tourneys

  • Tournaments are not 100% random! From time to time, Kingdoms put on tournaments to honor peace negotiations with another Kingdom.
  • If you want to get the maximum prize in a tourney, you must bet 600 gold coins on yourself.

5. Arena Fighting

Even though arena fighting is not very lucrative, I feel obliged to describe it. Arena fighting has simple rules:

  • You must defeat 36 enemies.
  • Once you do that, you will earn 200 gold coins.
  • If you fail, you may get a few gold coins as a consolation prize. . . or you may not – it depends on how many enemies you've defeated.

6. Business

You can establish your own business in this game! It's easy to do. Here's what you need to establish your own business like a bakery or smith:

  1. You must have + 1 or higher relations with the City Owner, like the Lord or the King.
  2. You must have between 2,000 and 12,000 gold coins to rent land and buildings.

What about business profits? Profits are connected with the price of goods, the economical condition of the city, and even politics. If you want to learn about this, click the first option outlined on the screen in red (in the picture below).

If you are ready, you must go to the guild master and choose the option “I wish to buy land in this town for a productive enterprise." This is the second option marked in red in the picture below.

1st option will reveal market condition to you. 2nd option will help you estabilish own business.
1st option will reveal market condition to you. 2nd option will help you estabilish own business.

7. Dupery or Deception

There is another way to get money, which is good to do when you don't have enough cash to invest in a band, trading or business. If you want to make some cash in this dishonourable way, you must find a King, a Noble, or another Naïve Lord who will give you one of the following quests:

  • Collect taxes from his village or city
  • Collect the debt of another lord

If he orders you to tax the village, you must ride to it, declare that you are the tax collector, take the cash and . . . flee to the another side of Calradia. You must also avoid the Lord who gave you this quest because he will not forgive you for what you've done.

If a Naïve Nobleman ordered you to collect the debt of another lord, you must find this lord and force or persuade him to give the cash back. Then, do the same as above. Flee! You can either give the cash back to the owner or hide out in another country hoping you never cross paths with your creditor.

8. Peacemaker

Being a diplomat and peacemaker is a noble way to get rich, but it is not very easy.

You can go to the guild master of a city involved in a war and ask him for a quest. If you are a famous Knight or something like that, he can ask you to help make peace.

The Peacemaker quest looks like this: There are two lords (in opposite countries) who are at war. At the center of the fight, you must find them and bribe or defeat them on the battlefield.

If you want to pay them, you must have around 8,000 gold coins (one will take about 2,000 and the other about 6,000). The reward for this quest is 12,000 gold coins.

If you are friends with one or both of the lords, you can persuade them without paying cash, using your charisma and persuade skills to do so but . . . is there any gamer who has really raised his persuade skill? I think not . . .

9. Income From Fiefs

If you are a good servant of your King (or if you are King), you will be rewarded with a noble title and a fief which will give you some profit:

  • Ownership of a village gives you around 400 gold coins per week.
  • Ownership of a castle gives you 100 - 300 gold coins per week.
  • Ownership of a town gives you about 1,000 gold coins per week.

You must remember that the economic condition of a fief will influence your profits. If you have an army or city guard (for fief protection), their upkeep will eat some of your earnings.

Pro Tip for Fiefs

  • Keeping up the city or castle garrison is 50% of "normal" army upkeep.

10. Ransom Quest

From time to time, you can get the quest of rescuing a merchant’s daughter who was kidnapped by bandits. The guild master will give you around 600 gold for ransom. You must meet the bandits in the chosen place and either rescue the girl by defeating the bandits or pay the ransom and take the girl to her father.

The reward in this quest isn't so big but if you choose to defeat the bandits and don't pay the ransom, you can keep the ransom money, the loot from the bandits, and get a reward from the Guild Master. All of that adds up to a sizable sum.

Pro Tip for Ransom Quest

  • This quest can be given only by a Guild Master.

11. Be an Errand Boy

You can deliver letters from one lord to another lord for 30 gold. However, this is not a good job, even at the start of gameplay. There are plenty of other ways to make money more quickly.

12. Bounty Hunter

There is a possibility that another lord will hire you to find and kill a wanted murderer for 300 gold. I think this isn't the best way to make money but if you're desperate . . .

By the way, Guild Masters in towns like to give bounty for finding wandering bandits.

You can also find bandits' hideouts. If you "clear it," you can get some good loot. It's a good idea to look for these hideouts. If you find one, go to the lord who will give you the quest to defeat the bandits. If you do so you'll get a double reward: one for the quest and one for the hideout.

13. Attacks Against Villages

Villages are a good source of money if you're a bad guy. There are three dishonorable ways to get cash from poor villagers.

  1. Stealing the goods from the villages.
  2. Taking and then selling cows
  3. Looting and plundering the village (the prosperity of the village will fall to zero and you'll get a lot of loot.)

The amount of loot in all three scenarios is dependent on the economic condition of the village.

This method of making money is good for rogues and other people who are bad guys. I don't like it but I must say that it is profitable, until you face enemy reinforcements.

