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"Questopia" Walkthrough

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Questopia created by Images used for educational purposes only.

Questopia created by Images used for educational purposes only.


A pyramid. A prize. A metric tonne of nasty undead creatures yearning for your blood. Twenty-one levels of fun. This is the world of Questopia, and you'll be hard-pressed to trounce it all... or at least not without some help. Walkthrough? Yes, please.


Your goal in Questopia is to clear twenty-one stages of evil creatures. Your character is a sword-swinging marauder, one who gets stronger and stronger as you level up and collect various goodies from your slain foes. Character creation and development carries with it a number of categories.

  • Name and Race: Both of these touches are superficial. Your name is used for scoring once you beat the game, and your race merely determines how you look. All races (as of this writing) play exactly the same.
  • Stats: As you level up you'll gain the option to spend stat points on six distinct stats. This leveling system forms the backbone of your character, and will make all the difference between a swift, lightly-armoured character and a slow, plodding, nigh-invincible one. Stats are broken down below.
  • Equipment: The other significant half of your character is what you intend to use to do battle. You'll start off with a small smattering of basic equipment, and, as you kill stronger enemies, you'll receive newer and better stuff. Equipment is broken down below.

Sound simple enough? There's one final caveat to keep in mind: dying is permanent. There are a few resurrection items late in the game which will stave off death, but lacking these you will lose if you die. Proceed with the utmost caution.


Questopia's characters are comprised of six distinct stats, each of which can be raised when leveling up:

  • Life (HP): Your health. If this runs out, you die. Represented as a red bar on the left side of the screen.
  • Magic (MP): Your mana. Each time you use magic, it eats up a small portion of MP. Represented as a blue bar on the right side of the screen.
  • Attack (ATT): Your arm strength. The higher your ATT, the harder you hit.
  • Speed (SPD): Your walking speed. The higher your SPD, the faster you move.
  • Dexterity (DEX): Your hitting speed. The higher your DEX, the faster you swing your sword.
  • Defense (DEF): Your durability. The higher your DEF, the less damage you take when hit.

There are also a few other stats which cannot be raised through leveling up, but instead, are increased through the use of special potions or magic items:

  • Armor (ARM): The defensive rating of your armor. The higher your ARM, the less damage you take from hits. Works in conjunction with DEF.
  • Vision (VIS): Your visual acuity. The higher your VIS, the more space is revealed on the screen as you move around.
  • Range: The striking range of your sword. The higher the range, the further the sword's projectiles will travel before disappearing.


Stats will only get you so far in Questopia. To truly succeed, you must assemble a strong set of equipment, backed by restorative items, which complements your build. Check out the various categories of items below. (For a more complete listing of weapons, armor, spells and the like, have a look at this page. There are lists at the bottom.)

Swords. All weapons are swords in Questopia, though no two swords are alike. All are capable of firing off projectiles. There are three types of swords:

  • Standard: Most swords you find will be standard swords. These all have a range of 7, and hit for middling damage.
  • Heavy: The next most common blades are heavy swords. They have a range of 6 and will put a damper on your DEX when equipped, but heavy swords hit harder than anything else.
  • Light: The rarest blades, light swords are what you'd expect. They have a range of 8, but they're the weakest of the bunch.


Your character won't survive long without a good set of armor. Most pieces of armor will raise both DEF and ARM, and rare pieces of armor may increase or decrease other stats as well.


Bestowing a variety of effects, accessories (typically rings) usually raise one of your stats while equipped. You may also find Ankhs capable of regenerating your HP, and, late in the game, these same Ankhs will bring you back from the dead.


Ranging from restorative to stat-boosting, all potions are beneficial. If you don't make much use of spells, you'll want to line your inventory with Life Potions. Occasionally you'll also find potions which will permanently raise one of your stats.


Though found more rarely than any other items, spells can be a lifesaver. They heal, they hurt, they boost, they do all manner of things. Two spells can be equipped at a time, and when used they'll eat away at your MP. At the very least, having a Healing Spell equipped is a great idea.


You can't walk more than ten feet in Questopia without running into some kind of monster. This list covers the gamut of general monsters you'll encounter while running around the pyramid.

