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The Top 5 "Star Trek" Games for PC

David is an avid gamer across multiple platforms such as consoles, handhelds, mobile phones, and PC.

The best thing about Star Trek games are the starships.

The best thing about Star Trek games are the starships.

There have been a ton of Star Trek PC games. A few great games, some good, and a whole bunch of bad. Here are my top five picks.

1. Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force

  • Released: 09/15/00
  • Developed By: Raven Software
  • Published By: Activision
  • Metascore: Holds an 86% metascore on Metacritic.

All About Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force

Probably one of the only first person shooter games set in the Star Trek universe, which turned out to be a good shooter and Star Trek game.

  • Voiced by the Voyager crew. Every major role in Elite Force is voiced by the actual actor or actress from the series.
  • It's a good first person shooter. What was surprising about the game at the time was how good of a first person shooter it was, even to those who weren't into Star Trek.
  • Walk around Voyager. Between missions the player can walk around Voyager, talk to the crew, and complete tasks to progress the story.
  • Great story. Story was so good I would consider it being better than some Voyager episodes. The Borg are in it, as well as Species 8472. Though the player plays a brand new character in the Voyager universe.
  • Had multiplayer. At the time it wasn't too bad, though I doubt anyone plays it now. It's not a reason to play the game at this point.
  • Graphics are dated. At this point the graphics haven't aged well and could do with a remaster, though I don't expect that to happen.
  • AI isn't that great. The enemy AI is fine, but the squad AI just wasn't that solid. If companions are killed in combat, it's game over, and sometimes that would happen without the player even realizing it.
  • There is a sequel. While not quite as good as the first game, it's still pretty good. It has some updated graphics and gameplay elements.

Of all of the Star Trek games I have played, it's the only one that made me feel like I was part of the Star Trek universe, and that's why it's first on my list.

Why It's on This List

It's a first person shooter set in the Star Trek universe, and it did it right. From the plot, to the gameplay, to the interaction with the crew. It was just great.

2. Star Trek Online

  • Released: 02/02/10
  • Developed By: Cryptic Studios
  • Published By: Atari
  • Metascore: Holds a 66% metascore on Metacritic.

All About Star Trek Online

The only traditional massively multiplayer roleplaying game on this list. Star Trek Online has evolved a lot over the years, in good and bad ways.

  • It's free. No monthly subscription is required, but you don't receive as many perks as compared to having a monthly subscription.
  • Plenty of expansions. Like other MMOs, this has many expansions. They are free though, mostly because it's not how this game makes its money.
  • There is a cash shop. Since it's a free game, there is a huge cash shop. Players can buy races, ships, buffs, and so much more. Players can also buy keys to unlock loot boxes, which are plentiful.
  • The storyline is decent. If you are into Star Trek, then there is a lot here for you. Good and solid storylines with a variety of characters and races found in the Star Trek universe.
  • Many ways to build your character. While there aren't that many classes, you can build them in so many different ways. The big deal is the amount of ships available, for which there are dozens.
  • Space combat is great. One of the best things about this game is the space combat. You'll be doing this a lot and they did a great job in making it fun and exciting.
  • Ground combat is horrible. It's better than what it was at release, but it's not fun and drags down the game. I try to avoid doing ground combat whenever possible.
  • Doesn't feel like Star Trek. While it has the look of Star Trek, if you are a big fan of the Federation, then you won't recognize them in this game. Peace is out the window, it's all about combat.

I wanted to rank this first, but with it having loot boxes and losing some of the Star Trek feel, I couldn't. Still though, I have found it to be a fun Star Trek game, especially if I want to blow up a lot of ships.

Why It's on This List

It's a solid Star Trek game with a heavy focus on combat. As someone who is heavily into starships, I've sunk hundreds of hours in this game just to try them all.

3. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

  • Released: 05/30/17
  • Developed By: Red storm Entertainment
  • Published By: Ubisoft
  • Metascore: Holds a 78% metascore on Metacritic.

All About Star Trek: Bridge Crew

So technically this isn't a PC game, it's a VR game. However, since it's on the PC, I had to include it since it is such a good game.

