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“WSOP” Crown Hold ’Em Guide

Poker is my favorite hobby, only matched by my love for video games. I have ten+ years of poker experience to share in my poker game guides!

This is a Crown Hold 'em table.

This is a Crown Hold 'em table.

Learn About WSOP Crown Hold ’Em

Crown Hold ’Em is one of the event game modes found in WSOP.

In this guide, I am going to teach you how to win the most chips and how to avoid making common mistakes.

What Is WSOP Crown Hold 'Em?

In Crown Hold ’em, you play poker with a deck with only broadway cards and the nine card.

The game plays the same as standard hold ’em but with only the best cards in the deck.

In "WSOP" Crown hold 'em, you play with broadway cards. This includes the cards shown in the picture and the nine cards.

In "WSOP" Crown hold 'em, you play with broadway cards. This includes the cards shown in the picture and the nine cards.

Preflop Strategy

Crown Hold ’Em Hand Range

Normally I would use a hand range to select what cards I would play. But, in Crown hold ’em, this is not necessary.

I still somewhat play fewer cards on the blinds. This is because position still is important in any form of poker.

I almost always fold the small blind, and I fold most often to preflop raises on the big blind.

Don’t Raise Preflop

In Crown hold 'em raising preflop tends to do nothing as most people are never going to fold anyway. I open limp or call when the action gets to me.

If somebody has bet or raised less than ten blinds, I call it. I often fold to bets made preflop that are bigger than ten blinds.

Avoid Going All-In Preflop

I do not go all-in preflop in this game mode. I may go all-in with pocket aces sometimes.

But Crown hold 'em is about having the best postflop edge. Going all-in preflop often is wasting skill.

Postflop Strategy

Postflop Is Where the Important Decisions Happen

You will make the most important decisions on the flop. This is where you win all the chips.

Need to Make Many More Folds

First, we need to adjust our strategy. You need to fold some hands that would be OK or even good in normal Texas hold ’em we.

Fold with pairs. Better hands will beat pairs most of the time.

I would even suggest folding most of the time with trips and sets and well. Often if you have trips, somebody else has a full house.

I would not risk calling a bet with this type of hand against most people without some huge information.

Straights Are Losing Hands

In normal Texas hold ’em, I would play a strong straight. In Crown hold ’em, this is a mistake. Straights are trap hands that people lose chips with.

Often if the board postflop has a pair by the river, somebody has made a full house. I never bet a straight. I only call if there are no pairs on the board.

But if the board is a nut straight with no pairs, always call any bet even if people go all-in. You will chop the hand with the other players.

The only time I would not do this is if I think somebody might have a flush.

A Flush

This is the confusing hand. Since there is the nine card, it is possible to make a plain flush.

I am uncertain about this hand. I think it is a fold still because if the board pairs, you probably lose to a full house.

I might call on boards with no pairs to river bets.

Understand How a Full House Hand Works

Full house hands are how you win chips in this mode. Often you will beat people with weaker full house hands. It is important to understand how a full house hand works.

When I first started playing poker, I did know how to judge a full house hand properly.

Losing a full house hand to a better one does not happen too often in normal Texas hold ‘em.

A full house is three cards along with two cards. For example, AAAKK is a full house.

The three cards in a full house are what determines how strong the hand is. For example, AAAKK is better than KKKAA.

Why does knowing this matter? Because often people will hang on and never fold a full house no matter how strong it is.

In situations like this, we want to go all-in for everything we got.

How To Play Four of a Kind and Straight Flushes

If you have four of a kind or better, start to bet huge. You will either win a huge hand, or people will fold. There is no reason to play slow or try to hide your hand strength.

Against a trickier opponent, I might hide a very strong hand with a normal-sized bet. But against most people, I am going all-in by the river in a situation like this.

Sometimes people will fold, and you will win a pitiful pot or a few blinds. But you will be surprised how often you will get calls.

This is a strong full house.

This is a strong full house.

Common Mistakes People Make in WSOP Crown Hold ’Em

Playing Many Hands out of Position

Position still matters. Try to play fewer hands in the blinds. This will make things easier for you.

Raising Huge Preflop for No Reason

Raising preflop normally is a good way to start a hand. I would not do this in Crown hold ’em though.

As often nobody will fold, and even pocket aces have a chance to lose by the river.

Unless you have a very good plan betting every hand preflop is a way to lose chips.

Playing Too Many Hands Postflop

This is a mistake people make in any poker mode, but it hurts more here.

People who call with pairs and trips are giving away chips most of the time. You need to tighten up and wait for better.


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