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"Kingdom Rush" Walkthrough: Level 3—Pagras

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Kingdom Rush is copyrighted by Armor Games. All images used for educational purposes only.

Kingdom Rush is copyrighted by Armor Games. All images used for educational purposes only.

Pagras is your first, simple brush with multiple paths in Kingdom Rush, and you'd best get used to them in a hurry. They show up a lot. In this case, you have two narrow paths next to each other that lead to the same destination on the west side of the map. You have a lot of room to deal with both ranks of foes, but you need to split your attention.

The ideal way to cope with life on this map is to make the most of the central row of three build spots. These points can hit both sides of the road, and consequently, will be useful throughout the battle. You're best off using these for your ranged attacks. You can stick a Barracks here if you want to slow enemies down, but by far the best place to put them…

… is along the next section of the path, where it narrows into one road. There are four spots here that can converge on a single area that's still within hitting distance of the ranged spots. Set up Barracks here and you can intercept enemies who try to get through, turning the intersection into a killing zone that's also perfect for Rain of Fire attacks.


The fight looks to be a straightforward brawl against enemies you know… until a few show up, late in the game, which you don't.

The first is the Shaman.

  • These guys don't have amazing defenses, and won't give your soldiers any trouble. What they will do is heal enemy units.
  • They're resistant to Mages, so it's recommended that you mix one Archer Tower in with your Mage Guilds at the top.
  • Consider setting one or two more Archer Towers near the end of the course to intercept any who manage to squeak through.

The other is the Ogre.

  • Slow, straightforward, beefy tanks, Ogres hurt infantry badly and will take a while to kill. It's for these that your Mage Guilds will be quite handy.
  • Reinforcements don't last more than a few seconds against Ogres unless fully tricked-out, so don't expect them to be terribly handy unless you're hoping to keep the Ogres paused while your other towers do their work.

Your Archer Towers will take care of the Shamans.

  • Ultimately, it's Rain of Fire that will do the most damage against the Ogres.
  • Use Barracks to clog one or two of these big guys in one spot, then unleash Rain of Fire with the Scorched Earth upgrade.
  • Giants forced to sit on the embers will lose HP quickly.
  • Once Ogres show up, don't waste Rain of Fire on any other enemies unless it's absolutely necessary to stay alive.

Going Beyond Normal Level

On Hard, the Ogres reveal just how difficult they can be to take down.

  • You need to be prepared for this by making constant use of Barracks and Reinforcements to slow them down while your other towers whittle away at their health.
  • Rain of Fire wisely or you won't stand a chance.

Pagras' Heroic Challenge again limits your levels and upgrades.

  • They can prove exceedingly difficult to trounce. The key to victory here is to combine Artillery bombardments with Barracks and Reinforcements to slow enemies down to a crawl.
  • Set up two or three Barracks to flank the sides of the road where it converges while Artillery picks away at any foes who walk through.
  • Save Rain of Fire for encounters with Ogres as you hit the latter waves, and try to fry two or more at a time.
  • Save Barracks upgrades for fights with the Ogres to make the most of the sudden increase in troops.

Pagras' Iron Challenge prevents you from using Artillery

  • This makes fighting much, much harder. Archer Towers and Barracks combined are a necessity, and you should set them up as early as possible before proceeding with upgrades.
  • Your Arrow Towers get precedence on upgrades.
  • As before, save Rain of Fire for wiping out Ogres at the end.
  • It's not a bad idea to set up a few Mage Towers at the end of the course to attack any Ogres that slip through, but make them your last priority.
  • Managing your Barracks and Reinforcements comes first.