Incursion 2 - The Artifact Walkthrough, Part Five: Tomb of Petyan Gaz

Updated on January 13, 2017
Incursion 2: The Artifact is copyright booblyc and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Incursion 2: The Artifact is copyright booblyc and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

The unthinkable has happened! Heroes have been separated from common warriors! Now the troops are left to fend for themselves in the Tomb of Petyan Gaz, and the odds of their survival are grim. Fight on, brave ones! You might not have Garga on your side, but you can still prevail!

The Tomb of Petyan Gaz is another deceptive map. It's set up with a large number of spawn points that loop around a central island, every enemy unit making for the exit points in the northeast of the area. In order words, it looks like there are two points you really need to defend.

In reality? Nope. Virtually nothing actually goes for the northern exit point. You can keep your troops near it to be absolutely certain, but everything here is going to make for the point flanked by the largest concentration of barracks, namely the one in the east. Concentrate your defences here and don't look back. You have no heroes to help you, but the big jump in starting funds will make up for their absence.

You'll face, as ever, some new foes when you take on this stage:

  • Wyvern. Wyverns are the first flying foes you'll fight in the game. As you might expect, flyers cannot be attacked by your melee units. Ranged fighters with bows are your best bet for bringing them down, though magic users can do the job in a pinch as well.
  • Imp. A smaller version of the Wyvern, in essence. They usually slip in along with the Wyvern, trying to get by while the bigger enemy takes the brunt of the attack. Again, your ranged fighters will kill these guys.
  • Damned Orc. Whoa! Big fella. As expected, Damned Orcs are HP-heavy and quite strong, but really slow. Magic combined with ground forces to keep them in one place is the preferred method of combat. (Later in the game, when you have your heroes back, it's not a bad idea to poison or enflame these brutes as they appear on the screen and let their health drain away as they walk to their destination.)

The Tomb has one further threat, as well. In the central island is a giant tombstone with a number on it. Lose a unit and this number will go down by one. When the number reaches zero, Petyan Gaz himself will come out to play. Though supplying a similar role to a hero, Petyan Gaz is uncontrollable and is just as happy to attack your units as he is the bad guys. You're better off not letting him come out (though you will get an award for releasing and then killing him, which, despite his high HP, is entirely feasible).

Because you still have a bottleneck to work with, this fight isn't too bad, heroes or no heroes. Your primary concern is to set up a dedicated contingent of ranged attackers (Elven Archers, not Mortars) which can sit on the central island by the gravestone and pick off the attackers as they move in. You really need these guys, as they'll decimate the Wyverns and Imps that flit in halfway through the stage. They also provide excellent support for the rest of your force…

… which should consist of six parts melee and six parts mage. Defend the bottleneck with melee fighters who can hold the line while several mages attack from the sidelines. Set up your fighters right beside the road and the mages in the barracks further back. Properly upgraded and supported by the Elven Archers, these guys will have little trouble repelling the enemy.



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