Kingdom Rush Walkthrough: Level 6 - The Citadel

Updated on January 4, 2017
Kingdom Rush is copyrighted by Armor Games. All images used for educational purposes only.
Kingdom Rush is copyrighted by Armor Games. All images used for educational purposes only.

The monsters are making their first big push towards a major settlement, and you need to push them back before they can infiltrate the castle walls. Time for your first big victory in this war!

The Citadel is a nicely symmetrical course that has you facing off against three different spawn points: south, east, and west. There are a bunch of old foes here, along with several new types:

  • Shadow Archers. They don't have great defences, but they're capable of bringing down your soldiers rather at a distance. Keep your Barracks upgraded throughout the map, preferably until they're Paladins with the Holy Light ability.
  • Marauders. These are essentially bigger versions of Brigands. They work exactly the same but take more damage to bring down.
  • Dark Knights. These guys absorb normal damage like it's a joke, and can only be easily brought low with Rain of Fire or Mage Towers. Have a line of Mage Towers in the north to take them out.
  • Gargoyles. Gargoyles are flying foes that can only be hit by Archer or Mage Towers. So long as you have something to hit them they're fairly weak, and shouldn't get too far on the map.

The Citadel boosts your abilities by allowing you to upgrade your Mage Towers and Barracks, both of which will come in quite handy. Ideally you want to line the top islands in The Citadel with Mage Towers while you block the various routes around the map with Barracks and Reinforcements. Keep a small cluster of Archer Towers at the edge of the map to mop up any Gargoyles that come in, and to soften up units that will get pounded by your other towers. Upgrading your Archer Towers to deal poison damage is also wise.

When you reach the final wave you'll be confronted with a new horror: the Juggernaut. This behemoth has a ton of HP and will plod slowly through the level while firing off clusters of Golem Heads, weak enemies that can nevertheless slip through your defences if you're not paying attention. Keep Rain of Fire primed to take out the Golem Heads while your other towers deal with the Juggernaut. So long as you have at least a few Mage Towers its HP will be depleted quickly enough.

Beyond Normal

- Your strategy on Hard shouldn't change drastically. Make ample use of Reinforcements and Rain of Fire to keep foes from getting too far in. Paladins are fantastic at blocking while you soften up the bad guys.

- Citadel's Heroic Challenge is essentially the same as before, minus the Juggernaut and featuring an insane amount of armoured foes. Everything is slow, so setting out a huge wall of Mage Towers on virtually every spot is highly recommended. Set up two Barracks upgraded to Holy Orders by the gates in the north to keep anything from getting through. Gargoyles are a small worry here, so feel free to deploy a pair of Archer Towers, one on either side of the course.

- Barracks? And nothing else? This Iron Challenge is madness! Amazingly, though, it's quite easy. Set up four Barracks on the corners of the square just south of the goal and your troops will intercept and slowly chip away at everything that shows up. A full force of Paladins here can block anything. Don't worry about upgrading the two Mage Towers, they're not that important.


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