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"Super Auto Pets": 10 Tips for Beginners

Shane's been gaming for nearly 40 years and loves a broad array of games in addition to being one-quarter of the Assorted Meeples group.

Just like the game, the title page has a simple cute look that hides the full depth behind it.

Just like the game, the title page has a simple cute look that hides the full depth behind it.

Super Auto Pets: An Amazing Free Gaming Experience

Super Auto Pets really took the online world by storm, and it has remained very popular even half a year after breaking into the mainstream thanks to major YouTubers and Twitch streamers.

This video game is an auto battler that combines adorable art with a simple competitive setup to create a great user experience. Super Auto Pets streams well, is strangely addictive, and has enough crazy potential combinations and strategies to keep players coming back for more.

That said, it can take some time to pick up on the different strategies, styles of play, and the ins & outs of the game to become a good player.

This article is going to give some important quick tips to help true beginners speed up the process of becoming a good player. These tips will help you enjoy this great little game even more!

Free to Play Vs Pay to Play Packs

One of the best features of Super Auto Pets is that they don't mix animal packs. If you want to play the free version, you will only go against others using the same free pack of animals.

If you buy the expansion pack of animals and choose to play with those, you will only play against other players using the same expansion pack.

So don't let the phrase "Pay to Play" scare you off. This game is designed to be fair, so you won't be mowed over by paying players if you are playing the free version.

The free version is also fantastic and holds up in comparison to the paid version, so you don't have to feel like you're missing out, either!

This article focuses on the free animal pack since that's available to everyone, with a few notes about the paid pack where appropriate.

Good Super Auto Pets Strategy Leads to More Wins

Hard to beat the feeling of that very first 10-win game! (Used with permission of owner)

Hard to beat the feeling of that very first 10-win game! (Used with permission of owner)

1. Understand the Play Styles

There are certain play styles that have nicknames within the Super Auto Pets community. Learning these can help you explore new strategies, spot how team designs work, and better understand how to pick effective animal and food combinations for your team.

Common play styles and team builds include:

  • Summon builds - Teams consist of animals that summon more animals, and animals that power or "buff" summoned animals.
  • Sniper builds - Teams with many mosquitoes, dolphins, crocodiles, skunks, and other animals that attack at the very beginning of the match before the front units face off.
  • Heavy scaling teams - Teams with one or two scalers feeding a couple animals to make them super strong.
  • Big bad builds - A team racing for the 50/50 animal, which ideally also has melon armor to protect against scorpions or help them survive a 50/50 without melon armor.

Seeing how these teams work, what animals they go for, and what the best counters are will help you have a better picture of what animals or food upgrade to pick because you know what type of teams you're facing.

You'll learn what type of team you're weak against and what you're strong against. Knowing those strategies or the game's "meta" will change a "coin toss" decision to take one animal or food over another.

2. Don't Sleep on the Early Ant

Ants tend to be abundant in early levels, are very easy to level up to level two, and are terrible in mid to late game. Because of this, many players end up giving up on the ant, but for very early rounds, the ant can be very strong.

They have okay attack, and then give +2ATK/+1 health to another unit further back. In early rounds, that is very strong. A level two ant gives +4ATK/+2 health to a back unit.

In the first five rounds, this can be game-changing. Around round four or five, once you see a pill, use it to get a permanent buff to one of your remaining units and pivot to something else.

The trap with the ant is keeping it too long, but for those first five rounds, it's a strong choice!

Pay to Play Note: Ants are less effective in the early game in the pay to play pack than the original free to play pack, so be more careful in choosing them if you're going in P2P.

3. Look at a Mid-Game Dolphin

Dolphins don't get enough love. The focus on throwing out damage to the lowest hit point opponent can seem weak, but this means you're often setting off a turtle earlier than your opponent wants or taking care of that super dangerous scorpion.

Those alone make a dolphin a good mid-game pick up, but a +6 damage before the fight begins regardless is nothing to brush off.

These rarely make the late game, but having one in the mid-game for a while can make a huge difference. If you can level it up, it becomes a very solid part of most teams.

Pay to Play Note: Dolphins are more important in the paid animal pack because they are the sniper unit that can kill a butterfly before it gets its full HP/attack. That makes dolphins invaluable to counter one of the most dangerous units in pay to play.

4. Big Hippos Bust Summon Builds

Summon builds are very popular in free to play, and they are very effective. Annoyingly so to many of us who don't care for that build and find it very boring and repetitive. There's one very easy counter, and that's a powerful hippo.