  • Flies: Small, buzzing nuisances, flies are the weakest enemies, and the easiest to kill. They fire off short-range projectiles that go further the deeper down you are in the pyramid. Though normally nuisances, flies coupled with other creatures can pose a significant threat. They spawn from mummies, so beware the problem of unattended reproduction.
  • Melee fighters: Demons, skeletons, goblins, melee brawlers come in all shapes. They are essentially your character stripped of magic, and will rush about, swinging their swords and launching projectiles in your direction. Melee fighters get quite fast later in the game, and should be disposed of before you take on any other monsters.
  • Mummies: Possibly the greatest threat in most levels, mummies are a pain. They shamble about slowly, but they are capable of launching projectiles that can do a lot of damage in a short period of time. Worse, they spawn flies constantly. Weave around mummies to avoid their shots and kill them as quickly as you can manage.
  • Sarcophagi: We're fighting coffins now? Yep. Though utterly immobile, sarcophagi launch spreading shots of projectiles that can cut down on your space real fast. Watch for the pattern in the shots, avoid any that come straight for you, and fire back constantly. Always leave sarcophagi for last in a fight, and try to coax other monsters away from these deadly traps. Though they can be easily avoided, sarcophagi yield up some of the game's greatest treasure.
  • Guardians: Every five levels you'll come across a monstrous guardian. Amalgams of melee fighters and sarcophagi, guardians will amble towards you, releasing a thick spread of projectiles while trying to plant their swords in your skull. Lure other monsters away from these guys so you can fight them one-on-one. Move through the pattern of projectiles, wait for the incoming fire to cease, and duck in close for a few seconds—and a few hits—before weaving away again. Magic is great for killing guardians.

The Levels

The pyramid of Questopia consists of twenty-one floors, each one randomly generated. Every five floors you'll be facing a change in the challenge level. Generally speaking, the levels start off harder than they end, as you get stronger while the enemies remain the same, though you'll have to face a wicked guardian at the end of each set of five.

  • Levels 1–5: The beginning is pretty tame, though as soon as you start out you're usually swarmed by a large number of enemies. Comb these levels for enemies and equipment thoroughly rather than trying to rush through them - the bad guys don't get any easier than this. (Literally.)
  • Levels 6–10: You'll notice a fairly significant rise in difficulty here, as the bad guys hit harder and get more HP. Nevertheless, you shouldn't find it that hard to survive so long as you maintain a steady supply of potions.
  • Levels 11–15: The mummies become a bit more brutal here, as they fire more often, but the most noticeable change comes in the melee enemies. They move a lot faster than before. Use this to your advantage by luring the fastest baddies away from their buddies and into adjoining corridors where you can kill them one-at-a-time.
  • Levels 16–20: Mummies are an absolute nightmare here. They appear in large numbers, and they spawn so many flies that you'll be constantly swarmed. It's wisest to get the bad guys trapped on walls and peek around once you're fully healed to fire. If you manage to find it, the Astral Disruption Spell is a godsend on these levels, as it can kill a ton of marauding flies at once without stopping.
  • Level 21: In the game's final area you'll face the god who's made the pyramid his home. He has three forms. In the first, you're facing a sarcophagus. Weave between the shots and fire whenever you're in range. In the second, you're facing a mummy. Try to keep at a distance, as it has a close-range attack that does a lot of damage. Keep the fly population low. In the third and final form, you're facing another ranged opponent. Once you've figured out the pattern, get in close, dodge every second shot that comes your way (the next shot in line should zip right past you) and fire back until it dies. Note that there are crystals which hold items in this level in adjoining rooms, and these crystals will regenerate with each form you defeat.

General Tips

  • Assuming you're content with your current armament, use every piece of equipment you come across for experience. Swords and armor can be sacrificed for experience in your expanded inventory screen. It may take a while to click and drag everything you find into this window, but the difference in experience this makes by the end of the game is considerable.
  • Use every potion you find. Not planning on picking one up? Shift-click to use it and move on. This goes double for stat-boosting potions, which should never occupy space in your inventory.
  • Spend your stat points when you get them. It's easy to forget.
  • Don't neglect your magic. You usually don't need to spend stat points on your MP to make it useful. Maintain a small stock of Energizing Potion and use it as needed to charge your spells. Healing is a staple, and there are many other spells which can come in very handy as backups. (I recommend at least one ranged attack spell, but that's up to you.)
  • Strafe. Very seldom should your character be static. Weave around enemies constantly, firing all the while. If you stay in one place for too long, you'll take a ton of damage and die.
  • Spend your stat points wisely. Stick to ATT, DEF, and DEX, particularly ATT and DEX. HP and MP don't need to be bumped that often to survive. Don't bother with SPD! The gain is too small, and you don't usually need what you get out of it.
  • Unless you're really concerned with getting a high score, leave autofire on at all times. It's one less thing to have to think about in a game that's already a bit confusing in the thick of battle. If your ending accuracy score is a concern, fight by tapping the Space bar on and off. Don't try to swing by clicking your mouse button—you won't fight nearly fast enough.

You can play the game Here!

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Vat on June 15, 2013:

For the part in the tips about having space on, you can just hold down the mouse button and it works the same as tapping space on, then off.