Pro Tips for Plundering Villages

  • Remember that villagers can get pitchforks and rush you!
  • Plundering the village requires an entire day, during which you can be attacked by enemy reinforcements.

If you get bored being the bad guy, you can become . . .

14. Noble Knight Rescuing the Villagers

From time to time, you'll ride into a village infested by bandits. You'll have the choice to help the villagers (by attacking the bandits) or running away.

If you rescue the village, the Elder will want to reward you with goods. If you take it, you'll be richer. If you refuse, you'll get a good bonus in your relationship with the village. The choice is yours.

What is your game profile?

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A few words before "Have a nice day" ;-)

I’m a little surprised because I planned to write a short 800-word article and ended up writing something much longer!

I hope this article makes your Mount & Blade character very rich. May the halls of your castles be filled with armors and branded weapons!

See you in the Mount & Blade Multiplayer servers! ;-)

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      • profile image


        2 months ago

        Looting Villages of the countries you are at war with is good way to make money

      • Rockstra Games profile image

        Ronald Crump 

        8 months ago from Philippines

        You can always cheat the game lol hahaha

      • profile image


        9 months ago

        Lol, I leveled my persuasion skill. There are so many things that require or are made easier via high persuasion skill.

      • profile image


        11 months ago

        a hunter.

      • profile image


        11 months ago

        I always raise my persuade skills in games.

        What a stupid thing to say.

        I always like doing the utility options in games most because it can often open up otherwise closed paths and options for allies.

        Plus, this game isn't just about how you play, its about your army as well.

        I really hate that Western gaming culture always seems to have this thing where the think the only thing that can make a game enjoyable is mashing X in every dialogue box, ignoring everything about the game except graphics and action-based gameplay.

        I know that too much dialogue in a game or wrongly placed dialogue isn't so great and that Mount and Blade isn't exactly known for its writing, but raising or not raising Persuade isn't about being more or less of "gamer".

        It makes the battles you inevitably end up in more difficult in some ways and lets you recruit interesting heroes and militia more easily, while also making it easier to gain status faster...

        More to the point, we're not all ADHD-ridden Halo fanboys.

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        I make 60k a week so I just buy mercies and siege with 100 Nord houscarls I have 4 towns and 7 castles and a dyeworks in every city

      • profile image


        15 months ago

        I usually start of as a merchant, buying low and selling high while doing quests for towns and building some stuff in them to earn some extra coin, then I do some tournaments. Meanwhile I sell people ransom and raid bandit hideouts for some easy loot. I also hunt bandits, sea raiders are what I find most profitable target.

      • Ibrahim Abid profile image

        Ibrahim Abid 

        17 months ago

        I'm the trusty highlord of my benevolent liege, King Yargolek. I have enterprises in almost every town and have recently been going from plebian breweries to dye works and tanners and ironworks. I own two castles and both are equiped with 200+ units. Mostly elite, ofcourse. I spend money like a Saudi prince on steroids and conquer many lands for my liege. I can buy 100 mercenaries in a heartbeat and use their sorry souls to spill them in my infamous sieges. Poor lads. Me and my 56 vaegirian knights terrorise the enemies of The Kingdom of Vaegirs.

        Berdiche masterrace, madderfakkers

      • profile image


        19 months ago

        Trading routes, businesses and hunting outlaws. My favorite prey are sea raiders but I am not picky. When I find a tournament I always participate.

      • profile image


        22 months ago

        Hi, for the "ransom prisoners" go see a ransom broker, if the price he sell for your slaves is BELOW 50$, go at Tihr, go at the tavern and find the slave trader, he will buy your prisoners 50$ for EVERY prisoners,

        So go take some people, try to sale them at the ransom broker, if the price for them is more than 50, sell them, if not go at Tihr and sell them at the slave trader.

      • profile image


        23 months ago

        Do own a city, do a lot of quests for them, and you can get A LOT of money/week if you are owner of city. I get 8k/week from tariffs in Narra as Swadian vassal.

      • profile image


        24 months ago

        Guys tournaments are the best and fastest way to do so. if you can't win then you are indeed a totaly crapy player and should go and becoem a better fighter.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        I am loyal to the Kingdom of Swadien and earn money wherever I can. i started with tournaments and changed to plunderin villages later on, bringing my fortune to around 60000 Denari, though sadly my Kingdom now went from fighting 4 nations to 0, which lead to my primary way of income disappearing.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        (same writer as Jemella)

        My other character is a tough, patriotic, mercenary-turned-soldier. At first, money was earned by attacking bandits, then I signed on to work for Swadia. In that game Swadia is very seriously trying to take over the whole map, so war is semi-constant (more than usual). At first, I was going into debt with the tiny pay, but after pledging allegiance(?) I was given one village, and that helped, but the debt kept growing. I just kept defeating enemy armies as much as I could to sell their armor and weapons. But then the King gave me 3 towns, one after another. Now the money just keeps rolling in! Yay for Patriotism!

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        I'm a honorable-type merchant/Caravan captain who is famous as a many-time tournament champion. I kill bandits/sea raiders along my trade route if they are slow enough or are occupying a village and sell off the ones that survive (because bandits are the sworn enemy of merchants).