The hippo starts off with decent stats, and it gains health and attack for every opponent it beats. For a summon team relying on pure numbers, that makes a strong hippo an absolute nightmare for a summoning team.

Loading a hippo up with pears, chocolates, cupcakes, and garlic can often be enough to carry you towards 10 wins.

Add in some scaling and one other strong unit and this is one of those rare animals that you can build an entire team around, especially if you can level it up.

Hippo, Honey Badger, Scaling...That's Dangerous!

Picture of a very strong Hippo build, used with permission of original owners.

Picture of a very strong Hippo build, used with permission of original owners.

5. Scaling Is Crucial

Giraffes, rabbits, penguins, and monkeys are a really big deal. Scaling fast, and being able to scale up your units as a group, is a powerful way to get ahead. Rabbits and giraffes are good early, but they don't necessarily scale well, especially rabbits.

Getting units that keep boosting others is incredibly strong, and it doesn't take long for two level one monkeys or a penguin on a team loaded with level 2 and level 3 animals to create a team that is out of control strong.

This is a very important setup for the free to play pack, especially if you can't find a good sniper team or powerful hippo to fight scaling teams.

6. Cupcake Crabs

Crabs don't tend to scale well, but in the right situation in the early game, they can be overpowered. If you have one very strong unit with a lot of health in the early game, feed it two cupcakes and pick a crab to take advantage of those temporary hit points.

A crab's attack isn't good, but if on round four you get a 12 or 13-hit point crab, that will tank you through a lot. Add meat to it to give good damage; you can even pull this off twice for two crabs with a lot of HP early on.

Most of the time you'll want to bail on this at some point, but to tank through early rounds while setting up the rest of your team can make crabs a winning pick.

7. Double Scaler Until You Can Level Up

It can be tempting to stack a rabbit on a rabbit or a monkey on a monkey to get halfway to level 2. But if you have the space on your team and can't level them all the way up, why not have two scalers instead? That means all food gets two buffs from rabbits instead of one, and that front animal gets two boosts from monkeys instead of one.

Until a chocolate or another scaling unit shows up (allowing you to level that animal to level 2), it's usually better to keep two unimproved scalers around for a few rounds to double bonuses and buffs before leveling them up.

8. Melon Armor Is Gold

Melon armor absorbs 20 hit points worth of damage and one hit from a scorpion trying to poison you, making it incredibly powerful. Melon is level six, but if you use a pill on a turtle, you can get it much earlier.

Putting melon armor on almost always guarantees at least one more attack, so putting it on heavy hitting animals is a great way to make sure your team's firepower goes way up while making them more likely to survive the opponent's heavy hitters.

One or two quick melon armors in the early game gives you a chance to just run the table to 10 wins, including the ultra-rare undefeated 10-win games if you manage to avoid snipers along the way.

Melon armor is one of the best foods/buffs in the game.

9. Honey Badger & Snake = Busted

There is one combination and one solo unit that can really break your opponents' wills.

The snake is one of the few level 6 animals where you can seriously consider replacing a long-time leveled up animal to pick it up. The snake does damage to a random enemy every time the animal ahead of it attacks. If you have a 50/50 animal with melon armor, that can mean multiple free attacks on your opponent that can break melon armor, cause damage, and turn the tide of a match.

Snakes are very strong, and if you can quickly level a snake up to level 2 behind an animal, you're almost certain to get 2-3 attacks or more. It will swing the game heavily in your favor.

The honey badger strategy is using the already powerful bee on the back row animal and putting it on an animal that does a lot of leveled up damage when killed. This means it often creates draws in matches that you would otherwise lose, and then the bee pops up to steal a win.

Having either one of these will get more wins than you would otherwise get from a team. The rare team that has both is just, frankly, unfair.

10. Screenshot That Sloth Victory

Sloths are so incredibly rare that I had to play 100 hours before finding one. I found a second one at 120 hours and a third one at 135 hours. I haven't seen another one in 110 hours of playing since.

If you get a rare sloth making an appearance, you need to take a chance and try to find a way to win with the sloth. It's hard because the sloth isn't good.

But as the picture states, he believes in you. He's also beyond adorable. If you want true bragging rights, win with a sloth and screenshot it to prove it.

Look at the video below as one of the biggest Super Auto Pets YouTubers reacts to finally seeing his first sloth. Remember, sloths are good. You must find a way to win with the sloth! He believes in you!

Northern Lion Finds His First Sloth Super Auto Pets

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