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"Plants vs. Zombies": Top 6 Plants That Never Made the Sequel

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Plants Vs Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies

About the Author

As an avid Plants vs. Zombies fan, I'm always looking forward to upcoming floral and undead adventures! My favorite plant is probably the Laser Bean, but he didn't make an appearance until the second title.

Plants vs. Zombies Basics

Most people who try the Plants vs. Zombies series agree it's a cute and often challenging strategy game. Players place a variety of defending plants onto a grid by spending "sun," and use the flora to defend against invading zombies. The first game was well-received and spawned a sequel: Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. The new edition offered new enemies, levels, and plants.. but a few of our beloved allies were never included. Today, we'll countdown six useful plant guardians who never made the sequel!



6. Scaredy-shroom

Sun Cost: 25 Sun
Recharge: "Fast," 7.5 seconds

First up, we have the cost-efficient Scaredy-shroom. This timid warrior acts similar to the regular Peashooter plant, continuously firing a single shot ahead in its row. However, Scaredy-shroom is 1/4 the cost of a Peashooter, making it a far better deal. The drawback is that when enemies get close, Scaredy-shroom will hide and stop firing until the undead are dealt with; however, since these plants are so cheap, you can usually place enough of them to stop the zombies before they close in. Guess he was too shy to make a return appearance.



5. Ice-shroom

Sun Cost: 75 Sun
Recharge: "Very Slow," 50 seconds

Next, we have the chilling Ice-shroom. This guy always made a large dent in the zombies' offensive assaults. Ice-shroom is an instant-use plant; he'll activate his effect and then disappear. His ability freezes all undead on the screen in place for 5.5 seconds, deals a very small amount of damage to them (one pea shot), and slows them for a few seconds after they're able to move again. Those are three useful effects for a very reasonable price, making Ice-shroom a great asset to any group. The only downside is a long recharge time; it'll take you almost a minute before you can plant another one. Ice-shroom may not have made it to the sequel, but a new plant called Iceberg Lettuce can help freeze the undead instead.

Cob Cannon

Cob Cannon

4. Cob Cannon

Sun Cost: 500 (+ 200) Sun
Recharge: "Very Slow," 50 seconds

Fourth place goes to the monstrous Cob Cannon. Plants Vs Zombies 1 featured plants that functioned as upgrades; in this case, two Kernel-pults (each costing 100 Sun) could be upgraded into one massive Cob Cannon. This plant takes up two spaces on the grid, and fires a massive cob missile (damage equal to 90 normal pea shots), hitting a 3x3 area that you choose. Basically, it acts similarly to the instant-use Cherry Bomb, but it's reusable; you just have to wait 37 seconds for the cannon to reload. That's a fair amount of time between shots, but it's still a faster recharge than the Cherry Bomb, and once you've paid for the Cob Cannon, you don't need to spend more Sun to launch each cob. Cob Cannon was a powerful offensive defender, but the sequel removed all the upgrade plants, restricting this mighty plant to the original game.



3. Sea-shroom

Sun Cost: 0 Sun
Recharge: "Slow," 30 seconds

Up next is the free Sea-shroom, a plant that can only be placed in water. Sea-shrooms worked great in the aquatic levels because they don't need to be placed on a Lily Pad, and they're absolutely free! They steadily fire a short-ranged shot ahead of them, damaging any undead in the path. Not the strongest attack, but definitely helpful. Additionally, if a zombie reaches Sea-shroom, the free plant will take the invader a few seconds to eat; in desperate times, you can use them to act as shields, buying a bit of time. Sea-shroom would have been a useful ally in Plants vs. Zombies 2 (especially the Big Wave Beach world,) but sadly, it did not make a return appearance.



2. Doom-shroom

Sun Cost: 125 Sun
Recharge: "Very Slow," 50 seconds

Remember the Cherry Bomb, the instant-use plant that explodes in a 3x3 area for 150 Sun? Compare it to the awesome Doom-shroom, which (for less Sun) blasts a 7x5 region for the same damage! What's the catch? A very minimal one: the grid square you use Doom-shroom in will leave a crater, rendering it unable to be planted in. However, there are plenty of other squares to use, and the crater will disappear in 3 minutes; so it's not a permanent detriment. Doom-shroom was easily the most effective instant-use plant, and is sorely missed in It's About Time.

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1. Pumpkin

Sun Cost: 125 Sun
Recharge: "Slow," 30 seconds

First place goes to the always-useful Pumpkin, the last defensive plant from the original game. In Plants vs. Zombies, players often use Wall-nuts and Tall-nuts as shields; they have enhanced durability, and take the zombies awhile to consume. They're definitely useful plants, but they take up a grid square to place. The Pumpkin could be placed onto any already-existing plant, giving it a substantial boost to defense. This saves grid squares, and works great against zombies who vault over Wall-nuts or attack your lawn from the rear. Pumpkins allowed you to protect your most valuable plants, whether they were at the front or back of your grid, and buy enough time for you to deal with invaders. It's strange Pumpkins haven't been transferred to the sequel, as no new plant provides a similar effect. For a nostalgic treat, boot up the original game, and utilize these useful shields when arranging your defense.

Honorable Mentions

A few other plants that never made to It's About Time.
Update: Cactus has since been added to the game!

PlantEffectSun Cost/ Recharge Time


Removes fog from a 7x5 area.

25/ 30 seconds


Shoots spikes to hit targets on land or in the air.

125/ 7.5 seconds

Coffee Bean

Wakes up nocturnal plants during the day.

75/ 7.5 seconds

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Final Thoughts

We may have lost out on some awesome plants in the sequel, but we gained many more new allies, and I still highly recommend the second edition of this series. Let me know which of the original plants you miss the most, and I'll see you at our next countdown!

Did You Know?

Despite being a pretty kid-friendly series, Plant vs. Zombies has a few dark moments. For example, check out the in-game descriptions of various flora:

  • Scaredy-shroom: "Who's there?" whispers Scaredy-shroom, voice barely audible. "Go away. I don't want to see anybody. Unless it's the man from the circus."
  • Ice-shroom: "Ice-shroom frowns, not because he's unhappy or because he disapproves, but because of a childhood injury that left his facial nerves paralyzed."
  • Winter Melon: "Winter Melon tries to calm his nerves. He hears the zombies approach. Will he make it? Will anyone make it?"

© 2015 Jeremy Gill


Emeskey on November 26, 2019:

And as a bonus, next month will come out Ice Bloom, a new plant with practically the same ability as Ice-shroom, but with certain extra features

Emeskey on November 26, 2019:

Good news! Everyone's favorite, Pumpkin, is now in PvZ2

Jeremy Gill (author) from Louisiana on January 31, 2016:

Thanks for the reminder, scorpion, I'll make a note of that inside the article.

scorpion on January 28, 2016:

cactus is in pvz 2 but i know that was before she came in im just saying

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