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The 10 Best Items in "The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth"

Eric loves to play "The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth" on Steam, and it is one of his favorite games. He wants to teach others about the game.


The Good Stuff

In this list, I am going to go over what I think the best items in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth are.

These are the items that often change a game session from bad to good or from OK to amazing.

This guide has been updated for Repentance.

I am going to assume you are playing this version of the game as well. If you are not, then this list will seem misleading.

Also, I am sure some people will disagree with my choices, and that is OK.

Also, these items are not exactly in order. For one choosing an order would be very hard. So everything is in alphabetical order.

Repentance Changes


20/20 is still a good item. But with the now added damage reduction multiplier, it is hard to say it is one of the best items in the game.


With the changes to Brimstone and changes to Devil Deals, it is harder to say Brimstone is one of the best items in the game.

The item is now slightly weaker and it is harder to get.

Tech X

The damage Tech X deals are now based on charge time. The item is still good, and I like it. But the item is no longer one of the best items in the game.

Candy Heart and Soul Locket.

Candy Heart and Soul Locket.

Candy Heart and Soul Locket

How the Items Work

I know these are two different items. But they both do about the same thing, and I like them for the same reasons.

Candy Heart is found in Treasure Rooms. Soul Locket is found in angel Rooms.

Both items give you tiny stats up increases when picking up heart containers. Red hearts for Candy Heart and soul and black hearts for soul locket.

Soul Locket gives slightly better stats that Candy Heart.

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Why These Items Are so Good

Being able to power up your character by healing is amazing. I would say these two items may be the best in the game.

If you can find a way to get heart containers often, you will have huge stats gains. Try to pick up or create as many heart containers as you can!

It should be noted you have to pick up the hearts for this to work. So items that directly add health don't give stats.




This item increases most of your stats. It also increases your tear delay. This allows you to get to four tears instead of the normal five.

Items that make you better overall are always good. This item also allows you to potentially have better tears end game.

Cricket's Head

Cricket's Head

Cricket's Head

You find Cricket's Head in Golden Chests and Treasure Rooms.

Crickets Head is a great item for the bonus damage it gives. The item multiplies your damage by 1.5.

This is amazing, and this helps no matter how much damage you have. The item gives you a tiny damage increase as well.

There is nothing bad about this item at all. I wish I found it a bit more.

Magic Mushroom

Magic Mushroom

Magic Mushroom

You find Magic Mushroom in Treasure Rooms and the Boss item pool.

Magic Mushroom is a great item that makes your stats better overall. It increases most of your stats. It feels like an alternative version of Cricket’s Head.

But that alone is not what makes this item great. What makes this a good item is the damage multiplier you get. The item multiplies your damage by 1.5.

But the damage multiplier does not stack with Cricket’s Head and some other items. That would be too good, I suppose.

The only annoying thing about this item is the size increase.

Holy Mantle.

Holy Mantle.

Holy Mantle

Holy Mantle is found in Angel Rooms and Treasure Rooms. You avoid taking damage once every room. The shield you gain recharges from leaving and entering rooms.

Holy Mantle is the ultimate defensive-based item.

The Holy Mantle might not seem like much during boss fights. As it only would let you dodge one attack. But the utility this item brings into normal rooms is amazing.

Here is a list of reasons why this item is great.

  • You can avoid damage for one hit in every room.
  • You can enter and leave Curse Rooms without taking damage.
  • You can walk over spikes to get items without taking damage.
  • You can open spiked chests without taking damage.
  • Does a room have annoying obstacles? Just run past everything very fast you won't get hurt.
Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart

You find Sacred Heart in Angel Rooms.

Sacred Heart is one of the best items in the game. You do not have to unlock the item either.

The item has a flat increase in damage by one. But what makes this item good is the 2.3 damage multiplier. This is the best damage multiplier you can find in the game!

The damage multiplier alone would make this one of the best items in the game. But this item has even more!

Sacred Heart fully heals your health and gives you one red heart container. It also gives you homing tears, and this item even gives your bombs a homing effect.

The item also makes your shots slower, and this lowers your overall shot range. But this is nothing compared to the good the item does.

This item makes me consider trying to get into Angel Rooms instead of Devil Rooms.

Sinus Infection

Sinus Infection

Sinus Infection

You find Sinus Infection in Treasure Rooms.

While multiple items give poison damage, I like Sinus Infection the most. This item does more damage to bosses. This item makes even the hardest boss fights much easier.

The hardest bosses in the game have a special armor that stops you from doing a lot of damage to them at once.

But items like this bypass the armor by attacking them many times at once for a tiny amount of damage.

The only downside is the enemies jump the boogers will fall off.

SMB Super Fan

SMB Super Fan

SMB Super Fan

You find SMB Super Fan in Treasure Rooms.

SMB Super Fan increases most of your stats a tiny bit, and you gain a full red heart container.

I love items like this. Most items that increase your overall stats increases are very helpful.

The Halo

The Halo

The Halo

You find The Halo in Treasure Rooms, Angel Rooms, and the Boss item pool.

The Halo gives most of your stats a small increase and gives you a full red heart container.

If some of your stats have low points, this item helps by increasing everything. I love finding this item when playing as Eden.




About the Item

Venus is only found in Planetarium Rooms.

You gain an extra heart container and the item heals you. While standing next to enemies they will become charmed and fight each other.

Why This Item Is Good

Venus is one of the best Planetarium items.

It is quite funny to see enemies run at you and then turn around and start to fight in a deathmatch.

You will almost never take damage from enemies who try to bump into you. As they will become charmed and stop.

Other Good items

  • 2Spooky: Enemies run away from you and gain the fear effect if they get too close.
  • Abaddon: While the health loss is risky, the tear effect and extra damage are very good.
  • A Lump of Coal: Your damage increases based on shot range.
  • Blanket: The extra defense during boss fights helps a lot.
  • Dead Dove/Spirit of the Night: Flight and spectral tears is a great combination.
  • Death's Touch: The damage up and piercing shots are nice. Also makes your shots very big.
  • Godhead: A item that gives you amazing tears. The item is very hard to unlock, though.
  • Holy Light: Holy tears a great source of extra damage.
  • Stopwatch: The slowdown will make hard bosses much easier. Broken Modem also works well for the same reasons.
  • Tech.5/Technology Zero/Jacobs Ladder: The extra damage is very helpful.

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