  • It's a VR game. Obviously players will need a VR setup to enjoy this game.
  • Great in multiplayer. Up to four people can enjoy this game. Each person takes a position - Captain, tactical, engineer, and helm.
  • Can be played solo. As the captain, a player can issue orders to the AI, or, jump into different roles. However, multiplayer is so much better.
  • Has a decent, but short, story. The story serves as a good introduction to the game mechanics.
  • Has randomly generated missions. Good for those who wish to keep playing after the story, but, there isn't much variety in the mission.
  • Has some bugs. Sometimes one player sees another ship, but, another player doesn't. That's just due to bugs, which can ruin the immersion. Even worse bugs have been reported, like being unable to create a lobby for others to join.
  • May no longer be supported. The developers may have given up on the game, despite it being somewhat new still. So don't expect any new content.

Literally the only Star Trek VR game on the market. It's worth a try, even if playing solo.

Why It's on This List

Primarily because it's VR, since there are no other Star Trek games on VR. Secondly, it's one of the few games that allows players and their friends to command a starship.

4. Star Trek: Armada

  • Released: 02/29/00
  • Developed By: Activision
  • Published By: Activision
  • Metascore: Not rated.

All About Star Trek: Armada

Another Star Trek game that relies heavily on starships, this time, in a real time strategy setting.

  • Has the voice of Picard. One of the few Star Trek games out there that has the voice of Patrick Stewart. That right there makes it worth it.
  • Good story. It's actually a pretty good story. Good plot, does well to interweave why the player is doing what they are doing, and offers a solid conclusion.
  • Good selection of ships. Ships fill different roles, which impacts how combat will go. Large ships are slower, but can take more damage. Escorts can fly faster, but are weaker.
  • Odd powers. Ships had unusual powers that weren't seen in the television shows, but, they felt appropriate to the universe.
  • Skirmish mode is decent. One of the few games I kept playing after beating the single player game, because the skirmish mode wasn't too bad.
  • The Borg is a playable faction. The Borg can assimilate ships. Additionally, players can capture Borg ships and create their own Borg fleet, which was a decent spin.
  • Nebulas were out of place. A ship can go into a nebula to receive a buff, which was odd, but was part of the style of the games at the time.
  • Decent sequel. There is a sequel to the game, which isn't too bad, though it seems to go over the top with some of the starships. For example, multiple Borg cubes can combine to one massive cube.

The only other real time strategy game that came out around the same time was based in ground combat, which made no sense, so this was the go to game.

Why It's on This List

It's fun commanding a fleet of starships, as well as feeling like the player is living in an episode of Star Trek. Especially since the single player campaign is against the Borg.

5. Star Trek: Birth of the Federation

  • Released: 05/25/99
  • Developed By: MicroProse
  • Published By: Hasbro Interactive
  • Metascore: Not rated.

All About Star Trek: Birth of the Federation

You would think that the Star Trek universe would be ripe for games that manage your own civilization. There aren't many, so Birth of the Federation is pretty much it.

  • More than just the Federation. There are multiple races that you can lead throughout the game, not just the Federation. There are the Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi, and Cardassians.
  • A bunch of minor races. There are a lot of minor races that you can coax to join your empire, or, you can straight up conquer.
  • Based on The Next Generation. So the only ships or races that appear in that show appear in the game. There are some Deep Space 9 ships, but, that's because they appeared in The Next Generation.
  • Combat isn't that great. Getting your fleet together to fight other ships isn't that fun. It's mostly automated, except for issuing attack orders. Plus it looks just plain ugly.
  • Decent UI. What is great about this game is that each of the major factions have a UI that matches their looks in the show, so it really sucks you in.
  • The factions have odd AI. For example, the Federation may demand tribute. Or, the Klingons will seek peace. Not typical for those factions in the Star Trek universe.
  • Game can have extreme slowdown. The longer a game lasts, the longer it takes for turns to complete. It suffers from major slowdown that was never patched out.

Since it's really the only Star Trek civilization game out there, it's worth giving it a try. Don't expect it to be faithful to the material though.

Why It's on This List

It's an old school strategy game involving conquering theother races. Until there is a bunch of slow down, it's actually a great game that does a good job representing the Star Trek universe.

Honorable Mentions

Star Trek: Bridge Commander The developers put in a lot of effort to be faithful to the Star Trek universe. It was also great since players did feel like the captain when controlling their ships. While newer Star Trek games offer a similar experience, this one does it as close as possible.

Stellaris I put this on the list even though it's not really a Star Trek game. However, there are incredible mods out there that turn it into a great Star Trek game. I would almost say it's one of the best ones available because of it. While it wasn't designed for that, it's really worth trying out the mods to an already great game.

What Do You Think?

Are there any Star Trek games that you would recommend? Do you disagree with my list? Let me know in the comments below!

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