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“Poker Heat” Black/Red Attack Guide

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The "Poker Heat" Red Attack table.

The "Poker Heat" Red Attack table.

About Poker Heat Black Attack and Red Attack

Poker Heat Red Attack is a new and interesting way to play poker on Poker Heat.

Note there is also a similar mode called Black Attack. In both game modes, there are only two suits of cards in the deck. Read this guide to learn how to play both game modes and how to win more chips.

The "Poker Heat" Black Attack table.

The "Poker Heat" Black Attack table.

How to Play Poker Heat Red Attack

In Poker Heat Red Attack, the deck of cards only has two suits. This changes how you play the game.

Two pairs, trips, sets, and full houses are hands that now impossible to make. There will be a lot more flushes made every hand.

Poker Heat Red Attack Preflop Strategy

Preflop Strategy Overview

  • Play ace-suited and king-suited hands.
  • Bet and raise with ace-suited hands.
  • Play some suited connector hands in position.
  • Fold everything else.

Flushes Are What Is Important

Poker Heat Red Attack is a game of flushes. Sure, you will make other hands, but a flush is the only hand that matters.

In this game, mode pairs might as well be air/nothing. Never call a bet with them. Never bet a pair.

The goal is to make a strong flush and win as many chips as possible with it. Thus, we adjust our preflop play with this goal in mind.

Only Play Strong Hands Preflop

You should play any ace or king-suited hand. By playing towards the two best flushes, you can make give yourself good odds to win postflop.

Sometimes you might consider playing a high queen hand. I also tend to play unsuited ace hands if everybody calls preflop.

Suited Connectors May Be Helpful

I recommend playing some suited connector hands. If playing in position is often worth at least seeing the flop with these hands.

The odds of making a straight flush are very low, but if you can see the flop for cheap might as well do it. I will play a hand like this on the button or the set before it.

Fold All Other Hands

Only play queen, king, ace, and suited connector hands. Fold every other hand.

All other hands will often lead to you losing postflop, and playing them is wasting chips. If you are reading this guide, I am assuming you want to win more often. Avoiding most hands puts you on the path the win the most chips possible.

Pairs Are Terrible Hands in Black Attack

Playing pocket pairs is a huge mistake. There are only two suits in the deck. You might make two pair. But that will lose often.

You can never make trips/sets, full house, or four-of-a-kind hands.

Position Is Not as Important

Position doesn't matter too much in Poker Heat Red Attack. I would play an ace or king-suited hand in any position.

If you make a flush being first to act will not change too much. Some people will not fold even if you "donk bet" or bet out of position.

These are good hands to start with in "Poker Heat" Red/Black Attack.

These are good hands to start with in "Poker Heat" Red/Black Attack.

This is a suited connector.

This is a suited connector.

Poker Heat Red Attack Postflop Strategy

Single Card to a Flush

If you only need one card to make a flush on the flop, be willing to call! You want to call most bets if you are drawing good.

Some smart players will see they have a weaker flush and most likely stop betting or fold to any bet. But some people will keep betting anyway. You can call and win!

Two Cards to Make a Flush

If on the flop you need two suited cards to make a flush, you need to be more careful. You may make it by the river but do not call a big bet to find out.

I will call a smaller-sized bet. If the turn is the suit I don’t need, I will fold.

Be Cautious With Two Card to Make a Flush

If you need two cards to make a flush, I recommend playing even more cautiously. You would need to make the right card on the turn and river.

I would fold to most bets outside of a single or two blind bet. I see those bets as too low to bother folding.

If I miss the turn, I give up and fold. The hand is a losing hand now. If I make the turn, I still need to make the river as well.

How to Play Draws

You want to see cards without calling big bets. If nobody bets, you want to check back and see if you make a flush.

If somebody does bet, fold if the bet looks too big. For me, this is a pot-sized bet into a big pot.

You don’t want to chase weak flushes. You most likely will lose even if you make the hand. All it takes is for somebody to have the king or ace-suited hand, and you will lose almost every flush you make. If you have a suited connector and you have a straight flush draw on the flop, you want to see more cards.

Do not get too excited, though. Straight flushes are still very rare hands. If things get expensive or it is not working out, I will fold.

Fold Weak Flushes

If the turn card gives me a flush, but it is not an ace of hearts, I will be cautious.

If I have seen a player beat weaker flushes, I will consider calling. But if somebody bets big or goes all-in here, I fold. Don’t go all with weaker flushes. You will be donating chips to players with higher flushes most of the time. As good players, you don’t want to lose chips when possible.

If the turn is the ace of hearts, and you have a king high flush, then we play our hand like it is the nuts. Assuming there is no chance of a straight flush, you will win. In that case, bet big and consider going all-in.

Be Careful of Straight Flushes

You won’t lose to straight flushes too often. But it will happen. You want to avoid losing to these hands as much as possible.

Sometimes people will make tiny odd-sized bets and showdown a straight flush. This is OK. You want to avoid going all-in and losing to straight flushes, though.

If you see a straight flush draw and somebody goes all-in, you pretty much have to assume they have it. Sure they won’t actually always have it. But I have found it is better to be safe than a loser. Folding a nut flush and being right is such a smart and powerful move. Most of the time, nobody cares. But it will save you a lot of chips. Watch as people call down with even weaker cards than what you folded.

Plus, if they showdown and don’t have it, then make a mental note of that. You may wish to call them down with lighter hands in the future. But I will never make this decision without any information first. Paying attention and learning how every player at the table plays is important.

It is harder to do this at free games because people get bored and leave often. But I try my best to remember how each player at my current table plays.

Bet Big With Nut Flushes

Some people are willing to lose with the second-best hand or worse. Punish people for playing like that by winning their chips by betting big!

Also, don’t be shy about betting huge or going all-in with straight flushes. Some people will notice and fold. But you might get lucky and beat an ace-high flush occasionally.

You might get a “curious” call if you make a tiny river bet, I suppose.

Players who pay attention tend to see this and avoid it.

From experience, most players do not pay much attention to the current action, though. So you will be able to get away with this often.

Fold All Other Hands

It is never worth it to call a bet with a pair, two pairs, or a straight, no matter how strong they look. The weakest flush will always beat you.

You would look quite foolish trying to win with these hands. I see people try it, and they don’t last very long.

I need two cards to make a flush.

I need two cards to make a flush.

I need one cards to make a flush.

I need one cards to make a flush.

This is a straight flush draw.

This is a straight flush draw.

This is weaker flush. Be careful!

This is weaker flush. Be careful!

This is a straight flush. This one has a special name and it is called a Royal Straight flush. This is the strongest hand possible in Texas hold 'em.

This is a straight flush. This one has a special name and it is called a Royal Straight flush. This is the strongest hand possible in Texas hold 'em.

Common Mistakes People Make in Poker Heat Red Attack

  • Playing any two cards preflop
  • Calling too much for weak flush draws and losing.
  • Calling with pairs and other losing hands.
  • Not being mindful of straight flushes and losing to them.

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