"Plants vs. Zombies": Which Plant Are You?

Updated on February 24, 2020
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A grid filled with plants.
A grid filled with plants.

Plants vs. Zombies History

Plants vs. Zombies, available for the PC and Nintendo DS, was a surprise hit. You used a variety of adorable and loyal plants to defend your home from invading zombies. The sequel, Plants vs. Zombies 2, offered even more enemies and guardians. We've already examined some of the most and least helpful plants; today, we're going to determine which one best matches ourselves. Then, we'll list all results and discuss the various "Plant Food" effects that occur when players feed the warriors. Let's begin!

Your Result

Which plant are you?

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Now that we have your plant, feel free to check out the various outcomes below!

Bonk Choy
Bonk Choy

Bonk Choy

Cost: 150 Sun

Recharge: 5 seconds

You are the brawling Bonk Choy. You are alert, suspicious, and always ready to settle things with your fists. You may lack long-ranged attacks, but you rapidly demolish any zombie directly in front or behind you. You are strong on your own, but you work especially well with a defensive plant, who can hold a foe in place while you get 'em. Hey, all's fair in love and gardening. Your Plant Food ability unleashed a flurry of punches that does massive damage to any enemy in a 3x3 radius of you. Though you are rather belligerent, your game mentions you work as a dentist; no one's better at removing teeth than you!

Potato Mine
Potato Mine

Potato Mine

Cost: 25 Sun

Recharge: 20 seconds

You are the steady Potato Mine. You like to approach situations with patience, affording you the time you require to excel. Against zombies, you must take some time to compose yourself, but once you are ready, you unleash an explosive attack that few can withstand. And for a very reasonable price! Your Plant Food ability instantly readies your charge, and creates two more Mines on the grid. Outside of combat, you are said to be fun-loving (you're always dressing up in new costumes) and dedicated to inventing new catchphrases. When enemies hear your trademark SPUDOW!, they know their chances at victory are rapidly decreasing.



Cost: 175 Sun

Recharge: 5 seconds

You are the hot-headed Torchwood. You live to take risks, and are always seeking new thrills. Even though you have no defensive capability, and you don't attack zombies, you need to be placed somewhat upfront to be effective. Why? Well, you ignite any peas that your fellow plants shoot, doubling the damage they inflict. Two full Pea Pods would shoot ten peas, and would cost 1250 Sun. One full Pea Pod and one of you would inflict the same damage, and only for a total of 800 Sun.

As if that weren't enough, you have one of the best Plant Food effects in the game (it lasts for as long as you're not eaten): you increase your pea-multiplier to triple the damage dealt. You don't cooperate with every other plant (your flames will negate the chilling effect dealt to zombies by freezing plants), and you must be purchased before you can be used, but you are a worthy ally.

Threepeater | Source


Cost: 300 Sun

Recharge: 5 seconds

You are the social and triple-faced Threepeater. You use your talents to get "ahead" in any competitions. You are said to love video games, despite your apparent lack of limbs. Against zombies, you shoot a pea into the row you're in and one row above and below you. You spread the damage out, helping plants in multiple lanes. You have a unique Plant Food ability that rapidly shoots a total of 90 peas in many directions, assaulting the undead over most of the lawn. You work well with your peers, and particularly enjoy Torchwood's company. Just don't give him a high five, or the enemies won't be the only things going up in flames.



Cost: 150 Sun

Recharge: 15 seconds

You are the stalwart Pea-nut. You once were hailed as a hero, but your popularity has waned in recent years. You've done your best to adjust, but you often reminisce of the good ol' days. You offer both offense and defense; you shoot peas into your row, and your durable body can withstand many zombie bites before breaking. You have an excellent Plant Food effect; you fire 60 peas ahead of you, and gain a metal helmet to further bolster your health. You only let those you deem worthy utilize you (you're a Premium plant), but you are a steadfast and delicious ally.



Cost: 150 Sun

Recharge: 5 seconds

You are the hopeful Snapdragon. You dream of leaving your roots behind and soaring in the skies as a full-fledged dragon. But in the meantime, your powerful flames attack multiple enemies in a 3x2 radius ahead of you; you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You don't always work well with others; your flames will negate the freezing effect of plants such as the Winter Melon. Still, your powerful Plant Food ability torches enemies in a 3x3 square ahead. You have hopes of becoming more, but for now, you're the dragon king of the garden.

More Plants, Please

Hopefully, you learned some fun PvZ trivia! Stay tuned for more plant and zombie countdowns, quizzes, and strategy guides!


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