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"Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle": Luigi Guide

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This guide will help you use the Luigi character in "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle".

This guide will help you use the Luigi character in "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle".

Who Will Benefit From This Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Guide?

Whilst Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle isn’t the toughest strategy game out there, it’s still no pushover if you’re not sure what you’re meant to be doing. These guides are meant to help by covering each of the game’s eight playable characters, outlining some useful strategies for each and pointing out a few combos and synergies to take advantage of.

As always, these aren’t definitive ways to use each of the characters, but they should be thought of as guidelines to nudge you in the right direction. If you have any other strategies that I failed to mention, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments section.


Luigi is the undisputed king of range in Mario + Rabbids. With by far the best long-range weapon in the game, Precision (basically his Poltergust 3000 from Luigi’s Mansion), Luigi is capable of dishing out damage from positions that no other character is capable of.

Besides his impressive range and damage output, Luigi is also blessed with the best secondary weapon in the game in the form of the Sentry. This perfectly compliments his playstyle, giving him options for when he can’t line up a clear shot. Combined with his excellent mobility, you’d think Luigi had it all …

... except he doesn’t. Luigi is plagued with the lowest health in the game, and even when it’s maxed out, it’ll still be far lower than any other party member. Luigi’s fragility alone is what balances him out. If he isn’t safe from enemy fire, he’s likely to end up dead in a single turn.


Primary: Precision

Luigi’s sniper rifle comes with the added benefit of having one of the best status effects in the game; Ink. Always go for the Ink-based Precisions over the Bounce ones. With one lucky critical shot, Luigi doesn’t even have to kill his target to have been effective since they’ll be unable to attack back the following turn.

Secondary: Sentry

Bounce is perhaps a little more tempting for the Sentry simply because it offers a bit more oomph to an area-of-effect attack. That being said, I’d still stick to the Ink line here. Being able to Ink multiple targets in a single turn is incredible, especially on maps where you’re significantly outnumbered.


Double Team Jump

A simple but effective ability that compliments Luigi’s central strategy. Team jumping with two characters in a single turn gives Luigi incredible manoeuverability, enabling him to reposition for a critical shot or to get out of danger if he’s at risk of being flanked.

Steely Stare

Luigi’s stink eye is definitely the meat of his skill tree. Like Peach, Mario and Yoshi, this is Luigi’s reaction shot ability and it’s arguably even better here.

With Luigi’s incredible range, he’ll be able to hit enemies that are much further away, potentially taking them out before they even get near enough to attack one of your characters. Combined with the Ink effect, even if he doesn’t take them out, any lucky critical shot will ensure they’re not a threat until the following turn.

Itchy Feet

Luigi’s other movement-based ability. This effect works similarly to Mario’s M-Power, buffing everyone’s movement within a small range. It works great alongside Mario due to his sluggish movement but does have the problem that Luigi is frequently further away from his teammates than most characters, so you’re rarely going to buff the whole team.

The best use for this skill is to use it as a one-off buff at the start of any map to get your characters in optimal positions for turn one. After that, just think of it as a minor boost to Luigi’s movement whenever you need it.


You know the drill, grab Cleansing Jump as per usual, but also make sure to nab the Double Jump upgrade to help Luigi get where he needs to go.

After that, the plow points into Steely Stare. First, improve the cooldown, then upgrade the number of shots, then go for damage. Reaction shots from Luigi won’t deal quite the same amount of damage as a regular attack, even when the skill is fully upgraded, but when combined with the Ink status and his regular attack for the turn, it makes for a deadly combo.

After that, be sure to get the High Ground bonuses for Luigi. This isn’t a priority for most characters, but for Luigi, it’s another easy improvement to his damage output. He’ll almost always find himself perched on the highest point on any map, and his Double Jump and high movement mean he can snag the high ground without wasting too many turns.

I’d recommend prioritising movement upgrades over health upgrades when it comes to Luigi. This might sound counter-intuitive given his fragility, but even with the improved health, late-game enemies are likely to be able to take Luigi out in an attack or two. Also, the experience cost to improve his health is significantly higher than most other characters. By all means, boost his health pool, but make sure you have the other upgrades down beforehand.

Team Tips

It’s a bit obvious, given you have to take him throughout the campaign, but Luigi really does work well with Mario. Both characters complement each other in terms of their ranges, with Mario better up close and Luigi further away, and both come with potent reaction shot abilities. Furthermore, Mario’s M-Power turns Luigi’s triple reaction shot into an absolute death machine for when you need everything to die right there and then.

Other than that, Luigi pairs well with any character that can soak damage and divert attention. Rabbid Peach comes with a second Sentry, which is always nice to have, whilst Rabbid Yoshi is good at soaking up stray enemy fire with his Outer Shell Ability.

Questions & Answers

Question: What are Luigi's' critical effects?

Answer: They are Ink and Bounce, with Ink being the better of the two.

Question: How many turns does itchy feet last in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle?

Answer: Just for one turn. Although you can reduce the cooldown time by upgrading the ability.

Question: Does Luigi work better with defense or offense in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle?

Answer: He's technically great on offense, as he's capable of dishing out tremendous damage at ranges that most of the other cast can't. However, because he's frail I think you always have to keep a defensive mindset with him, you can't be as reckless with him as you can with say, Peach, for example.

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