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“WSOP” Cash Dash Overdrive Guide

Poker is my favorite hobby, only matched by my love for video games. I have ten+ years of poker experience to share in my poker game guides!

This is the Cash Dash Overdrive table in "WSOP".

This is the Cash Dash Overdrive table in "WSOP".

Learn about WSOP Cash Dash Overdrive

WSOP has many unique game modes, and Cash Dash Overdrive is one of them.

In this guide, I will explain what Cash Dash Overdrive is and how to win chips playing it.

What Is WSOP Cash Dash Overdrive?

Cash Dash Overdrive is two different game modes combined into one. The game mode is a mixture of Cash Dash Nitro and Crown Hold 'em.

You also only play with the broadway cards and nine. So this means you only ever have hands with 9, T, J, Q, K, and A.

You do not play preflop at all and skip straight to the flop. This means you play hands a lot quicker and play every hand.

The overall result of these changes is that every hand starts with everybody in it, and each player has good cards.

These are the broadway cards. You play with these cards and the nine card.

These are the broadway cards. You play with these cards and the nine card.

Fold Most Hands

Anything that is not two pair or better will rarely improve to anything good.

Just because the game throws into every hand does not mean you need to try to win every hand.

Knowing this is what makes you a good player compared to a bad one.

In the next sections, I will explain how to play the hands the matter the most in Cash Dash Overdrive.

This is the "WSOP" Cash Dash Overdrive stakes selection screen.

This is the "WSOP" Cash Dash Overdrive stakes selection screen.

How to Play Draws

Drawing to a straight is pointless. Straights lose in this game mode.

Drawing to a flush is not worth much. Remember, the deck is much smaller than normal. Your odds of making flushes are very low.

A straight flush draw is worth calling small bets. Keep in mind your odds of making a straight flush are very small, though.

This is a example of a poker draw.

This is a example of a poker draw.

How to Play Pairs

Single pair hands are very weak and won't improve often enough to call any bets.

I might risk a call if somebody bets only one chip, though.

Two pair hands are decent and might improve to a good full house!

Ideally, you want to call bets with top two pair.

This is a single pair hand.

This is a single pair hand.

This is two pair.

This is two pair.

How to Play Three of a Kind


Trips is an OK hand that could improve to a full house. If you have trips, somebody could already have a full house.


Sets are better than trips because they improve to full house hands more often.

You ideally want to be playing the highest set possible. You can potentially beat somebody with a weaker set.

This is trips.

This is trips.

This is a set.

This is a set.

How to Play Straights

Straights are losing hand. The board will have a pair on it most of the time. Anybody with three of a kind now beats you every time this happens.

The only way I would ever call with a straight is if there are no pairs on the board.

If the poker board has T, J, Q, K, A on it, and there are no chances of a flush, never fold everybody will win this hand, and the game will split the pot.

You will often lose straights this way if you play them.

You will often lose straights this way if you play them.

How to Play Flushes

Flushes are awkward in this game mode. They win enough that I will call if the board is unpaired.

But since the board pairs often they lose a lot as well. I would not risk too many chips with a flush.

How to Play Full House Hands

You will win most hands with a full house. Keep in mind the strength of your hand, though.

For example, AAAKK is better than KKKAA.

If you have what you think is the best current full house, you need to bet big. Don't always go all-in by the river, though.

As in this game mode, people will make four of a kind often enough for it to be a real threat.

This is a full house.

This is a full house.

How to Play Four of a Kind

Four of a kind is hand you want to see!

For some reason, people never seem to consider this is a possibility. You can get away with huge bets. I go all-in on most rivers.

The only times I don't go all-in against trickier opponents. I most likely will make a pot-sized bet or maybe even half-pot sized bets against these players.

This is four of a kind.

This is four of a kind.

How to Play Straight Flushes

People seem to notice these hands a lot more. For some reason, people have a huge fear of any flush related hand.

You might not be able to get away with going all-in on the river here.

I often will bet small. If anybody bets first, I often will only call that bet instead of raizing. Either way, you want to bet something on the river.

This is a straight flush.

This is a straight flush.

Common Cash Dash Overdrive Mistakes

Trying to Win Every Hand

Trying to win every hand is a quick way to lose many chips. You have to fold most hands.

Not Considering Hand Strength

Not all poker hands are the same. Having a strong hand like a full house doesn't mean somebody else can't beat you.

Losing with a full house is somewhat rare in Texas hold 'em. But this will happen frequently in Cash Dash Overdrive.

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