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"Rise of Kingdoms" Guide for Beginners

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Rise Of Kingdom Guide for Beginner Governors

Rise Of Kingdom Guide for Beginner Governors

Just started playing Rise of Kingdoms? Puzzled on how to progress? Well, if you’re looking to become one of the strongest cities in Rise of Kingdoms, then check out our guide.

This guide will be very helpful to beginners, but it will also give benefits to players who have been in the game for a while now but haven’t yet known some of these tips and tricks.

Fully Utilize Your Queues

Rise of Kingdoms has three types of queues: march, build, research. Always make sure that all of these queues are full. It’s such a waste of time so make sure you keep these queues busy.

Resource Gathering March in Rise of Kingdoms

Resource Gathering March in Rise of Kingdoms

March Queue

Deploying troops for resource gathering, barbarian hunts, rallies, city reinforcements or anything that involves your troops marching out of your city takes a place in your march queue.

If you’re too busy to be on the phone for a while, deploy all of your troops to gather resources. But if not, then send a march for barbarian hunts or rallies to barbarian forts. Sending 60% of your marches is a good number.

Take your remaining marches to barbarian hunts or barbarian fort rallies. Make sure you take note of the time it takes for them to fully gather a resource spot, finish a barbarian hunt or rally, or whatever they’re doing. Knowing this, you’ll get an idea of when your will troops return to your city and when to do another march again.

Builder's Hut in Rise of Kingdoms

Builder's Hut in Rise of Kingdoms

Building Queue

Keep your Builder’s Hut occupied with building and upgrade projects. In the beginning, you’ll start with one builder so you’ll have to use a boost to unlock to builders.

After you’ve reached a certain VIP level, you’ll be able to unlock the second builder so try to unlock higher VIP levels as well.

Research Queue

Make sure the Academy is busy with technology research. Prioritize military research so that you’ll be able to easily unlock higher tiered troops.

Training Samurai in the Barracks

Training Samurai in the Barracks

Training Queue

Keep training troops. Never put your training camp idle for some time. Training troops takes time, so it’s definitely recommended to keep your training camps busy always.

Building and Research Queues take lots of resources so you may come to a point that you’ll have to make the idle for a while. This is fine, but make sure you are able to manage their idle time as much as possible.

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Create Another Account in the Same Server

Probably, only a few know this or only a few are doing this, but you can actually create a second account in the same kingdom or server. Why? Well, you can use your second account to focus on producing and gathering resources for you. Through this, you’ll be able to farm faster, and you can let your main account focus on other important things than resource gathering.

Switching Accounts in Rise of Kingdoms

Switching Accounts in Rise of Kingdoms

To create a new governor account, you can follow the simple steps below to guide you on creating another account in Rise of Kingdoms:

  1. Open the Governor Profile. Simply click your governor's avatar located on the upper right of your screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Character Management.
  4. Click Create New Character. You can have a maximum of 2 characters in a Kingdom. You can also use this page to switch on your existing accounts.

Join a Strong Alliance

Apart from being a member of a family that protects you from threats of other cities, joining an alliance gives you lots of boosts and benefits to your city.

Ranking of the Strongest Alliances in our Kingdom

Ranking of the Strongest Alliances in our Kingdom

Alliances can conquer shrines which gives particular boosts to the alliance’s members. Boosts that increase troop’s attack or defense, resource production, and building & research speed are just some of the boosts that you can benefit from shrines.

Apart from the technologies we can research from our city’s academy, the alliance has its own technologies that can be researched to provide different kinds of boosts and benefits to its alliance members. Development, Territory, and War Technologies provide a variety of boosts to your city.

Alliance Page in Rise of Kingdoms

Alliance Page in Rise of Kingdoms

Earn free gifts through Alliance Gifts. Each time your fellow alliance members buy in-game bundles, a particular gift will be given to all of the alliance members. Aside from that, each time a successful rally for barbarian forts and any other neutral units, gifts will also be rewarded to all of the members. If you’re in an alliance where its members are pay to win players, you’ll definitely be rewarded with awesome rewards.

Need help in speeding up building, research, and troops healing progress? Don’t worry your alliance can help you speed it up through the Alliance Help.

Always be involved in your alliance. Try to build towards the members of the alliance by engaging in conversations. You are not just joining an alliance just to reap benefits from the things I have mentioned above but also to gain friends that will help you progress better in the game. They’ll definitely be there to help you in defending your city, in your lack of resources, or even in your march builds. Be friendly, and they’ll surely be a great help to you.

Rise of Kingdoms Calendar of Events Guide

Rise of Kingdoms Calendar of Events Guide

Be Active in Events

From time to time, Rise of Kingdoms will hold events that offer awesome rewards to all players. The Mighty Governor is one of the most awaited events in the game. It’s a week-long event that provides different kinds of daily challenges.

The mightiest governor or the governor which accumulates the whole points in the week-long event earns sculptures of a featured legendary commander. Definitely, there are more events than just the Mighty Governor. As much as possible, try to join and engage in all of the events. The rewards are definitely worth reaping so it would be such a waste if you miss out on all of these opportunities.

These are just a few of the tips that beginner governors should know.

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Vince Tangcalagan (author) from Philippines on July 30, 2019:

You should be a part of an alliance. Your fellow alliance members can send marches to your city as reinforcements.

tenebrio on July 29, 2019:

All this is very helpful but I would like to know how to get reinforcements when attacked. Nothing I've tried seems to work -please

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