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"Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle" - Rabbid Luigi Guide

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Whilst Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle isn’t the toughest strategy game out there, it’s still no pushover if you’re not sure what you’re meant to be doing. These guides are meant to help by covering each of the game’s eight playable characters, outlining some useful strategies for each and pointing out a few combos and synergies to take advantage of.

As always, these aren’t definitive ways to use each of the characters, but these articles should be thought of more as guidelines to nudge you in the right direction. If you have any other strategies that I failed to mention, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments section.

Rabbid Luigi

The third and final character that the game starts you out with. Rabbid Luigi is a bit of an oddity when compared to Mario and Rabbid Peach. He’s got some defensive abilities, such as his Super Barrier, but he suffers from a fairly low starting life total. Meanwhile, his Vamp Dash means he’s rewarded for attacking, but his weapon has mediocre damage...

When properly equipped, however, Rabbid Luigi is a monster of character. Vamp Dash means that the character can take hits, only to leech all that life back with a few dash attacks. His unique Bworb weapon also boasts the highest critical hit chance in the game, meaning he’s very reliable when it comes to dishing out status effects.

Rabbid Luigi requires a bit more care and finesse to make the most out of him, but when you do, he’s in a class of his own.


Primary Weapon – Bworb

This is Rabbid Luigi’s unique weapon and it’s an odd one. The damage and range is about average but the big take away is the ridiculously critical hit rate that it comes coupled with.

Rabbid Luigi is unique in that his weapon can have multiple different status effects, rather than focusing on two. Early on, he’ll be left to choose between Push or Burn, and you’ll want to stick with Push; it’s a much better effect than Burn, which is too unpredictable.

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Later on, some of his weapons will have the Vamp effect, which you’ll definitely want to make a priority to switch to. The real highlight though is the Crosshead Orb, which can be found in World 3-3. This weapon has a whopping 70% chance to inflict Stone. This means that any turn where Rabbid Luigi’s not going to kill something, have him hit the most threatening enemy in range. Odds are they’ll not be doing anything for the turn.

I’d recommend keeping the Crosshead Orb as his weapon even when stronger gear becomes available, it’s just that good, until you gain access to the Round Shield Rocker. Rabbid Luigi gets most of his damage from his dashes, so sticking with the Crosshead Orb once you get it just adds to his utility.

Secondary Weapon – Rocket

The rocket is a mediocre secondary weapon. The two status effects you have to choose from are Burn and Push. I’d suggest going with Push. Again, Burn is just too unpredictable to make good use of.

You want to use the Rocket on turns where enemies are behind cover and you don’t have a great target. If the status effect hits, there’s a good chance one of your other characters will be able to get a clear shot off.


  • Weaken: This is a decent skill when it’s upgraded, but it suffers from two problems. Firstly, Rabbid Luigi’s other two skills are likely to suck up a lot of experience points, and second, it doesn’t fit with how the game is best played. It’s always best to be the aggressor in Mario + Rabbids, many of the game’s maps reward you for taking down the enemy as quickly as possible, not just with extra gold, but also because it makes fights easier. You’ll almost always be outnumbered, so it’s best to focus on taking out as many enemies before they can hit back.
  • Super Barrier: Sort of similar to Rabbid Peach’s shield, but focuses more on reducing status effects than solely preventing incoming damage. This a decent skill to upgrade and makes up somewhat for Rabbid Luigi’s lacklustre starting life total.
  • Vamp Dash: This skill is what makes Rabbid Luigi bonkers. Once upgraded, provided there are several enemies near to Rabbid Luigi, he’ll be able to quickly soak up any life he loses by dashing into them. Not only that, by inflicting Vamp, your other characters can get in on the healing as well.


First off, use Cleansing Jump. It’s cheap and makes status effects less of a problem. The focus for Rabid Luigi first and foremost is getting that Vamp Dash upgraded. Upgrade the number of dashes first, followed by the Vamp effect, then the actual damage.

After that, you’ll want to split your experience between his Super Barrier, his health pool, and his movement speed. Movement in particular should be a priority, given that he’ll want to close the gap for Vamp Dashes as soon as possible. With the Super Barrier, focus on reducing the cooldown, followed by the Weapon Parry.

Team Tips

Yoshi: Yoshi brings along his Super Chance skill which helps with all of Rabbid Luigi’s excellent status effects. With this team, you’ll want to maxmize Rabbid Luigi’s Vamp-afflicting effects as an effective way to keep your team healthy.

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