3 of the Best Marine Arena Strategies

Updated on January 7, 2019

This article aims to collect several all-around, well-performing strategies for use in Marine Arena, explaining both the strengths and weaknesses of each as well as how to perform them.

Strategy One: Early Battle Cruisers

Note the strong positioning: battle cruisers in the centre, hovering over a ledge for an easy retreat in case of targetting. Source: Author
Note the strong positioning: battle cruisers in the centre, hovering over a ledge for an easy retreat in case of targetting. Source: Author | Source

Battle Cruisers in Marine Arena

Good Against

  • This tactic works particularly well in games that involve a lot of ZerglingsandZealots

Bad Against

  • It doesn't do well against games in which everyone goes Marauders.

Zerglings and Zealots cannot attack air units, and Marauders will be upgraded to Maraiders which can easily snipe Battle Cruisers (BC)

Notes on Performing the Tactic

  1. Save 300 minerals to get your first Battle Cruiser at 6:00 from the Centre Shops
  2. Position your BattleCruiser(s) out of the fire of Marines and Marauders
  3. Do not engage your Battle Cruisers into armies by themselves
  4. Keep good vision and be careful of air units like Mutalisks and Wraiths which will make short work of any Shop-bought air units
  5. Use the Yamamoto Cannon abilities (125 energy) to snipe any High Templars, Infestors or Ghosts on the battlefield.
  6. After 12 minutes, do not use your Battle Cruisers with your main army, instead, you can use it to help control towers and provide vision into your opponents' base

Strategy Two: Maraider-Templar

Good Against:

  • Every opening
  • Almost every hero-army play

Weak Against:

  • Ghost-based play
  • Battle Cruiser play


  • Maraiders counter any mass Zergling and Zealot plays and also path the way to countering higher tier units like Reavers, Hybrids, Mutalisks, Void Rays and Wraiths.
  • High Templars give a huge advantage against Marine/Maraider armies and make up for Maraiders being countered e.g. will destroy packs of Stalkers, Goliaths etc.
  • High Templars can Feedback other heroes, including their counter Ghosts but also other heroes like Odin, Infestors etc.

Notes on Performing the Tactic

  • Open Marauders and upgrade them to Maraiders at the 10 minute mark.
  • If your opponents have gone heavily Zergling or Zealots, then research the Splash Damage Upgrade at the Centre Shops on the Maraiders and upgrade damage to 3 before saving for a High Templar
  • Then buy the High Templar upgrades at the Centre Shops in the following order: regeneration, damage, range, damage, damage, range
  • Do not buy the 600 damage upgrade unless your opponents have gone higher tier units like Goliaths, Stalkers or Reavers.
  • After the HT upgrades, proceed to upgrade damage on Maraiders until 7 and then buy Maraider health upgrades until 20 minutes.
  • At 20 minutes, upgrade marines in the following way: Jim Raynor Upgrade, damage til 3, Marine Range and Speed, Damage til 6 etc.

A Final Note

  • This is a micro-based strategy and therefore before trying it expect to use a higher APM than any other strategy. Dodging EMP's and Snipe, Feedbacking, performing great storms and at the same time micro'ing a Marine/Marauder army against your foes.

A Video Explaining Storming Micro

Strategy Three: Maraiders with Rushed Support Tower

Good Against:

  • Everything

Weak Against:

  • Without careful micro, it is weak against players who invest in Shop Units like Reapers and Medivacs


  • The main reason this tactic works well is because it provides you with an endless supply of chrono boost, meaning you can double the production of your mercenary production, in this case Maraiders, for the rest of the game. This gives you a huge advantage in terms of sheer number so even if your units are 2 upgrades behind (400 minerals) you will still earn more minerals and catch up in no time. The only problem however, is gaining the 150 minerals you need to gain on top of the 250 you saved from the start, since you are going to be without Stim Pack or any other help for this time - this is why you are vulnerable to people who go mass reaper or raven etc. After the tower is achieved, masses of Maraiders counter almost any opposing units other than stronger Maraider masses.

Notes on Performing the Tactic:

  1. Buy Marauders at the start
  2. Earn 150 minerals
  3. Buy the Radar Tower and then upgrade it into the Support Tower
  4. Chrono Boost your mercenary every 20 seconds for the rest of the game
  5. At 10 minutes, upgrade Marauders into Maraiders
  6. Buy Slow, Stim Pack and damage upgrades
  7. Upgrade Marines and Marauders as per usual

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