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"Spelunky 2" the Jungle vs. Volcana

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The Jungle or Volcana

One of the new things added to Spelunky 2 is multiple paths to beat the game. The first choice you have to make is to decide if you want to go to the Jungle or Volcana. I will explain the differences between the areas and how I decide what path to take.

How to Get to Both Areas

On the last section of the Dwellings, there will always be two exits near the bottom at both ends of the map. The one on the left leads to the Jungle. The exit on the right leads to Volcana. There are multiple ways to get to both exits.

Trick the Boss

The first and default method is to trick the boss of the level into rolling into the wall in the direction of the path you want to take. Then go into the sublevel and work your way down to the bottom and exit. As long as you have one bomb, you can blow up the center area and leave via the other exit if you don’t want to take the one nearest to you.

Use Bombs to Skip the Boss

If you are willing to use multiple bombs, you can also explode your way to the sublevel exits. Doing this will allow you to skip the boss. But be careful. The boss will try to attack you from the other side of the wall. If you can defeat the boss, it will always drop a sack of three bombs.


If you have a way to teleport, you can skip most of the level by teleporting down to the exit you want to take. But be careful that you don’t teleport into a wall.


If you have the pickaxe, you can break your way down towards the exit you want to take.

So now you know how to get to the exits, what level should you go to? I am going to explain how each area is different. Then I will explain how I pick which area to go to.

It's Like a Jungle Sometimes

The Jungle Is Intense

The Jungle has many enemies and traps. You will need to be careful, or you will take lots of damage. You will need to fight Tiki men, man-eating plants, and jump over spike pits.

Enemies in the Jungle tend to be slightly more forgiving damage-wise. You have a chance to recover from damage and keep going.

Weapons like the boomerang and shotgun are much more helpful here. As long as you don't get too close to enemies and shoot fast, there will be very few threats. There is also a high chance you will be able to get a boomerang for free in the Jungle as well.

The Black Market

The Black Market is in the Jungle. You can buy many items here, and there also is an important quest item here. Finding the Black Market without the Udjat Eye is very hard, but it is possible. The Black Market is a great place to buy items you have not found yet.

Reasons to Take the Jungle Route

The cape is very useful in the Jungle. While floating with the cape, you can land on spikes. You won't have to worry about missing hard jumps.

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Booth boots are useful here. The Spiked Boots are particularly useful as they will allow you to stomp most enemies easily. You can also walk on the thorny terrain without taking damage with booths.

If you have a torch, you can relight it, and it will be very helpful in the Jungle. Also, the Machete works great for clearing paths you would not have been able to use normally.

If I have a weapon, cape, or boots, I often prefer to go to the Jungle. Pretty much if I have any number of items, I often go to the Jungle. As I feel I can better utilize the potential of these items here.

Reasons to Avoid the Jungle

If you have very low health points, the Jungle will be tough. Unlike in Volcana enemies, in the Jungle tend to chip away at your heath one point at a time. You will want to bring a weapon or acquire a boomerang fast. Without items to increase your mobility, tough jumps will be very hard, and you might miss them.

The Jungle does not have any unique mounts. Outside of what you see in pet stores, the only mounts you can find here is the rare Turkey. You can't get Vlad's Cape if you go the Jungle route. So if you like that item, go Volcana.

Learn About Volcana

About Volcana

Volcana is full of fire and lava. Most of the things in the level are themed around this, and the area looks like a mine. Volcana can be very lethal if you are not careful.

Weapons Don't Do Much Here

Most of the enemies don’t have more than one health. So having weapons here doesn’t help that much. Shooting the mining bots is a bad idea. As the shots won’t damage them and they will be reflected at you. You can shoot the imps and firebugs, but since they only have one health, it doesn't do much.

The Lava Is a Constant Threat

Because of the lava, you will need to be careful about using bombs. Cause a lava flow near where you need to go, and you might trap yourself from beating a level. Also, bombs instantly explode if they touch any lava. Bombs can be useful for avoiding certain things. But overall, bombs are much less useful in Volcana.

Information About Items in Volcana

Having the jump boosts here is useful. Having these boots will let you make harder jumps. Having spikes boots doesn’t change anything. Few enemies here in Volcana need more than one point of damage to beat. I suppose having spike boots helps if you want to get Vlad’s cape as the extra damage does help in fighting the vampires. Having a cape here helps too, but I feel it more helpful in the Jungle. But if you have a hard time making longer jumps, the cape should mean you never miss.

Vlad’s Cape Is a Great Item

Vlad’s Cape is a huge factor in deciding if to go to Volcana or not. One of the bigger changes in Spelunky 2 is jetpacks now explode. Jet packs are now volatile and risky. Vlad’s Cape is a much safer choice in almost all situations.

Rock Dogs Are Great Mounts

One thing to consider about Volcana is the rock dogs here. While riding one, you can’t take fire damage. Rock dogs have a ranged attack that is very useful in future levels. They make these levels trivial. As long you are careful and don’t let the mount die. They are still helpful no matter what level you decide to go to next as well. Just be careful when trying to get one, or you will be burned!

Reasons to Take the Volcana Route

Overall I often go to Volcana if I have very little or nothing at all. If you have nothing to risk, Volcana has a lot to offer for you to take. You either survive or get burnt to a crisp. I feel Volcana is safer than the Jungle if you have nothing. You can turn a weak run into something decent.

Reasons to Avoid Volcana

Your health points won't do much for in Volcana. A pool of lava beats you no matter how many health points you have. So if you have many health points, it is better to go to the Jungle. If you have mobility items like the cape or boots, I recommend going to the Jungle. Items like these are more useful here. Weapons don't help much in Volcana. If you have a freeze ray, shotgun, or boomerang, these items more effective in the Jungle.

My Overall Thoughts on Which Path to Choose

  • I go to the Jungle if I have a weapon, a cape, or boots, or a lot of bombs and rope.
  • I go to Volcana if I have nothing or don’t feel confident going to the Jungle.

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