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Ultimate "Idle Blacksmith" Guide

Kristian has always played games and insists that he will never grow out of it! His dream is to play with a pro gamer one day.

This is an Idle Blacksmith guide, showing you the tips, tricks and strategies to progress through the characterful game of Idle Blacksmith.

Idle Blacksmith is a fairly standard idle game, based around the concept of making weaponry and armour. The game is quite nicely focused around the RPG and MMORPG style weapons and armour, with enchantments appealing specifically to that audience.

The game follows the standard "cookie clicker" style clicker game, rewarding progression with faster progression.

The game was created within Unity and released in 2014. More recently the game has been ported over to mobile and can be found on the Play Store, credited to "Serissa Solutions".


Basic Gameplay Progression

There is a basic serial process to obtaining money in Idle Blacksmith:

  1. Mine the ore
  2. Smelt the ore into a bar
  3. Forge the bar into a weapon or piece of armour
  4. Enchant the weapon or armour
  5. Sell it for money

Each of the actions above progresses a small portion for every click. Once the item is sold the player generates coins that they can spend on upgrades to make the process faster.

Each time one of the actions is completed, the next level of item is completed.

For example, mining starts with copper. Once a copper ore is mined the ability to mine iron ore is then unlocked.

This applies to each of the skills, except for selling in which all options are available from the very beginning.


General Strategy

Whilst Idle Blacksmith is a basic game, there are some nuances that will definitely speed up your progress and make your playthrough far more efficient. This section defines the general progression and aspects to consider to progress faster:

Starting Out

Through the first few levels, it is easiest to just hold down the space bar (100 clicks per second) in order to rattle through your first few items.

Once you have made a few sales, you can then consider getting some upgrades.

My personal preference while progressing through a game like Idle Blacksmith is to be as passive as possible. Essentially this means prioritizing all aspects of the game that don't require your input to progress.

This gives a huge bonus, in that you can leave Idle Blacksmith running in the background whilst you are AFK (away from keyboard) or doing something else on your PC.

It should also be noted that Idle Blacksmith will run whilst disconnected from the internet, provided you load the game first. This can be useful whilst away on a laptop without connectivity.


I find it best to generally ignore the first row of upgrade and just head straight for the "auto mine" style upgrades. Mainly as this means that while you are applying some acceleration to other areas, each skill will in turn carry on producing while you are away or doing something else.

When upgrading, don't neglect the tier 4 upgrade for selling "bargain". This gives you a +10% selling price to all your items. To put it in context, this is equivalent to ascending!

Item Progression

When considering what items are best to make, the game gives some good guidance in that it is better to produce fewer items that are more expensive than more items that are cheaper.

The game rewards progression to higher tier ores, so ensure that you are always pushing ahead into the game. Even if this means that each item is coming in slower, the gold generated per second is probably still higher.

This is absolutely key to fast progression through this game and should not be ignored if you are trying to be efficient. The item price gap between ores is significant and well worth the invested time to make a better item.


You will want to ensure that you are ascending regularly. Despite the reset, it gives you a global +10% gold increase in your salable items per level, which is huge.

The rule of thumb is when the levels start to feel really grindy and slow, that is the perfect time to ascend.

For the first few times, don't ascend as soon as you can. It is better to wait until you can go up at least 10 levels to get the best efficiency from the ascendancy.

I tend to find it is worth waiting to squeeze a few levels out before I take the plunge to restart.

It is also worth considering how much game time you plan to put in. If you are busy writing an assignment or want to only pay part attention, it is best to defer ascending until you are free to put more attention into it. Once ascended you have to pay more attention to progress through ores more often, until you hit the slow portion of the game.



The achievements within Idle Blacksmith are fairly basic and essentially will be unlocked through the natural progression of the game.

They give no bonuses or effects on gameplay, so don't worry too much about grabbing these with any priority.

That being said, with the introduction of the mobile version of the game, there is a leader board attached. This gives a sense of achievement and may make many players inclined to move to the mobile version to test their Idle Blacksmith skills against each other.


That wraps up my guide to Idle Blacksmith!

I feel this is a great little game with a surprising amount of depth for such a simple concept. If you enjoyed this game as much as me, check out cookie clicker. It is a classic in the idle/clicker genre and has a fantastic community behind it.

You can find a link to my guide below to get you started:

Tips and Tricks

Below is a useful assortment of tips and tricks to help you perfect your blacksmith skills in this idle game:

  • Hold down space bar instead of clicking for faster progression (the equivalent of 10 clicks per second)
  • Hold down control and click to upgrade something x10
  • Hold down shift and click to upgrade something x100
  • You can save and load the game by exporting and importing in the "ascensions" menu—ensure you save regularly to avoid losing progress
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© 2018 Kristian Howe


Isabelle on August 13, 2018:

you're wrong actually, every achievement increases the value of the items by 5%