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"Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle": Rabbid Mario Guide

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How to utilize Rabbid Mario in this popular game

How to utilize Rabbid Mario in this popular game

Character Guides: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

While Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle isn’t the toughest strategy game out there, it’s still no pushover if you’re not sure what you’re meant to be doing. These guides are meant to help by covering each of the game’s eight playable characters, outlining some useful strategies for each one, and pointing out a few combos and synergies to take advantage of.

As always, these aren’t definitive ways to use each of the characters, but they should be thought of as guidelines to nudge you in the right direction. If you have any other strategies that I failed to mention, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments section.

Rabbid Mario

Rabbid Mario likes to hit things. Hard. More than any other character in the game, Rabbid Mario has one clear goal, get up close and pulverize enemies with his Boomshot or hammer.

To complement this strategy, he comes equipped with potent area-of-effect abilities in Exploding Dash and Magnet Dance, which allows him to pull enemies in and bunch them together, and can then be utilized by other teammates as well. He also has excellent status effect options in the form of Vamp and Stone.

Rabbid Mario’s biggest problem? His focus. The character is really, really good at one thing ... and that’s about it. Rabbid Mario needs to be up close and blasting the enemy because if he’s not doing that, he’s not doing a whole lot of anything.


Primary Weapon: Boomshot

The Boomshot is great for hitting multiple enemies in a single turn but requires you to be up close in order to make the most of it. You get the choice of either Vamp or Stone as the status effect, and whilst both are very good, I’d go for Stone. Rendering an enemy completely useless for a turn is just too good to pass up.

Secondary Weapon: Melee

One of Rabbid Mario’s biggest problems is that his secondary weapon does little to expand his strategy. There are very few instances where shooting someone with the Boomshot isn’t equal, if not better, than simply smacking them with the hammer.

Given that the weapons are so similar, I’d suggest going with Vamp for the hammer. This way, it prevents Rabbid Mario’s secondary weapon from becoming redundant whilst also giving him a little health regeneration for when he needs it.


Magnet Dance

The glue that holds Rabbid Mario’s strategy together. This ability acts as a vortex that pulls enemies in. It does no damage on its own, but is capable of pulling enemies out of cover, triggering reaction shots, and setting up enemies to be hit with area-of-effect attacks when they’re clumped together.

Body Guard

This is like Rabbid Peach’s and Rabid Luigi’s shields but focuses on preventing melee damage. Other than the Smashers, melee attacks are rarely a big threat, so it can be a bit of a waste improving this skill and is certainly the weakest of Rabbid Mario’s abilities. You’re better off investing points that you’d have put into this skill into the character’s health. More health will have the benefit of protecting him from all attacks, not just melee ones.

Boom Dash

Definitely runner-up to Rabbid Luigi’s Vamp Dash as the best movement ability in the game. When suitably upgraded, Boom Dash enables Rabbid Mario to stack up tremendous damage before he’s even fired a shot. This is the ability you want to spend the most points improving and is the pay-off for setting up a good turn with Magnet Dance.


Grab Cleansing Jump right off the bat, and then go upgrade the number of dashes you can do. More than most characters, you’ll find yourself flitting around upgrading a little bit of everything rather than one specific thing.

You’ll want to alternate between improving dash damage and the range of the Boom Dash, alongside health improvements and movement buffs. Movement in particular is crucial for Rabbid Mario so he can make the most of his attacks and it’s important that you don’t neglect his health because he will be taking a lot of fire given that he’ll be a close-range target.

Don’t worry too much about improving Rabbid Mario’s other skills. Body Guard isn’t worth upgrading, and the only thing you want to focus on in Magnet Dance is the range of the effect. You don’t need to reduce the cooldown of Magnet Dance all that much, it’s a crucial ability for the character but not something that you’ll be needing to use each and every turn.

Team Tips

Luigi is a nice combo with Rabbid Mario, they complement one another’s ranges, and Luigi’s Ink effect and Sentry can help soak up damage that would otherwise be going Rabbid Mario’s way. One of the biggest problems with the character is that his abilities can cause a lot of friendly-fire issues, and the fact that Luigi is likely to be at the other end of the map in many cases solves that problem.

Rabbid Luigi is another great option for an aggressively-oriented team. Rabbid Luigi stacks on the Vamp effect with his dash, and then Rabbid Mario’s tremendous damage output is enough to keep him healthy. In fact, this is probably a more effective way of using the character than relying on a “dedicated” healer like Peach or Rabbid Peach.

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