Incursion 2 - The Artifact walkthrough, Part Six: Trap

Updated on July 19, 2016
Incursion 2: The Artifact is copyright booblyc and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Incursion 2: The Artifact is copyright booblyc and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Zoinks! While their armies are trying to survive the horrors of the Tomb of Petyan Gaz, Garga Wrathbringer and Kel Hawkbow are stuck in a forest, facing down a ton of vile creatures with bad intentions. Will they survive to see their comrades again…?

Before beginning Trap, it's a good idea to make some purchases at the Goblin Market. The disposable items aren't all that necessary for most of the game, but the three permanent items - Pet, Teleportation Sphere and Cleaving Attack - will make this level, and all others, a whole lot easier. If you have to prioritize, go for Pet or Cleaving Attack first.

Trap brings you back to a single exit map, with enemies sweeping in from the east on two different paths. You need to fend them off using only Garga and Kel, their special powers, and some unexpected help in a pair of Ents that flank the goal. They're strong, but they should only be used as a last resort to stop enemies from trickling through.

As ever, you face some new foes on this map:

  • Rogues. Though seemingly harmless, Rogues can - and will! - turn invisible after losing roughly half of their health, and can stay that way for several seconds before reappearing. During this time they're invulnerable. Whenever Rogues appears, send one of your heroes area to strike them so they'll reappear near your second hero, or, lacking that, the Ents.
  • Soulsuckers. Seemingly fragile, Soulsuckers can be a nuisance since they drain your health - and there's a good chance one killed will be instantly revived. Keep at a distance and let Kel take these out.
  • Pharoh'Ahn. When you reach the final wave, the deadly Pharoh'Ahn himself will come out to play. A deadly foe at close and medium range, Pharoh'Ahn has one weakness you can easily exploit: Kel's Sniper Arrow Shot. Hit him once or twice with this attack as he lumbers from east to west and he'll go down, piece of cake.

The first half of this map's progression is relatively simple, as the vast majority of enemies will be coming from the east. Position Kel and Garga on the central island between the eastern paths and let them use their ranged attacks to mash the enemy as they appear. Few will get through, and those that do will be killed easily enough by the Ents. If you fear a lack of lesser units, the Mors school of magic will provide plenty of Skeletons to blockade the bad guys while your heroes do the lion's share of the damage.

The second half gets a bit more complicated, but it's still not difficult. Enemies will begin to seep in from the north as well as the east, creating three avenues of progression. Leave Kel in the east to deal with newcomers while Garga moves around the map and clears up anything that reaches the intersection near the exit. Here he can take advantage of the Ents to catch everything that comes close in a near pincer movement. Use magic as necessary, and watch for Necromancers to sneak up on Kel. He's ill-equipped to deal with them and make take substantial amounts of damage. You need him alive to easily take out Pharoh'Ahn.



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    17 months ago

    at the end, the ents end up attacking the warriors and also dealing with the massive amount of skeletons tht get summoned are a pain,,, if you invest in targa's infernal ability, you can stun the demon and deal a ton of damage before hitting him with kel's shot. these have to be done quickly as demon man can heal himself in the time it takes for kel's ability to recharge


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