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My Top 5 "Clash Royale" Decks

Nate is an avid gamer and plays for fun and competitively on Xbox, PC, and mobile gaming devices.

These are my top five favorite "Clash Royale" ladder decks for the current meta.

These are my top five favorite "Clash Royale" ladder decks for the current meta.

Fun Clash Royale Strategic Decks

Clash Royale is a fun, strategic mobile gaming app that I have been playing for years, and in that time I have come across many different decks. These five decks have been my favorite decks of all time and they seem to work in every meta of the game.

In this article, I will share the deck components and strategies that should be used when playing these decks.

"Clash Royale": Giant Three Musketeer Deck

"Clash Royale": Giant Three Musketeer Deck

Deck 1. Three Musketeer Deck

This first deck is your typical giant three musketeers deck with a few troop substitutions and only one spell.

Goal: The main goal of this deck is to bait out the opponent's spells so you can create a beat down split push with the three musketeers.

There are multiple spell bait components to the deck (minion horde, pump, goblin gang), and the player must be sure they bait out big spells before playing the three musketeers otherwise they will be donating a lot of elixir value to the opponent.

Your ideal push will be split musketeers behind the king tower with the giant tanking for the two musketeers and the ram tanking for the single musketeer. Undefended, this push is vicious and will take both of your opponent's towers easily leading you to an easy three crown victory.

"Clash Royale": Pekka Witch Beatdown Deck

"Clash Royale": Pekka Witch Beatdown Deck

Deck 2. Pekka Witch Beat Down

This deck is so powerful.

Goal: The goal of this deck is to gain the elixir advantage over your opponent and use the pump so you can create a massive beat down push.

Utilize the Pekka as your secret weapon to your opponent's heavy ground troops in single elixir time and once double elixir time hits, play the Pekka behind the king tower followed by the witch then the ram in between the witch and Pekka right before the bridge. This will boost your Pekka across the bridge and deter your opponents troops from getting to your witch.

"Clash Royale": Bandit Bridge Spam

"Clash Royale": Bandit Bridge Spam

Deck 3. Prince Bandit Bridge Spam

The pressure is on with this deck.

Goal: The goal of this deck is to apply constant pressure at the bridge with the bandit and prince utilizing the dragons/spells to counter your opponent's cycle.

Fire spirits popping up again in this deck because they are so strong with the recent buff and offer so much elixir value. Goblin gang is a great compliment to your bridge spam making it tough for your opponent to reach your main win conditions (bandit/prince).

This deck is less of a beat down and focuses more on chip damage and playing strong defense when you take the lead.

"Clash Royale": Inferno Miner Control Deck

"Clash Royale": Inferno Miner Control Deck

Deck 4. Inferno Miner Control

This deck is one of the strongest ladder decks currently in the game, offering strong defensive counters to a lot of different win conditions and offering the player variety of win conditions for themselves.

Goal: The goal of this deck is to cycle through passively and trying to determine which push capitalizes on your opponent's weakness. Some combos are giant wizard push or miner inferno.

For the miner inferno push, you should play your inferno dragon just before the bridge then places the miner behind their princess tower. The miner will distract the princess tower and lure any defensive troops behind the tower giving your dragon a clear path to the tower.

"Clash Royale": Pekka Miner Control Deck

"Clash Royale": Pekka Miner Control Deck

Deck 5. Pekka Miner Control

Last, but most certainly not least, the Pekka Miner Control deck. This deck has been my "go-to" deck for a long time now. It absolutely demolishes a golem push and has two of the biggest hard counters in the game (Pekka and inferno dragon).

The miner helps set you up for a quick easy counter push against your opponent and should be played a lot like the miner in deck 4. The bandit, if played right, will constantly be applying pressure to your opponent and chip the HP of the tower away.

This deck has held up through many different meta changes with slight variations and continues to hold strong. This deck will not disappoint.

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