Videogame Review: "Imperator Rome"

Updated on May 3, 2019
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The imperator Rome promotional logo.
The imperator Rome promotional logo. | Source

Quick Info:

Developer: Paradox Development Studios
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Genre: Grand strategy game
Released: April 25th, 2019

What is Imperator Rome?

Imperator Rome is a grand strategy game developed by Paradox Development Studios. It is set after the fall of Alexander the Great’s empire. You can play as many nations in that era such as Rome, Carthage, Egypt, and Macedon. You can also play as many smaller nations and try to create your own empire. Will you obtain glory or fall apart? That all depends on your decisions.

The Gameplay is Similar to Previous Games:

If you’ve played Europa Universalis IV or Crusader Kings you’ll recognize some of the gameplay elements from those games. They also use mechanics from Stellaris but I haven’t played the game.

The gameplay does seem daunting but there are tutorial videos on YouTube and the game does have a tutorial. It does seem complicated but after you play for a while you will get the hang of how to expand and grow your empire.

1:42 Imperator: Rome - Launch Trailer

The Graphics Look Amazing!

Visually when it comes to the game’s presentation, it looks really good, especially on the world map where the terrain is really detailed on the terrain map.

The art style of the character units on the map is very nice and it looks cool. The user interface looks nice, although it does seem very complicated.

I like the detailed graphics of the game but graphics aren’t everything, but Imperator Rome is a nice game to look at.

The Sound Design is Good:

I like the sound design of this game. The sounds are really good. There isn’t really a lot of voice acting per se, because it ls mainly a text-based game and there ins’t a whole lot of voice acting for this game due to there being so many countries in the game.

The sound effects are good, but it’s not really amazing or anything.

Imperator: Rome (Complete Soundtrack) | Full Album

The Music is Nice:

The music for the game is really nice and I do like it. Jonatan Järpehag composed nice music for this game but it’s not the best music I’ve ever heard but it is pleasant to listen to.

The soundtrack is defnitly good, but not too memorable.

The Game Can Feel Like You’re Playing Similar Factions:

I find that many of the different civilizations all have very similar mechanics between them and that nothing really changes except for the government types that you can start as.

While the map seems big, variety isn’t nearly as diverse as you think it is.

The Loyalty Stat is Annoying:

The loyalty stat of your generals goes down constantly unless you bribe them to like you, and it's really annoying because you can’t really role play as a good leader in the game because bribing people to like you is just an easier way to make sure you can do things in-game.

It’s also annoying because if you don’t keep track of all your generals they can start a civil war if they become too disloyal and it’s just another thing you have to micromanage while playing the game.

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The Game Right Now is Kind of Pricey:

While I have a lot of fun playing Imperator Rome, this isn’t a grand strategy game for everyone. Some of the more diehard fans find it to be bare bones and have complained a lot, it has mixed reviews on Steam, I understand why because Paradox hyped it up a lot.

While I am one of the people that do enjoy this game a lot, I can’t quite recommend it at the $39.99 price point at this time because I know there’s DLC probably coming and this game is going to have a lot of DLC if its predecessors Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II are any indicators of Paradox pumping out the DLC for old games.

I’m sure that they’ll have a lot of DLC and that’s why I can’t recommend purchasing it at full price, I got a discount from Greenman Gaming so I didn’t pay full price for it, but it wasn't that big a discount either.

I think you should hold off until it goes on sale on Steam before buying it. There are a ton of let’s plays on YouTube if you want to wait for sales. You can always see if a CD Key store is selling it at a discount too

It Does Have Game Breaking Bugs:

While haven’t experienced many of the game breaking bugs some other gamers have I did have the game crash on me when I started it up on my computer, it happens sometimes but not all the time, it’s still annoying though.

Some people have had the game freeze on them but it is obnoxious that there are bugs in this game.

The government screen in Imperator Rome.
The government screen in Imperator Rome. | Source

This Game is Too Expensive but Fun:

Imperator: Rome is a fun and entertaining game. I do like to play it a lot. I’ve spent a lot of time with the game and it is enjoyable for me. It is too expensive at the moment even though it is cheaper than other games.

I would recommend waitng for a sale before purchasing this game.

Quick Summary:

What Works:
What Doesn't Work
Great graphics
Countries feel too similar during gameplay
Good sound design
Game breaking bugs
Large world map
Too expensive for what's in it and DLC is coming which makes it more expensive

My Grade: B-

While I have a ton of fun with Imperator Rome, it’s not a perfect game. It has bugs and gameplay feels very repetitive. It’s not the best grand strategy game from Paradox and it does feel like they could do more with this game than they have. They’ll probably be putting out a lot of DLC so I can’t really recommend paying full price for it. I got mine at a discount so it wasn’t as much as full price for the game.

I would recommend waiting for a Steam sale because you’ll get it at a discount. It still has bugs and some gameplay annoyances but I’m not as picky as other fans of Paradox are. I still recommend only buying at a discount because the base game might feel too repetitive for some gamers.

It is fun but you might want to wait to see if they fix some of the bugs with patches. I enjoy the game a lot but it does have very mixed reviews and while I probably like it more than others, it’s definitely not one that I can recommend at full price at launch right now. Get it on sale or at a discount, if you think you might be interested just watch gameplay on YouTube before deciding if you want to purchase it or not, but remember if you don’t like it and you’ve played under two hours you can get a Steam refund.

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