Incursion 2 - The Artifact Walkthrough, Part Fourteen: Pharoh'Ahn

Updated on February 14, 2017
Incursion 2: The Artifact is copyright booblyc and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Incursion 2: The Artifact is copyright booblyc and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

This is it. The ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny. Pharoh'Ahn is ready to rumble, and he's brought more evil creatures along for the ride than you'd dare to count. Are you ready to bring down a force of sheer evil and restore peace to the land? Of course you are.

The streets upon which you must fight Pharoh'Ahn are split into three paths, all of which flow past a central island and down to the exit in the southeast corner of the map. There are barracks in several locations, but for the best chance of success you'll want to use the island for establishing your defences.

Your foes will come in massive waves, bigger than what you've encountered before, and though this will net you a lot of money you'll also have to get them set up in a hurry. You can expect to face the following new enemies on this map:

  • Molotovs. Though stylistically similar to Juggernauts, Molotovs are ranged enemies that can destroy a lot of your units in one go with their explosive projectiles. Send Garga in when one appears before it can get near your cloistered troops.
  • Jumpers. Though they're only in one wave and they come alone, Jumpers are quite dangerous. They will teleport from place to place, and can quickly bypass your defences without taking a single hit. Archers and Garga are necessities for killing them before they can escape. Don't bother with spells, they typically aren't that useful. Melee units are nigh useless against Jumpers unless you know exactly where they'll land, and even then they won't do much.
  • Makujins. Cloaked fiends that skulk slowly along, Makujins are a horrid threat to melee fighters. If you do use sword-to-sword troops, make sure they don't have to fight these guys.
  • Bolgyns. Flaming beasts with swords of fire, Bolgyns have a lot of health and usually serve as distractions so other enemies can slip through. Arrows are your best friends when dealing with one, as are status ailments inflicted early.
  • Banshees. Floating screamers that appear in large, slow-moving clusters. Banshees are easy to deal with if you have archers or lots of magic-users handy, which you will on this map. Garga isn't the best choice for taking them on.

The battle has a ton of units appearing at a time, all headed in massive groups to the same spot. This is particularly true, later in the battle, of Skeletons. You'll find out why momentarily.

Your setup for this battle should rely, as ever for the later levels, of mages, archers, and judicious use of Garga as a block at the edge of the map. Establish two archers and one mage in the middle tower on the central island, and quickly level-up the mage so it's blasting enemies with lightning. The archers will provide ample softening-up support for the mages' targets, and will do quite nicely against the magic-protected enemies that the mages can't kill. Spread out into the adjacent barracks once the first is fully-equipped with more of the same, particularly the mages.

Garga is particularly important in this fight because of the occasional appearances of Queens of the Spotless Mind from the west side of the map. These creatures will wreak havoc by taking control of your units, and it's up to Garga to stop them before they can do much damage. Use area attacks to bring them, and their beefy cohorts, down as soon as they enter the map. Try not to attack them with Garga directly, as he's very dangerous when he's confused. If he does get hit with confusion, teleport him somewhere else - he'll usually lose the status immediately.


In the last few waves you'll be inundated with undead, and when you reach the final phase Pharoh'Ahn will appear in the flesh with an ample horde of the things. Along with some more mundane attacks, Pharoh'Ahn will almost constantly spawn waves of Skeletons. If you're not killing them constantly with areas attacks you'll quickly be overwhelmed.

There are two things you should do to make short work of the evil leader:

  • Set him on fire or poison him. A Firetrap will sap Pharoh'Ahn's health slowly but surely, and can kill Skeletons in droves. The big guy will also retain flaming status for the rest of the level, which really helps offset his regenerative powers.
  • Use the Goblin Steam Gun. Seriously, this thing can maul both Pharoh'Ahn and his innumerable cohorts, and will make your life a whole lot easier. If you've got a few stocked up, this is the time to use 'em.

The number of undead at the end is considerable, but with enough spells going off and arrows flying you will, eventually, bring Pharoh'Ahn down for the count. Congratulations! The game is conquered!



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