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"Poker Heat" Hero Royale Guide

Poker is my favorite hobby, only matched by my love for video games. I have ten+ years of poker experience to share in my poker game guides!


How to Win More Chips Playing Poker Heat Hero Royale

In this guide, I am going to give strategies you can use to win more chips playing Poker Heat Hero Royale. Hero Royale is pretty simple, so this guide will be quick and easy to follow.

Poker Heat Hero Royale Strategy Overview

  • Go all-in with top two pair
  • Play three of kind (trips and sets)
  • Play full house hands
  • Go all-in with four of a kind and straight flushes
  • Fold everything else

What Is Hero Royale?

Hero Royale is a combination of two Poker Heat events. Hero or Zero and Heat Royale. You only play with the Broadway cards. That is T, J, Q, K, and A.

You can only call or fold preflop (though I have seen some errors where people went all-in preflop somehow?!). On the flop, you go all-in or fold.

These are the broadway cards in Texas hold 'em poker.

These are the broadway cards in Texas hold 'em poker.

Hero Royale Preflop Strategy

I call most hands preflop. I fold most of my small blind hands, though. Playing out of position is hard, and I try to avoid it when I can.

But since people can’t bet or raise preflop, I tend to call more hands overall.

Hero Royale Postflop Strategy

My Hero Royale strategy is very simple. I have a list of hands I will go all-in with. I will play these hands whenever they come up. Only play these hands!

Top Two Pair

Top pair is a hand that has a chance to improve to a full house. So I go all-in with it sometimes. Not all the time, as this is one of the weaker hands you can play.

I will go all-in with these hands based on what I know about the current players at the table. I am never enthusiastic about going all-in with two pair.

This is a good two pair hand.

This is a good two pair hand.


Trips are a good hand to go all-in with most of the time. Be careful of very tight players going all-in before you, though. They may already have a full house.

Poker Trips

Poker Trips

A Good Set

Sets are great hands to go all-in with. Often you will improve to a better full house than people holding trips or two pair. An example of a good set is KK with a flop that is KQJ.

This is a set in poker.

This is a set in poker.

A Full House

Always go all-in with a full house! If you lose to a better hand in the end, so be it. But you should never fold a made hand on the flop.

This is a full house in poker.

This is a full house in poker.

Four of a Kind or a Straight Flush

Surely you don’t need me to tell you to go all-in here, do you!? Go all and LOL as people call anyway.

This is four of a kind in poker.

This is four of a kind in poker.

This is a straight flush.

This is a straight flush.

Losing Hands, You Need to Avoid Playing


Ah, straights. The hand people are so fascinated with sometimes. Even in normal Texas hold ‘em people love to overvalue straights.

Hero Royale is no different. In Hero Royale Straights are a losing hand. Never go all-in with them!

Your hand will never improve to anything else, and people will make a full house and beat you most of the time.

The odds you of holding up are just against you with such a small deck of cards. In Hero or Zero, this would be a great play but not in Hero Royale.

Straight Flush Draws

The other hand, people massively overvalue in Texas hold ‘em. I wish I could understand why people act like flush draws are a made hand.

Just because you got lucky and made a flush with 84 a few times doesn't mean you did the right thing.

In Hero Royale draws of any kind are a losing hand. You will not make a royal flush often enough to justify calling. Trust me on this one.

If you want to waste chips chasing it, by all means, go ahead and call with these hands. But long term this is a bad strategy.

If one person holds one of the suited cards you need, you will never make your draw. You will never know if anybody has the card you need, either.

All Other Hands Are Junk

If you don't have two pair or trips/set, then the hand is junk.

You might get lucky occasionally. But don’t be fooled. You are going to lose if you keep on going all-in with random hands eventually.

Play straights often and this sort of thing will start to become common.

Play straights often and this sort of thing will start to become common.

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