        My characters current goal is to start a business in every town, and train my band of 80 to the limit.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        to start out with i do a few arena matches earn a bit of cash then i join all the tournements i can find buy 1-2 farmsteds arfter that i buy a boat and ensures i have minimum 2 in fleet size then i sail around plundering ships of all kind Rewards: ships, loot, random gear to sell or keep, and lots of slaves and random units for my army. ribe in denmark have a permanent slave trader near the dock

      • profile image

        Khergit horseman 

        2 years ago

        You can just gather up a few tough units, put them in formation and gut bandits and sell them to ransom brokers.

        To get high amounts of bandits, find a bandit cave, do not destroy it but wait next to it. Bandits will move towards the cave, once they do, if weaker, run away but try to return again. They all will do this and eventually think they can win you. Be warned that you should have some good units because you will always be outmanned, win and sell tons of bandits to a ransom broker and be rich.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        also one good way is to sell armors or weapons to bandit lairs. They will buy it full price (one axe would bring around 200 denars, one sword around 1000!). This way you can attack masterless mens or raiders and sell the items to bandits lair.

      • profile image

        Arnis Varenais 

        2 years ago

        Viking Conquest- Im ruthless pagan warlord who fights christianity and tends to be a king of world, playing with own faction. Looting, burning, sieges etc :D

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        A bandit hunter selling them and there loot

      • doris and me profile image

        Mohammad Tanvir Ibne Amin 

        3 years ago from Dhaka

        Excellent 14 ways for Single player mode.. I must win big gold purse in Mount & Blade Warband...

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        You hadn't mentioned about attacking bandit lairs, quests given by lords in my case Khudan, Rivacheg. You earn a good 1500 denars and 3000 xp.

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        You should just call one of the debt resolution services for some advice. They will try to sell you on their consolidation, student loan relief services or whatever, but my experience with nation debt relief was pretty helpful surprisingly. Here's their number 855-531-0255. Hope this helps...

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        well.... a noble barbarian?

        i usually target 2 villages in every kingdom that i will raid when i get in a war against,other then that every other village is fiercly devoted to me

        and quests except the ones that is about killing a dude that wants hes money or sending ur best solja!....to his death at the enemy castle

        and also the ones that is raiding another kingdoms village or attack a caravan

      • profile image

        Mount and Blader 

        4 years ago

        This guide and the multiplayer tips one really helped me out, you explained a few points that other guides just brush over and leave you guessing about so thanks!

        Also, if people haven't looked in to the modding for Mount and Blade:Warband in particular, then do it!


        one particular mod i'm enjoying right now is a single player rework set during the Sengoku period, Japan. Called Gekokujo.


      • profile image


        4 years ago

        I am a mans-hunter I loot bandits and in the same time do small quests of the villagers and cities I don't do much lords quests I am a commoner I am building a decent honor rating and renown. Oh and the taxes thing there is another thing when you take then spare the townsman half taxes when they ask you then go buy something that is not too expensive go to the lord and give him the rest he will be upset but relation will say he will be angry about giving sparing half taxes and not you stealing a little bit of it plus he will leave you a little bit it worked for me.

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        I just brutally loot and burn every village in Swadia. It's fun, and I can level up my neglected weapon skills as I murder peasants.

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        I'm having issues buying land, it seems to not be an option for me. I run patch 1.124 or something like it. Any advice? Also, Rebel Merchant King, or at least I like to think so.

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        Noble Knight who is earning money via tourneys and wars + I'm a good tradesman

      • profile image

        Castle owner 

        4 years ago

        I just get an army of 50 archers wait outside a castle then let them bombard it..... Do that 2 times per castle you own a castle then I repeat till I have 3 castles then I wait and wait and wait with the income I buy productive enterprises and by 200 days I get about 20000 a week by then I normally have a town and a few more castles/villages

      • profile image

        Liro Raeriyo 

        5 years ago

        Easiest way to make money is to trounce around throwing down dyeworks in all the cities (with acouple of exceptions like jelkala) starting with rivacheg, though you always gotta kiss up to meriga abit because nomatter what you do he will always have a negative relationship with you at the start and always own rivacheg... but i hear he has quite the sea raider problem!

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        business is the best way but if u bought aland in another kingdom that u dnt a member in if a war begin between this kingdom and urs u won't get the money :(

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        I'm a man hunter. I hunt bandits all day long. I usually attack forest bandits by myself and earn 300 gold as a reward 800 gold in weapons and armor and 1300 gold for all the bandit prisoners. I also have a shitload of enterprises.

      • profile image

        Tarded Monkey 

        5 years ago

        isn't the business part only for a mod?

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        I do everything

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        Sly, self-sufficient merchant with an enterprise in every town. :) Before I have the capital for enterprises, I'm a Manhunter.

      • profile image

        6 years ago

        Just win tournements and bet on yourself. Ypu earn 3980 from bets plus a lot of renouwn.

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        A King

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        Mercenary warlord who'll take any good money doing whatever.


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