Kingdom Rush Walkthrough: Level 4 - Twin Rivers

Updated on December 23, 2016
Kingdom Rush is copyrighted by Armor Games. All images used for educational purposes only.
Kingdom Rush is copyrighted by Armor Games. All images used for educational purposes only.

Up until this point in Kingdom Rush you've faced a single wave of enemies. They may have been briefly divided, sure, but for the most part it's been one front. That's about to drastically change for the first time in Twin Rivers, and you may begin to regret it almost immediately. (Though at least now you can upgrade to level three towers.)

Twin Rivers is a circular course running from south to north. Though the enemies come from the same spot at first, they quickly divide into two waves that head northeast and northwest. To stem their advance you need to eliminate as many of them as possible before they divide. To this end you'll want to set your initial defences in the south and make your way north, along the ring, upgrading fully before you reach the top.

Regardless of your other tower choices, Archer Towers should dominate most of this fight. There are two reasons for this.

  • You need to kill your enemies before they split, and the third level Archer Tower is able to do this with ruthless accuracy. By this point you can have enough stars to fully upgrade one of your towers, and when they're totally tricked out Archer Towers are brutal against the lightly armoured foes in this level. (Though, as ever, you'll want to toss in Reinforcements and Rains of Fire to catch any lucky enemies who do manage to get through.)
  • This level introduces a new brand of foe in the Bandit. Bandits are not as fast as Wulves, but they're swifter than most enemies and can avoid attacks from soldiers. Mages and Artillery will have a tough time bringing them down before they rush by. Archer Towers, by contrast, are highly effective at killing Bandits. You'll also be facing a few Shamans in this level, and Archer Towers remain their worst enemies.

Twin Rivers also brings in another enemy in the form of Brigands. Brigands are slower, well-armoured fiends who are better suited to magic… something you don't much need in most of this level. Your Archer Towers will do nicely for the majority of their health, but if any get away make sure you have Rain of Fire ready to go. A Mage set up in the north is wise as well, with a Barracks to keep any surviving Brigands from getting away before the Mage Tower can do its work.

Beyond Normal

- Archer Towers are still a good investment on Hard, but they don't have quite the strength to bring down Ogres. You'll want to invest in at least two Mage Towers on each side of the map, with accompanying Barracks to keep the Ogres in place. Rain of Fire is, as always, a great deterrent.

- Twin Rivers' Heroic Challenge increases the number of enemies while decreasing your battle prowess. Armoured foes are much more common on this map, making Archer Towers less effective than before. Line the map with Mage Towers and Barracks, with nearby Artillery to soften up the heavy-hitters and outright kill the small guys. Keep Reinforcements ready to catch any Wulves that manage to slip through your defences and make it to the top.

- Iron Challenge on this map looks brutal, as it deprives you of Mage Towers and Artillery. Ouch. Nevertheless, this challenge isn't that bad. All you face is a massive stream of Goblins and Wulves, the latter of which is the real threat. Use every cent from the outset to line the ring with Archer Towers, then set two Barracks in the north. The enemies will stream in, and with the occasional Archer upgrade the Goblins taking the western route will die before they reach the top, despite their numbers. Use Reinforcements to keep your Barracks supplied with troops, and make sure one of the upgraded Archer Towers on the east side of the level is close enough to the bridge to hit the enemies on the other side. Save Rain of Fire for moments when the Wulves become too numerous and threaten to squeeze past your soldiers.


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