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“WSOP” Cash Dash Nitro Guide

Poker is my favorite hobby, only matched by my love for video games. I have ten+ years of poker experience to share in my poker game guides!

This is the "WSOP" Cash Dash Sprinter bracelet.

This is the "WSOP" Cash Dash Sprinter bracelet.

Learn About WSOP Cash Dash Nitro

Cash Dash Nitro is an event in the WSOP game. It a faster-paced version of Texas hold ‘em.

I am going to explain how WSOP Cash Dash Nitro is different and how you can win more chips while playing it.

About the Cash Dash Nitro Bracelets

At the time of this guide there are two Cash Dash Nitro bracelets.

  • Sprinter Bracelet
  • The Charger Bracelet

What is WSOP Cash Dash Nitro?

There Is No Preflop Action

In Cash Dash Nitro preflop is skipped entirely. Everybody calls and sees the flop. Instead of betting and calling preflop everybody calls an ante.

In Poker antes are chips people must call in addition to the normal action on the table preflop. In Cash Dash Nitro you only call the ante.

How Does This Change Affect the Game?

I know this will sound cynical, but most players in WSOP are loose fish who call and play too many hands preflop.

Players on WSOP tend to play any two cards anyway. So everybody doing this does not change much.

The only real change is people cannot bet preflop. This stops people from raising huge and going all-in when tilted.

Tilted in poker means you are angry and making bad plays because of this.

The Postflop Action Is More Interesting

Postflop is when things get interesting. Playing all hands forces people into playing odd and strange situations.

If you are good at postflop play, Cash Nitro will be very fun.

Stop Playing So Many Hands!

Do not play every hand. The default action you need to take is to check and fold when people bet.

Don’t feel guilt or remorse over folding to weak bets when you have nothing. Especially in bigger pots with multiple players.

Chances are somebody will have a good hand, and some people will be making bad calls. The best thing to do is to fold and avoid the situation.

Unless you have a hand that will improve by seeing more cards, you should fold to any bet. I tend to call with top pairs, or good draws the most.

You are going to want to bet with two pair and better. But of course, call and bet with good single pair hands as well. It is normally safe to bet with top pair or an overpair.

Three of Kind Is a Winning Hand

Bet big with three of a kind hands. Don’t be afraid to put smaller stacked players all-in. Chances are they will call with worse.

The only time you should slow down is when there a strong chance of a straight or flush on the board.

Also, slow down if the person is a very tight player, and they might have you beat.

This is a poker set.

This is a poker set.

How to Play Full House and Stronger Hands

When you have a hand that is a full house or better, things become a bit more complicated. My action depends on how many people are on the table.

If I am playing heads up or there are only two other players at the table, I most likely bet like normal or go all-in.

When there are more players, I tend to check. I am hoping somebody else bets, and people call the bet. If nobody bets by the river, I will make one big bet myself.

If on the flop or turn somebody bets and everybody else folds, I normally will call and see what they do on the turn. I may go all-in or call on the turn.

I can’t say do a certain specific thing every time a certain situation happens. Good players often improvise their actions.

But if I have a full house, and I think I am winning, I am almost always all-in on the river. Betting any less is leaving chips you could have won, uncalled.

If you can win more chips by simply betting bigger, then why not do it?

Sure there will be smart players who will instantly fold to bets like this. But these are not the kind of players you are looking to catch anyway.

This is a full house.

This is a full house.

How to Play Draws in WSOP Cash Dash Nitro

What Are Poker Draws?

Learning how to play poker draws well is a skill that takes time to learn. In poker, a draw is when you have one card to make a flush or a straight.

Beginners Should Play Strong Draws

I recommend beginners or people trying to improve to only play draws towards the nuts. The nuts in poker being the strongest hand possible.

Play ace high flush draws. If you make a flush, you will most likely win. Only call with winning straight draws.

For example, if you have 67, and the flop is K45, you are drawing towards the winning straight.

Only Call Small Bets

I recommend only calling bets less than half the pot when playing draws.

Things can be more complex than this, but for most people, I recommend keeping it simple.

Fold to bets bigger than half the pot most of the time.

This is a great draw to have!

This is a great draw to have!

Use Semi-Bluffing

What Is Semi-Bluffing?

Semi-bluffing is betting when you have a weak hand or only a draw. You want to bet weak hands that may improve.

How Is Semi-Bluffing Different Than Normal Bluffing?

When you do a complete bluff, you are betting nothing. Most likely, the only way you win is if everybody folds.

With a semi-bluff, you win if your hand improves or if you get folds. So sometimes you will start with a semi-bluff then ends up becoming a hand you are now betting for value.

Why Semi-Bluffing Is Good

Some people will not fold even if your hand improves after a semi-bluff. This is why this move is so powerful.

If everybody folds, then you end the hand and win it. If you get calls and improve, you might now be winning a big hand.

But There Are Limitations to Semi-Bluffing

Semi-bluffing is a tool best used sparingly and at the right moments.

Semi-bluff too often, and people will no longer care about these bets.

Semi-bluffing only works if people fold to it some of the time. It is these folds or fold equity that makes this work.

Keep Semi-Bluffs Small

You want to keep semi-bluffs small. Betting too many chips is risky. At that point, you have to ask, are you semi-bluffing or making bad bets?

Semi-bluffing works best with half pot bets and smaller. If this size bet will not get folds, then don't do it.

Never Try to Bluff the Ones Who Never Fold

Don't try to semi-bluff people who don't care to fold. Some poker players are "calling stations". They will call down bets of almost any size, no matter what.

Trying to semi-bluff these players is like trying to break a brick wall with your hands. It will hurt, and you won't accomplish much other than pain and injury.

OK, maybe this a bit dramatic but you get the idea.

Instead of betting, you should check or call a small bet. You want to make a good hand before you bet in these situations.

Watch Out for Raises!

If you try to semi-bluff and get raised, this is a huge red flag!

Do not ignore raises. Pay particular attention to check-raises. Players almost only ever do this if they think they will beat you.

Remember, semi-bluffing is about taking small risks to get folds or to improve. It is OK to give up if things don't go your way.

If a very passive player makes an odd and unusual big raise, you have to be 99% certain in most cases they have you beat you somehow. Fold to this!

If you have the nuts, you may want to go all-in instead of calling. It depends.

You Can't Semi-Bluff the River

It is impossible to "semi-bluff" the river. Remember semi-bluffing works if your hand improves, or if you get folds. So a river bet is just a bluff.

I don't recommend river bluffs at all. Without getting overly complicated, this is a bad strategy.

Maybe in cash play or high stakes, it would make sense. But I can't speak about this because I don’t play either.

What to Do If Your Hand Improves

It depends because almost every poker hand is different.