Top 6 Defensive Plants in Plants vs. Zombies 2

Updated on July 3, 2017

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Mobile strategy game Plants vs. Zombies 2 introduced a slew of new plants to combat the undead like never before. With a faster pace and higher difficulty, players need fast reflexes and sharp minds to prevail against their foes.

Stalling the zombies with shield-like plants has always been a central component to PvZ, but with so many defensive options, which should be utilized? To help keep your brain intact, let's countdown the six best defensive lawn guardians (as of this writing)!


6. Explode-o-nut

Sun Cost: 50
Recharge: 5 Seconds
Unlock by: Purchase it with money

Explode-o-nut serves as the ultimate defensive unit. It's cheap, recharges quickly, and unleashes a powerful 3x3 blast when destroyed. So why's it last in our countdown? Currently, the plant can only be bought with real money, remaining tantalizingly out-of-reach for free-to-play gamers like myself.

If you've got a few bucks to burn, this is the best defensive unit there is. If not, pick one of the more accessible options we're about to cover.


5. Pea-nut

Sun Cost: 150
Recharge: 15 Seconds
Unlock by: Buy with Gems

Pea-nut has a higher price tag than other barriers, but it essentially combines a Wall-nut and a Peashooter into one unit (and only takes up one grid space). With the same durability as Wall-nut and a faster recharge, Pea-nut also shoots peas forward, blending offense and defense.

The high Sun cost can make it tricky to plant multiple legumes early in the level; consider combining it with a plant like Gold Bloom to provide extra Sun. Pea-nut can currently be purchased for 100 Gems (which you can obtain without spending money).


4. Wall-nut

Sun Cost: 50
Recharge: 20 Seconds
Unlock by: Beat the tutorial levels

The standard Wall-nut remains useful throughout your adventure. It provides stalwart defense for a low Sun cost, and is available as soon as you beat the tutorial missions.

Wall-nut's greatest downside is its terrible recharge, preventing you from planting several at once. Because of this, consider bringing two defensive units instead of just one to the level when harnessing Wall-nut.


3. Infi-nut

Sun Cost: 75
Recharge: 10 Seconds
Unlock by: Buy it with Gems

Infi-nut demands more Sun that Wall-nut, and only absorbs half the number of zombies bites, so why use it? Because Infi-Nut regenerates itself infinitely (hence the pun) even if completely eaten, allowing you to plant some up front and have your defenses set for the entire level.

Infi-nut also wields a potent Plant Food effect that shields every row rather than just one, making it my favored defensive unit.. but only for levels without zombies who can destroy its projector. Against opponents like the fearsome Zombie Gargantuars and Explorer Zombies, you'll want to counter with different defenders.

Chard Guard
Chard Guard

2. Chard Guard

Sun Cost: 75
Recharge: 15 Seconds
Unlock by: Beat Frostbite Caves - Day 11

A unique unit with a reasonable Sun cost, Chard Guard knocks zombies back down the lane rather than stalling them with high health. Each Chard can hurl every zombie in range of its row a total of three times.

Chard works great in nearly every level for several reasons:

  • It has a better recharge time than Wall-nut
  • It can affect and slow Zombie Gargantuars, unlike nearly every other defensive unit
  • Once it has knocked zombies back three times, it still remains intact, letting you shovel it to recuperate some of your Sun

An inexpensive defender who can actually hinder the toughest kind of zombie, access Chard as soon as you can.

Primal Wall-nut
Primal Wall-nut

1. Primal Wall-nut

Sun Cost: 75
Recharge: 5 Seconds
Unlock by: Beat Jurassic Marsh - Day 4

Primal Wall-nut functions as an improved version of the classic defender. Sure, you spend an extra 25 Sun a pop, but the Primal edition can recharge in a fourth of the time, saving you a slot by preventing the need to bring multiple shields to a level.

It brandishes the same durability as its normal counterpart, and even has some hidden powers the game doesn't mention. Sharp-eyed players will note that Primal Wall-nut requires three insta-kill hits to destroy rather than the usual one. This allows it to stall much better than most defensive units against challenging Zombie Gargantuars or All-Star Zombies.

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While some plants display superior abilities, each can be useful in the right level, so never forget all your defensive options when selecting your squad. With new updates continuously releasing, we're sure to witness more impressive barriers in the days to come.

For now, feel free to vote for your favorite plant, and I'll see you at our next countdown!

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