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“WSOP” Texas Roulette Guide

Poker is my favorite hobby, only matched by my love for video games. I have ten+ years of poker experience to share in my poker game guides!

About WSOP Texas Roulette

In this guide, I am going to explain what WSOP Texas Roulette is and how to win more chips by playing it.

The Texas Roulette poker table.

The Texas Roulette poker table.

The WSOP Texas Roulette Bracelets

How to Get the WSOP Texas Roulette Bracelets

To earn the bracelets, you need to play the Texas Roulette event and earn bracelet points.

Current WSOP Texas Roulette Bracelets

  1. Sheriff
  2. Ranger
  3. Marshal
This is the Sheriff bracelet collection in "WSOP".

This is the Sheriff bracelet collection in "WSOP".

How Is WSOP Texas Texas Roulette Different?

In WSOP Texas Roulette, you can only call or fold preflop. On the flop, you must go all-in, call, or fold.

No action takes place after the flop. The only decision you will make in this game mode is to go all-in or fold.

The Texas Roulette stake selection screen.

The Texas Roulette stake selection screen.

Preflop Advice

Play Tight

I recommend playing tight preflop. In a game about going all-in often, you need to have a strong start.

Use a Hand Range

I recommend using a hand range. This is the exact number of hands you will play with. Using a hand range will help beginners a lot.

The Hand Range I Recommend

  • Early Position: QQ+, AQ+, KQ+
  • Small and Big Blind: KK+, AK
  • Middle Position: TT+, AT+, KT+, QT, JT
  • Late Position: 88+, A8+, K8+, Q8+, J8+, T9, T8, 98

I also call with A2-A5 suited, all pairs, and connectors when on the button.

I sometimes play other hands, but I mostly stick to playing hands in this range. I have found doing this wins me the most hands.

Why Playing in Position Is Important

Playing in position is important because it allows you to see what people will do before it is your turn to act.

Position is somewhat limited in WSOP Texas Roulette because you only play on the flop. It still does matter how many people go all-in before you, though.

Postflop Advice

Avoid Calling With Bad Hands

You are going to fold most of your hands. Most hands in poker are lost hands or rarely improve.

Stick to Two Pair and Better

Most hands are not worth going all-in or calling with. I recommend going all with two pair and better most of the time.

With hands this strong, you will beat people going all-in with weaker pairs and draws.

I Rarely Will Play Hands Worse Than Two Pair

You can sometimes go all-in with strong single pairs, but I would need to see somebody call with worse first to do this.

This is a good hand to go all-in with.

This is a good hand to go all-in with.

Common Mistakes People Make in WSOP Texas Roulette

Going All-In With Bad Flush and Straight Draws

I do not recommend playing draws in WSOP Texas Roulette. You will need to pay your whole stack to see if you make it.

People assume if they make a draw, they will win. People can have bigger draws and make good hands too, though.

For some reason, people don’t seem to consider this much.

Going All-In With Nothing at All

Do not attempt to bluff at all-in WSOP Texas Roulette. This will not work. Semi-bluffing works because you risk a little to get folds, and your hand may improve on the turn card.

Going all-in makes this a commitment, and this is not how you play bluffs.

Going All-in With Weak Hands

People who play terrible hands are going to lose chips. Don’t be fooled because they get lucky and win sometimes. They are going to lose it all eventually.

Going All-In With Weak Hands in Multi-Way Pots

This is a concept many poker players struggle with. Do not go all-in with single pairs in a multiway pot.

This is a huge mistake because often your hand is not as good as you think it is.

People call all-in situations like this, and they think the game cheated them.

Their odds were lower than they thought, and they underestimate the odds the other players have of winning as well.

This is a mistake I often make myself.

Not Adjusting to the Other Players

If somebody is not joking around and playing tight, you do not want to get caught with a worse hand.

I always treat everybody like they are playing to win and playing strong hands until I see otherwise.

I only will lower my standards when I see people make multiple bad plays.

Playing Too Many Hands Preflop

Stick to playing a hand range. Bad players play any two cards, and they will lose to better hands often.

Playing With a Weak Bankroll Is a Huge Mistake

Only play WSOP Texas Roulette if you have the right bankroll to do so. You can somewhat get away with playing higher limits when playing normal Texas hold ‘em If you play well.

But WSOP Texas Roulette has high variance. You will lose even with great hands sometimes because of how random a game mode where everybody goes all-in the flop is.

One of the biggest mistakes I made was playing this event with a 50 million chip buy-in. I lost about 500 million chips in days. It was very disappointing.

This is a good draw, but I still would be careful about going all-in!

This is a good draw, but I still would be careful about going all-in!

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