“WSOP” Review

Updated on April 26, 2020
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Eric loves to play "WSOP". He has a lot of advice to share from his experience playing the game. He loves to share poker strategy.

The "WSOP" main menu screen.
The "WSOP" main menu screen. | Source

My Thoughs on WSOP

WSOP is an online poker game made by Playtika.

I played this game on my LG V20 smartphone. I have played WSOP for years, and I am very familiar with the game.

I am going to review each part of this game and explain what I think.

WSOP Game Modes

About Ring Game Play in WSOP

WSOP has Texas hold 'em. This is the poker variant most people know and play.

WSOP also has Omaha hold 'em. This is a bit different to play, and it is nice to have options.

About Sit and Goes in WSOP

You can also play sit and goes. The popular short tournament format. I do not like the winner take all formats WSOP offers as much as traditional freezeouts.

Winner take all formats requires a different strategy. You don't get anything for coming in second or third place.

In most of the sit and goes, you need to win one round and then play in a follow game to win chips. This second round does give chips for second place, but you must win your way to it first.

About the Events

WSOP Frequently has events.

Some events are alternative ways to play poker. Some events give bonuses for doing certain things.

The variety in events is nice, and I like keeping up with them and playing WSOP often.

"WSOP" Texas hold 'em stakes.
"WSOP" Texas hold 'em stakes. | Source
An "WSOP" event table.
An "WSOP" event table. | Source
A sit and go game.
A sit and go game. | Source

WSOP Controls

The controls are OK. It is somewhat hard to make exact bets sometimes. I feel the bet slider needs more sensitivity.

The "WSOP" betting controls.
The "WSOP" betting controls. | Source

You Can Collect Things in WSOP

The game gives you rings for winning so many tournaments. This is neat, and I love to show my poker skills with things like this. You can also get trophies from earning circuit points playing tournaments as well.

You can earn bracelets for playing ring poker for so long. I love that the game has long term goals like this. Since I like to play poker often, I get to work towards accomplishing these goals.

A "WSOP" bracelet collection.
A "WSOP" bracelet collection. | Source

Table Options

WSOP has a few quality of life features I wish all poker games would have. The game has the option to auto top off and auto rebuy.

As a poker player, my goal is to win as many chips as possible. I only play stakes where I can buy in full. Auto top off makes sure I stay at maximum chips 100% of the time. I hate playing small stacked.

It would have been nice to be able to customize the deck and table appearance as well. But not too many poker games offer this feature anyway.

I Like the Speed Options

The fast setting on WSOP is fast and forces people to keep up with the table action. I can see why some people may not like this option, but there are slower tables as well to use as well.

I want to play as many hands as possible, and I focus on that.

WSOP also kicks players in ring games off the table after missing so many actions. This is great as it stops people from wasting time.

How the Game Looks and Sounds

Everything looks nice. The game is not very flashy, but it is functional. The game's sounds are bland. I tend to turn them off as I do not think they add anything to the game.

A "WSOP" ring game table.
A "WSOP" ring game table. | Source

A Few Nitpicks

There are a few small nitpicks I have about the game. I wish the game had the option to sit out. This allows me to keep my place at the table when I need to stop playing to do something.

I also wish the game offered the ability to play tables with six players. Full ring poker to me is sometimes boring as there are too many people playing. I have the biggest edge against three to six players.

It would be great if WSOP would offer a color deck option. It is a great accessibility feature that helps all players.

Things That Are Annoying in WSOP

WSOP has what I call the too much information problem. When you start the game, it spams all current events, sales, and promotions. I dislike having to close the same information many times.

If the game offered the option to see these prompts only once, like some free to play games, this would not be as bad.

The notifications the game sends are also somewhat spammy as well. The game reminds you to play it, and I find notifications like this pointless. I like it when they give free chips though.

My Overall Thoughts on WSOP

Overall, WSOP is a decent game. It is not the best poker game I have played, but it is good.

If you want to play a fun mobile poker game, you can't go wrong with WSOP.

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