Incursion 2 - The Artifact Walkthrough, Part Twelve: Worm Valley

Updated on February 14, 2017
Incursion 2: The Artifact is copyright booblyc and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Incursion 2: The Artifact is copyright booblyc and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

The game is almost done. Garga only has a small handful of areas left to plow through before he faces Pharoh'Ahn and frees the land of evil… but there are things out there which seek to stop him. Prepare for one of the most frightening creatures in the game to rear its horrid mouth!

Worm Valley is, by all accounts, a relatively straightforward level. There are two spawn points: one in the north, one in the northwest. Skeletal creatures, Necromancers and a few other creeps come from the northwest, while most of the baddies erupt from the north. Barracks flanking both of these spots can turn the entrance areas into slaughtering grounds… except… well, you'll see.

New enemies? Yes please.

  • Queen of the Spotless Mind. Already annoying with their lightning attacks, Queens can confuse units they hit into attacking their allies. It's wise to send Garga to deal with Queens, not because he can kill them instantly, but because having him teleport will dispel his confusion.
  • Abdominus Demon. A simple flier. Have arrows ready to knock them out of the sky.
  • Dead Witch Doctors. Relatively harmless themselves, Witch Doctors will heal and buff enemy units. Kill them first before they can turn a group of enemies into an undefeatable force.
  • Carrier. Carriers themselves are harmless. They need to be killed as soon as they appear on the screen, though, because they spawn other units as they wander along the map…
  • Namely, Poisonous Worms. Though slow and low on HP, these Worms appear in great numbers. Chain Lightning and Firetrap are fantastic for killing them en masse. Don't use melee fighters on them, they'll likely get poisoned and go down.
  • Bychara. This largest of monsters appears during the final wave. It's a straightforward melee fighter which will mow through your guys one sword swipe at a time. As far as bosses go, not that complex.

In addition to all of the above, Worm Valley is home to a neutral, ever-wandering Worm. It spends most of its time underground, a simple furrow of dirt that travels slowly across the map in diagonal lines. Not that remarkable - that is, until it leaps out of the ground and eats anybody on the surface. Yikes.

Setting up your troops here is relatively painless, and given the nature of the monsters, as well as their comparatively smaller numbers, you can use and combination you like. Possibly the easiest way to handle this level, however, is to set up three barracks' worth of fully-upgraded mages in the barracks beside the two entrance points. Their Chain Lightning blasts will kill most everything that appears before it has a chance to spend more than two seconds on the map. Send Garga out into the map to handle anything that slips by, particularly those units that take the long route to the east. The Worm will also eat its fair share of enemies.

Unfortunately, it's also the Worm that causes the most trouble. Whenever the Worm is within striking range of any unit, it will leap out of the ground and kill them on the spot. Consequently, it's possible for the Worm to kill three, six, nine units at once if your placement is poor. This can leave the roads woefully undefended - and since the Worm has a tendency to generally home in on your units, it will happen often.

The solution? Move. Move constantly. The Worm will stay on its chosen course for at least a little while, allowing you to micromanage your troops out of the way as it passes. (Click on the troops rather than the building to get them to move quickly.) If something does get eaten the Worm will clam up for five or six seconds before going on the prowl again, so don't fret for your units until some time has elapsed. Once you have a handle on moving your guys out of the way, this level isn't very difficult…

… though you should consider not touching the fast forward button until it's done. Highly advisable.



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