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"WSOP" Events Ranked

Poker is my favorite hobby, only matched by my love for video games. I have ten+ years of poker experience to share in my poker game guides!


The Best and Worst WSOP Events

WSOP has many events. Most of these events offer unique and different ways to play poker.

Texas hold 'em is fun, but it does eventually become stale.

In this article, I will compare all the current WSOP event game modes and explain my thoughts on them. I will end the article with my favorite event.

The Caribbean Hold ‘em poker table.

The Caribbean Hold ‘em poker table.

#8 Caribbean Hold ‘em

I am going to start with the event I dislike the most. Caribbean hold 'em.

Caribbean hold 'em is a casino game about playing against the dealer.

The main reason I like to play poker is that it requires skill.

However, a casino-based game like Caribbean hold 'em requires little skill, and the game requires luck more than anything else.

I tried to enjoy this game mode. But losing chips became boring fast.

I don't play poker because I like casino-like games. I rather play normal Texas hold 'em than play this.

The King of the Table poker table.

The King of the Table poker table.

#7 King of the Table

King of the Table used to be the event I disliked the most. But then Caribbean hold 'em was added!

King of the Table is Texas hold 'em but with taxes and kings mixed in.

Purely on the description, the poker variant sounds cool.

But in practice, this means paying the King's tax a lot and watching other people win big hands and leave.

I play poker to escape and have fun. Paying taxes is not what comes to mind when I think about poker.

The Crown Roulette poker table.

The Crown Roulette poker table.

#6 Crown Roulette

Crown Roulette is a mixture of two different events. Texas Roulette and Crown hold 'em. It is an event about going all-in on the flop with a limited deck of cards.

Somehow Crown Roulette managed to turn two OK events into one boring one by combining them.

This game mode is luck based. There is little skill you can use in a game mode about going all-in on the flop all the time.

But I will play this game mode sometimes. So I suppose I do like it.

Well, I like it more than Caribbean hold ‘em and King of the Table. But that is not saying too much.

The Cash Dash Overdrive table.

The Cash Dash Overdrive table.

#5 Cash Dash Overdrive

Cash Dash Overdrive is a mixture of two different events. Cash Dash Nitro and Crown hold 'em. You skip all preflop action, and you play with a limited deck of cards.

WSOP loves to make events based on Crown hold 'em. I wish I could understand why. Crown hold 'em is at best an OK event.

Trying to mix Crown hold 'em with the superior Cash Dash Nitro doesn't work too well.

But I can't say the game mode is bad. It feels more "meh" if anything.

I don't play it all that much when I see it. But since I like to play Cash Dash Nitro. I tend to at least give it a chance.

The Crown hold 'em poker table.

The Crown hold 'em poker table.

#4 Crown Hold 'em

Crown Hold 'em is Texas hold 'em but with cards removed from the deck. you only play with the nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace cards.

Crown Hold 'em at first was fun.

But people became smarter. They learned to adjust. Now trying to win playing this game mode is hard.

You only really win with full houses, four of a kind, and straight flushes.

I sometimes don't even want to play Crown Hold 'em when the events happen.

But overall, I suppose it is OK.

The Texas Roulette poker table.

The Texas Roulette poker table.

#3 Texas Roulette

Texas Roulette is a poker game mode about going all-in on the flop.

Texas Roulette is OK. I don't like it. I don't hate it.

The game mode is somewhat luck based but since I know to go all-in with good hands I still do somewhat better.

It is very funny to see what bad hands people will go all-in with. I guess I like Texas Roulette more than I thought.

The Executive Duel poker table.

The Executive Duel poker table.

#2 Executive Duel

Executive Duel is normal Texas hold 'em but it is heads up only. That means you only play poker with one other person.

Executive Duel is somewhat interesting because I do need to practice my heads up game. So I like to play this event.

But since this event is normal poker but with one other person there is not much to say.

#1 Cash Dash Nitro

In Cash Dash Nitro, you skip the preflop action and start on the flop. Everybody is in the hand.

Cash Dash Nitro is the best thing ever!

I get to skip the boring part of poker and jump right into playing postflop.

Postflop is hard and most people will make mistakes. Cash Dash Nitro makes the process faster, and it is easier to win chips.

Unlike some people, I know to give up most hands. So I can play around being put into every hand.

Unfortunately WSOP tends to have Cash Dash Overdrive events more. It is a huge downer, and I hope they still have Cash Dash Nitro events.

What About Future WSOP Events?

I spent some time thinking about what future events WSOP could add.

I am not sure. I suppose they could keep combing existing events together?

Either way, I hope there are more events like Cash Dash Nitro.

The WSOP team could take a play out of the Poker Heat playbook and learn something from them. I like the Poker Heat events a lot more when compared to the WSOP events.

I would love to see a WSOP version of Heat Reverse or Red/Black attack.

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